Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thendi-Thendi - Indian Prime-Time League

Thendi-Thendi, the new Indian Prime Time League, is my brainchild and there are so many teams vying for the top spot already, it looks like. This year's edition will have 8 teams and I invite bids for the same, along with suggested team names. Seriously, looks like the Premier League 20-20 edition is turning into a tightly contested "Thendi-Thendi" match, with all the exchanges of love and affection on television, twitter and internet. The chap who started it didnt probably think it will boomerang and burn his own chair. Anyway, the point is, without the concerted efforts of the people behind it, Team IPL Kerala would never have materialized. That Kerala won over the "high" and "mighty" others is obviously a shock and matter of jealousy for many. So kudos to our MP and we simply need to stand behind him as United Kerala.

IPL itself is a money spinner and crores are spent, exchanged, transacted on several aspects of the sport. The teams were picked in a closed envelope bidding. So where is the question of power, beyond that of the council and league heads? Are they worried the power is leaking out? As the MP rightly said, mainstream cricket has been so far been a fort of power, money and charm, and cornered and abused by a select few. We have all heard how team members get selected and how much our netas fought for getting into the councils. Take a look at who governs these cricket councils and its evident.

Getting a team for Kerala was a hard fought battle, it looks like obviously, and what is wrong with a person passionate about cricket coordinating the efforts? If the team went to another state, would we have ever heard of these issues, irrespective of the people and money involved? It is so unfair to target the MP who probably worked with the best of intentions. If money was the intention, he is smart enough to do it better and much differently! It is heartening to see the party is going to stand behind him, and take on the powerful coterie.

Bringing up a person's personal life or saying his proxy friend, who is a person of the opposite sex adding to their convenience, benefitted sweat equity (and how in the world did this 70 crore figure come!?, and is it not natural that anyone who floats and executes an idea will obviously be a shareholder) is shortsighted, and typically the usual cheap politics and the convoluted mindset of our frustrated lot. And the fact that the person is a female and good looking must be good fuel. But then, does this mean all the friends of ministers should stay away from anything worthwhile, profitable or beneficial? Are we then going to examine all the friends of the owners of all the other teams? Are we sure we wont find any other ministers or politicians? If yes, then we should probably examine the mighty cricket council itself and the people who operate it. Where do all the billions go every year?

And most importantly, we should then extend this suddenly discovered and conveniently adopted concept of transparency and corruptionless governance, by both our politicians and the media, to mainstream politics as well. Will we be able to examine all our politicians and their friends, and the way deals are done in this country?

If yes, then we can say the match is won. By the people of India.

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