Monday, January 23, 2006

Hybrid Era

"Uzhunnu Vada" or Black Lentil Doughnuts, authored by C.K. Meena is the latest, and a very interesting, take on the omnipresent Malayali diaspora.

Diaspora, according to the definition, is used "to refer to any people or ethnic population forced or induced to leave their traditional ethnic homelands; being dispersed throughout other parts of the world, and the ensuing developments in their dispersal and culture."

So who has created the Malayali diaspora? Who is still forcing and inducing malayalis to leave the state, and not come back?

I think we are constantly churning out batches of these desperate diasporas - at times reminds me of spores, flying in the air, looking for a safe place to land and grow!, sending them out of the state to find shelter, earn a living, learn something new, get a job and so on.

90% of the workers at the various construction sites in Kerala are from out of the state. The supervisors say these workers are their new-found assets as they worked very hard, without unions, without exorbitant "demands" and without false prestige. They said they were scared to employee malayalis as unions, strikes, notices, lock-outs etc came along with them.

Meanwhile, at a "bus-stand" close to the site, fellow brethren were busy ganging up to protest and demand the CM's resignation.


quills said...

I have heard countless stories of businesses not hiring local workers in factories in fear of them ganging up as soon as they are hired. I have heard of other stories where people are forced to do their "moving" at nite while the members of the union of headload workers (CITU) sleeps, since CITU's motto is 'Engage them (at exorbitant prices and at risk to your health) or do not engage anybody.'Really a sad state of affairs!

Mind Curry said...

@ quills - the show must go on..

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