Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Where the Police is Paralyzed..Goon's Own Country

Last month, the Kerala High Court cornered the Kerala Government in view of the pathetic law and order situation in the state, and the politically influenced paralysis of the policing system. Of course, the political clowns went on to accuse and abuse the judiciary for coming to the rescue of the hapless citizens.

Every day our newspapers are filled with news about thefts, robberies, attempted murders, acts of rage, and killings, all backed by the political parties waiting to bail them out. And we also hear how the government is dismissing criminal proceedings against their party workers, releasing criminals with political backing from jails, and such other nasty things, instead of protecting the people.

Today's paper had a very interesting news piece, which aptly portrays the pathetic situation in the state. So shameful! Read on, and think of the rut we are in. And please vote for the upcoming elections, and every other election. Jaago re!

Nine hurt in goonda attack

Express News Service First Published : 07 Apr 2009 07:46:58 AM IST
Last Updated : 07 Apr 2009 11:22:56 AM IST

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Six police personel and three members of a family was injured at a goonda attack at Madhavapuram near Veli on Monday night.

The incident occurred when a goonda gang attacked the house of one Sunil alleging that he was a police informer. Sunil and his parents were injured in the attack.

Following this, local police informed the Police control room who handed over the message to Veliyathura police. The goonda gang resorted to stone throwing when the police team reached the spot. The attack was carried out by a gang led by goonda leader Ani alias Swarnapallan Ani.

Veliyathura SI K.J. Jonson, Probation SI Mohammed Khan, and constables Valsalan, Albert, Rajan and Sanal were injured in the attack. They have been admitted to the General Hospital.


Praveen said...

hail the government...
the line between goondas and politicians are getting blurred with each passing day..

silverine said...

Unbelievable! :-O

Anonymous said...

Good to see thought provoking posts and the absence of riff raff like Seema, Padinjare and their types.

B.G.Baliga said...

You have only to look at the traffic chaos on Kerala roads to know the situation here. 3778 persons were killed in grim road accidents in 2007, i.e., an average of 10 fatalities per day, leave alone the injured. There is not even a whimper from the authorities about improving traffic safety for children or senior citizens. - B.G.Baliga

workhard said...

Im sure its not just in kerala.. but situations like that happen in every city..

Haiku poetry

Lunatickerala said...

Kerala is a big lunatic asylum as declared by Swami Vivekananda, with barefooted mallus running half naked in lungis showing balls, spitting in public and peeing on walls. Stone age tribals still living in coconut jungles and die falling into pot holes. Their demon king Mahabali comes during onam to see fellow satans.

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