Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another Day In God's Own

Strike hits offices, schools in Kerala

Trivandrum, Jan 24: Functioning of government offices and schools in Kerala was affected as pro-Left employees and teachers today struck work protesting delay in revision of pay scales.

The UDF government dubbed the strike called by action council of pro-Left unions as "politically motivated" and applied dies non (no-work-no-pay) against the protestors.
Reports from across the state said the striking employees picketed offices and staged protest marches.

In some places they also prevented the employees who turned up to work. Police removed the protesters in many places.

Violence at AKTA meet, many hurt

Tuesday January 24 2006 11:22 IST

KANNUR: The district convention of the All Kerala Tailors Association (AKTA), which is considered a pro-CPM workers’ union, ended up in a violent clash engineered by a dissident group controlling the Kannur district unit of the union which has the explicit support of the CPM, here on Monday.

RSS to organise 'Rashtra Raksha Sangamam' on Jan 26

Thiruvananthapuram: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh's (RSS) ''Rashtra Raksha Sangamam'' will be held here on January 26, with the aim to make the people aware of the country's ''security''. Addressing a news conference here on Monday, RSS Kerala Pranthakaryavah A.R. Mohan said the "Sangamam'' assumed importance as the extremist activities were on the rise in the country.

It is another regular day in sunny God's Own Country. Strikes, marches, protests, speeches, clashes, threats, rallys (some days in cycles, scooters, autorickshaws even). All in a day's work here at Kerala.

It is so funny to see how people gang up in Kerala, sometimes to form the weirdest and strangest associations, and within no time split into splinter groups - one to two, two to four, four to eight and so on. A list of some "approved" and "listed" malayali associations are given below. Just imagine the number when you factor in the thousands of informal and unlisted groups, councils, unions and associations like Indrans Fans Association, Kovalam Palace Protection Council, Toddy Workers Union - which has a 8 storeyed massive office in Trivandrum for planning marches and attacks, Electricity Employees Unions - which has 3-10 unions for every office which is at every "junction" of a town; one for INTUC, one for CITU, one for DICKs, one for BJP and the rest for independents.

The List (Some illustrious ones are highlighted)


Action Council of State Employees and Teachers (probably for English Teachers)
Adhyapaka Service Sankhadana Aikyavedi (probably for Malayalam Teachers)
Adhyapaka Service Sankhadana Samara Samithi (mmm...??)
Akhila Kerala Government Ayurveda College Adhyapaka Sankhadana
All Kerala Attenders Association
All Kerala Dairy Forum Instructors Association
All Kerala Filaria Field Workers Federation
All Kerala Govt. Phychiatric Social Workers Association
All Kerala Librarians Association
All Kerala Private Aided Polytechnic College Lectures Association
All Kerala Public Health Nurses Association
All Kerala Qualified Health Inspectors' Association
All Kerala Rehabilitation Technicians Association
All Kerala School Teachers Union
All Kerala Trade Instructors & Tradesmen Organisation
All Kerala Typists & Stenographers' Association
Animal Husbandry Ministerial Staff Association
Animal Husbandry Officers' Association, Kerala
Archives Technical Staff Association - Kerala
Association of Agricultural Officers, Kerala
Association of Engineeres, Kerala
Association of Forest Gazetted Officers, Kerala
Association of Graduate Engineers
Association of Graduate Engineers of the Department of Industries & Commerce
Association of Kerala Govt. College Teachers
Association of Soil Conservation Officers
Ayurveda Pharmacists' Association
Democratic School Teachers' Association
Department of Physical Education Teachers Association
Deseeya Adhyapaka Parishath, Kerala ( for Hindi Teachers too!)
Divisional Accountants & Finance Officers Association
Electrical Inspectorate Engineers' Association
Employment Department Staff Union
Employment Officers' (Gazetted) Association
Engineer's Association of the Directorate of Factories and Boilers Kerala
Federation of Employees And Teachers Organisation
Federation of Executive Employees Organisation
Federation of State Employees and Teachers Front
Federation of State Employees Teachers Organisation
Government Commercial Institute Teachers Federation
Government Homoeopathic Medical College Nurses' Association
Government Hospital Nursing Assistants and Attenders Staff Association
Government Hospital Workers' Union
Government School Teachers' Union, Kerala

