Monday, January 09, 2006

Winds Of Change

Kerala CM to attend World Economic Forum

Thiruvananthapuram, Jan 5 (PTI)
Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy would attend the World Economic Forum at Davos in Switzerland from Jan 25 to 29.It is the first time that a Chief Minister of Kerala is getting an opportunity to attend the Forum, an official press release here said.Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram, Commerce Minister Kamal Nath, Chief Ministers of Delhi and Rajasthan Sheela Dikshit and Vasundhare Raje Scindia would also attend the meet.Chief Ministers of states, which had provided efficient administration and created investment-friendly atmosphere in the states, had been invited for the meet, the release said.India and China have been given special focus in this year's Forum. PTI


Despite not getting much acknowledgement for his efforts from the people of Kerala, who have voted his party out in the last 3 elections, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is getting due recognition from the central ministry as well as the World Economic Forum. I think it is a big honor for the state that for the first time we are being represented at such an exclusive platform.

It is only after Chandy took office that there has been a development buzz across the state, and he has brought in investments worth over Rs.40,000 crores in just one year. I hope better sense prevails in Kerala in the coming assembly elections and people will realise that the state cannot survive without bringing in industries and investments and along with it job opportunities. People cannot only talk about next door events, watch movies, read newspapers, smoke beedies and yet be arrogant enough to consider everything in life to be granted.

In the next elections, we should all make sure that all eligible citizens of India vote including yourself, your folks, siblings, neighbours, friends and employees. One of the biggest flaws in the system currently is that people have stopped voting, particularly the educated people. In the end it is only the party fanatics and paid goons who cast vote and bring into power their pathetic masters. It is not right to say "whichever party comes it is the same" or "i am not bothered" about elections. In Kerala especially, the situation is perched very delicately, and the next government can make Kerala's future by taking advantage of the present investment potential and progressive initiatives by the current goverment, or break it and let it all go waste. As responsible citizens, it is our privilege and duty to cast the vote and share responsibility in the government. After all it is of the people, for the people and by the people :)


Anonymous said...

It is sad that regardless of all the achievements Chandy had during his short term he will more than likely be ousted by the LDF. Along with would go some of his investment projects like Smart City too which is despised by the LDF.
As you said the apathy of the educated mass toward politics is a bane for our state.

Anonymous said...

A message for the educated and voting-shy people of Kerala...Make your voices heard, your opinions count and support those who make a positive impact on the society....Vote!!! COZ it matters!
Our state needs people like Oommen Chandy who has the vision, committment and plans to turn the state into what it can be ...truly a God's Own Country!

Babin said...

I've never seen a politician with such an excellent common sense and organizational skills in kerala. leaders like him will only come in once in a generation. If the people are not able to appreciate such a qualified leader, then what is the point of democracy?
Presently, the problem is that people take election as feedback mechanism for the entire functioning of the state government and it is practically impossible to for any Chief ministers (even the exceptional ones like OC) to keep the whole governmening system clean and smooth for the voters to approve a second term.
Kerala is screwed mainly for two reasons:
1) Because of the unique political landscape and our system of parliamentary democracy, it is nearly impossible for the chief executive (CM) to control his own deputies. political king makers like karu and his likings really call the shots and a CM's hands are pretty much 70% tied in terms of controlling his own government to make any meaningful change for the state.
2)our Over politized, irresponsible media will never let any government have a fair chance for objective reporting. Our media is professional 'karivaari thekkers'. No matter what government does it won't be appreciated by the media and thus the people.

To save kerala,
the sensibility of our media should improve.... that will improve the sensibility of the people that in turn will improve the quality of our political leaders.
Along with that our the democratic system should be reformed to facilitate more direct feedback and legitimacy to the top political executives..........

Mind Curry said...

@ Kuttan - I hope Chandy wont go down with the same fate as S.M.Krishna in Karnataka or Naidu in AP, and better sense prevails!

@Quills - Right on!

@ Babin - Yes you are right. And the sad part is even the new generation is getting caught in the same line of thinking - probably because they are all exposed to the dirt and grime of politics right from school.

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