Government Sidda Medical Officers Association
High School Teachers' Association
Higher Secondary School Teachers' Association
HR & CE Employees Union
I.T.C. (S.C.D.D)
I.T.I Hostel Superintends Association
Indian System of Medicine Department Staff Association
Indian Veterinary Association, Kerala
Industrial Training Department Assistant Hostel Supdt's Association
Industrial Training Department Non-Technical Staff Association
Industries Extension Officers Association
Insurance Medical Services Staff Union, Kerala
Joint Council of State Service Organisations
Judicial Confidential Assistants (Civil & Criminal) Association
Kerala Academic Librarians Association
Kerala Advocate General's Department Staff Association
Kerala Agricultural Technical Staff Association
Kerala Agricultural University Employees' Union
Kerala Agriculture Department Staff Centre
Kerala Aided Higher Secondary Teachers Association
Kerala Aided School Last Grade Employees Union
Kerala Aided Vocational Higher Secondary School Lab Assistants Union
Kerala Animal Husbandry Department Ministerial Staff Association
Kerala Arabic Munshies Association
Kerala Archeological Technical Staff Association
Kerala Assembly Library Staff Association
Kerala Assistant Motor Vehicles Inspectors Association
Kerala Assistant Public Prosecutors Association
Kerala Civil Judicial Process Server's Association
Kerala Civil Judicial Staff Organisation
Kerala Civil Supplies Officers Association
Kerala Commercial Taxes Staff Association
Kerala Community Development Extension Officers' Association
Kerala Contingent Employees Federation
Kerala Criminal Judicial Staff Association
Kerala Departmental Sanskrit Teachers' Federation
Kerala Engineering Diploma Holders' Association
Kerala Engineering Staff Association
Kerala Factories and Boilers Officers Association
Kerala Finance Secretariat Staff Congress
Kerala Financial Assistants' Assocaiation
Kerala Fire Force Officers' Association
Kerala Fire Service Association
Kerala Fire Service Drivers & Mechanic Association
Kerala Forest Drivers Association
Kerala Forest Ministerial Staff Union
Kerala Forest Protective Staff Association
Kerala Forest Rangers' Association
Kerala Gazetted Officers Federation
Kerala Gazetted Officers' Association
(notice how one word can make a world of difference in "literate" Kerala!
Kerala Gazetted Officers' Sangh
Kerala Gazetted Officers' Union
Kerala Government Ayurveda Masseurs Association
Kerala Government Presses Employees' Union
Kerala Government Agricultural Officers' Association
Kerala Government Ayurveda Graduate Medical Officers' Federation
Kerala Government Ayurveda Nurses Association
Kerala Government Blood Bank Technicians Association
Kerala Government Class IV Employees Union
Kerala Government Clinical Psychologists Association
Kerala Government Dental Hygienists Association
Kerala Government Dental Specialist Association (Doctor's not to be left behind!)
Kerala Government Diatecians Association
Kerala Government Drivers Association
Kerala Government Employees Union
Kerala Government Homoeo Employees Association
Kerala Government Homoeo Medical Officers' Association
Kerala Government Homoeo Pharmacists' Association
Kerala Government Hospital C.S.R. Technicians Association
Kerala Government Hospital Employees Association
Kerala Government Hospital Nursing Assistants and Attenders Staff Association
Kerala Government Laboratory Technicians Association
Kerala Government Medical College Junior Laboratory Assistants' Association
Kerala Government Medical Laboratory Technology Teachers Association
Kerala Government Medical Officers Association
Kerala Government Nurses Union
Kerala Government Optometrist Association
Kerala Government Pharmacist's Association
Kerala Government Presses Worker's Congress (INTUC)
Kerala Government Presses Workers Congress (INTUC-I) (coming soon - INTUC - DICKS)
Kerala Government Primary School Headmasters' Association
Kerala Government Public Health Nurses & Supervisor's Association
Kerala Government Qualified X-ray Technicians Association
Kerala Government Radiographers' Association
Kerala Government Secretariat Confidential Assistants' Association
Kerala Government Teachers Federation
Kerala Government Tourism Department Vehicle Staff Association
Kerala Govt. Physiotherapist (Leprosy) Association
Kerala Ground Water Department Technical Staff Association
Kerala Health Inspectors Union
Kerala Health Services Food Inspectors Association
Kerala Health Services Laboratory Technicians Association
Kerala Health Services Medical Record Employees Association
Kerala Higher Secondary Teachers Union
Kerala Hydrographic Survey Technical Staff Association
Kerala Industrial Training Department Technical Staff Organisation
Kerala Industries Training Department Technical Staff Organisation
Kerala Irrigation Engineers Association
Kerala Jail Executive Officers Association
Kerala Jail Subordinate Officers' Association

Kerala Labour Department Staff Union
Kerala Labour Officers Forum
Kerala Labour Officers' Association
Kerala Land Revenue Staff Association
Kerala Law Secretariat Association
Kerala Legal Metrology Department Staff Association
Kerala Legislature Secretariat Employees' Organisation
Kerala Legislature Secretariat Staff Association
Kerala Legislature Secretariat Staff Federation
Kerala Legislature Secretariat Staff Union
Kerala Leprosy Eradication Staff Association
Kerala Library Association
Kerala Live Stock Inspectors Association
Kerala Local Fund Audit Association
Kerala Motor Vehicles Department Gazetted Officers Association
Kerala Muncipal & Corporation Staff Sangh
Kerala Muncipal & Corporation Staff Union
Kerala Muncipal and Corporation Staff Association
Kerala Music College Teaching Staff Association
Kerala N.G.O. Centre
Kerala N.G.O. Sangh
Kerala N.G.O.Association
Kerala N.G.O.Front
Kerala N.G.O.Union
Kerala National Employment Service N.G.O. Association
Kerala Non-Teaching Staff Union
Kerala P.S.C Employees Union
Kerala Panchayat Employees Association
Kerala Panchayat Employees' Organisation
Kerala Panchayat Secretaries Association
Kerala Panchayat Secretaries' Union
Kerala Pharmacy Graduate Association
Kerala Police Association
Kerala Police Finger Print Staff Association
Kerala Police Officer's Association
Kerala Police Pensioners Welfare Association
Kerala Police Service Officer's Association
Kerala Port Technical Staff Association
Kerala Private College Employees Union
Kerala Private College Ministerial Staff Association
Kerala Private Primary HM's Association
Kerala Private School Physical Education Teachers Association
Kerala Private Secondary School Headmasters' Association
Kerala Private Teachers' Front ( Coming soon KPT Back?)
Kerala Public Service Commission Lower Grade Employees' Association
Kerala Public Service Commission Officers' Association
Kerala Public Service Commission Staff Association
Kerala PWD Electrical Wing Employees Association
Kerala PWD Electrical Wing Executive Employees Association
Kerala PWD Graduate Engineers' Association

Kerala PWD Mechanical Staff Union
Kerala Registration Staff Association
Kerala Retired Teachers Congress
Kerala Revenue Department Staff Association
Kerala School Teachers Association
Kerala School Teachers Union
Kerala Scientific Assistants Association
Kerala Secretariat Clerical Assistants and Attenders' Association
Kerala Secretariat Confidential Assistant's Association
Kerala Secretariat Employees Association
Kerala Secretariat Last Grade Officers Association
Kerala Secretariat N.G.O Association
Kerala Service Pensioners Organisation
Kerala Soil and Water Conservation Engineering Staff Federation
Kerala State Block Development Officers Association
Kerala State Citizen Welfare Forum (Finally!!)
Kerala State Common Pool Librarian's Association
Kerala State Drivers Union
Kerala State Drugs Testing Officers Association
Kerala State Engineering Diploma Holders' Union
Kerala State Excise Officers' Association
Kerala State Excise Staff Association
Kerala State Health Services Food Inspectors' Association
Kerala State Health Inspectors Association
Kerala State Health Transport and Equipment Technical Staff Association
Kerala State ICDS Supervisors Organisation
Kerala State Industrial Training Department Instructional Staff Association
Kerala State Industries Officers Association
Kerala State Matron's Association
Kerala State Pensioner's Sangh
Kerala State Physically Handicapped Employees Association
Kerala State Revenue Villageman Organisation
Kerala State Service Pensioners Association
Kerala State Service Pensioners Forum
Kerala State Service Pensioners' Union
Kerala State Siddha Pharmacist Association
Kerala State SLR Workers Front (KTUC - Jacob)
Kerala State Special Branch CID Ministerial Staff (NGO) Association
Kerala State Sports Council Coaches Association
Kerala State Teachers Centre
Kerala Survey Field Staff N.G.Os' Association
Kerala Treasury Staff Association
Kerala University Staff Union
Kerala Urdu Teachers' Association
Kerala Veterinary Surgeons Service Association
Kerala Village Extension Officer's Organisation
Lab Attenders & Assistants Association
Legislature Secretariat Reporters Association
Local Fund Audit Typist & Confidential Assistants' Association
P.S.C. Employees Association

Panchayat Engineering Staff Union, Kerala
Panchayat Sanitary Inspectors Union
Polytechnic Engineering Graduate Technicians Association
Pourasthya Bhaskshadyapaka Sankatana (That was a tough one!)
Private College Employees Sangh
Private Engineering College and Polytechnic Staff Union
Private School Graduate Teachers' Association
Private School Specialised Teachers Union
Private School Teachers' Association
Private School Vocational Lecturer's Association
PWD Staff Association
Registration Department's Officers Association
S.I.A.C.D (err..yes..them too)
Scheduled Caste Development Department Employees Association
Secretariat Pensioners' Welfare Association
Secretariat Staff Association
State Central Library Employees Association
State Central Library Staff Association
State Employees and Teachers Organisation
State Employees Union
State Planning Board Research Assistant's Association
State Planning Board Technical Officers Association
State Water Transport Department Drivers' Union
State Water Transport Department Employees' Federation
State Water Transport Department Station Masters Union
Stationery Department Staff Association
Survey & Land Records Gazetted Officers Association
Survey and Land Records Technical Staff Association
Technical Education Engineering Diploma Holder's Association
The Association of Dairy Officers
The Department of Economics & Statistics Gazetted Officers (Technical)
The Kerala Collegiate Education Department Ministerial Staff Association
The Kerala Dairy Development Department Ministerial Staff Association
The Kerala Drugs Control (Non-gazetted) Staff Association
The Kerala Finance Secretariat Association
The Kerala N.C.C. Civilian Staff Association
The Kerala State Co-operative Inspectors' and Auditors' Association
The Kerala University Staff Association
The Steam and Motor Boat Crew Association (wow!!)
Town Planning Staff Association
Trained Public Health Nurses Association of Kerala (hope there is no untrained division!)
Village Man Staff Association
Vocational Higher Secondary Non-Vocational Lecturers' Association
Water Transport Employees Union

International (partial list only due to lack of space!)

kerala culture association of.British Columbia (canada)
True Light Fellowship, Calgary - Malayalee Christian Fellowship
Oxford Malayalee Club
Organization of Hindu Malayalees (OHM) of Southern California
Union of German Malayalee Associations (UGMA)
Federation of Kerala Associations in North America (FOKANA)
The World Malayalee Council (WMC)
Non Resident Kerala Associations
The Kerala Association Of Dallas
Malayalee Association of Greater Houston
Kerala Art and Literary Association of America (KALAA)
Mohanlal Fans Associations
Kerala Cricket Association
British Malayalee Community Association
All Malaysia Malayalee Association
Arena For Global Namboothiris Interaction
Kerala Samajam
Abu Dhabi Malayalee Samajam
Sungai Siput Malayalee Association
Kerala Internet Forum
Kerala Kerakarshaka Shakama Federation Ltd.
Kerala Master Printers Association (KMPA)
Kerala Vyapari Vyavasayi Ekopana Samithi (KVVES)
Mumbai Malayalees
Muslim Educational Society (MES) Kuwait Unit
Student Federation of India (SFI) Kerala
Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs (India) - SBAOI
North Malaysia Malayalee Samajam
Missions India (Kerala Unit)
Singapore Kerala Association
Kerala Association of Washington
Atlanta Malayalees
cusat students union
Kerala - about Iyer community.
Kerala Samajam Frankfurt - cultural organization for malayalees living in and around Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Kerala Samajam Vienna - site for kerala youths.
Malayalee Cultural Association - Calgary
Malayalees in Hyderabad
Non resident keralite
Westchester Malayalee Association - an Indian - American malayalee organisation at New Rochelle, NY.

Whew!!! I had to stop.. Believe me, there are more than ten thousand left!! And each of these groups have around 10-15 leaders, each trying to find a launch pad - the backing of a group of people that can assure him the much coveted panchayat seat or party ticket or m.l.a chair and so on.

Ok, now the exciting part..

Imagine having each one of these unions, councils and gangs, stage protests, dharnas, strikes, rallies and various other forms of attempted public attention capture, on a daily basis! Democracy..huh..

It is important for any progressive, educated or atleast cultured individual to follow a system to build a foundation and then grow - whether we are talking about a family, society, city, state or nation. We cannot have 100 people in a group following 100 different rules. There will be discontent, differences and dislikes, which are best sorted out in meaningful ways. There was an article in Economic Times a few months ago on similar lines where the author compared such a system to a company. Imagine a company like GE with tens of thousands of employees. And each one going about with their owned fancied ways. Multiply that a 1000 times over to know what the state of Kerala is.

When Phil Collins wrote this song, he should have been in front of the Kerala Secretariat in Trivandrum:

Oh think twice, it’s another day for You and me in paradise
Oh think twice, it’s just another day for you,
You and me in paradise
..Oh lord,
is there nothing more anybody can do...

Its all about hogging the limelight after all..


Anonymous said...

How did you manage to compile that list man, impressive.

quills said...

"Adhyapaka Service Sankhadana Samara Samithi" The name itself indicates the goal of this association. LOL! I think the innate selfish nature of the Malayali coupled with the desire to be a "leader" is another reason for the multitude of associations we have in the state.

Mind Curry said...

@ kuttan - man..dont even ask :) but like i said, there are thousands left to list

@ quills - yes, if you and i can get together, we can gang up enough jobless people to paralyse any city in kerala. apparently there is a "innovative" CEO of a firm based somewhere near Kottayam? which supplies any number of men and women for strikes, demonstrations, rallies - as per your requirements - which can vary from simple slogan chanters to people who can unleash violence. last i heard was that the ceo was planning to make his firm a public limited company, and offer an ipo. so if you are the kind that invests in stocks, dont miss it :)

Scoot said...

oh my dog!!a whole list of horrors.

Anonymous said...

Well ,let us form a Federation of Malayaleee Associations worldwide(FMAW)

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