Saturday, August 02, 2008

Worth of an Indian Life

The series of bomb blasts across the country, so brutal and terrible, were perhaps a good eye-opener for our security agencies and the police. Its about time that they started doing their real work, and stopped wagging their tails behind politicians, some of whom even after the blasts were cruel enough to claim political mileage by trying to blame eachother of lapses. Isnt it so absurdly strange that they can be so cold to come in front of the media to score points even during such serious situations. People lost lives, but do they really care?

I mean why are the political leaders suddenly showing so much concern and shock? It is as though no Indian has died or been killed for a while, and these blasts were some surprise.

More importantly, arent we seeing so many deaths and injuries every day? Even if we forget natural calamities (which can be better met with better infrastructure and planning) and deaths due to health reasons (again can be improved with better care facilities and delivery systems), how many deaths occur solely due to our politicians and a general lack of law and order?

Very recently, in Kerala, a school teacher was thrashed to death by goons disguised as politicians, and earlier a policeman was beaten to death. Many are injured almost every day in political clashes, strikes, hartals, and politically masterminded attacks. People are killed and attacked without two thoughts. Thats as cold-blooded as it can get, and as heartless as any other terrorist attack.

So where does all this newfound, sudden concern and alarm come from? Arent they fooling us with their pretence? We will need another series of blasts for the next show of compassion and care from these brutally cold goons we call leaders.

I have to mention that there are exceptions and a lot of our elected representatives are genuine and at least trying to make good among the larger pack of wolves and swines. (Personally, I am so proud of the current Prime Minister. For once we have someone educated and sensible, and I hope he gets to continue with full support for at least another term!)

And I have a larger question. How much is the life of an Indian citizen worth?

Very little I guess. I think that is a huge problem we have in India. I dont know if its because we have a massive population or because we dont care, but we dont care or value life in India. Compare it to the US or UK or some of the other nations, where once you are a citizen (even if you are originally from another country), you get a sense of security and value for your life. But an Indian? We dont have any such values. Here we are still beating up eachother and killing eachother, like some primitives. We are still stuck in some older era.


SC said...

Good post!

The recent blasts justs goes on to prove that we can never let up on our vigilance efforts, especially when the nation's security and life of its citizens are threatened.

BTW, have the criminals responsible for the schoolteacher's murder been caught and jailed (for life I hope) yet? Or are they, with their political clout, still roaming the streets, waiting for the next opportunity to shed blood?

Jennifer said...

All points you bring out are salient and noteworthy.

I hope that this will shift people's mind set. Maybe that will be a positive fall out of all this- now that people are following this story, maybe other people's stories will begin to add more value to every individual's life. We all have something unique to offer to this world.

silverine said...

"We will need another series of blasts for the next show of compassion and care from these brutally cold goons we call leaders"

That just about sums up our goons err leaders! When will the people who vote these retards to power ask the same question? That day I guess these goons days will be numbered!

scorpiogenius said...

Its a miserable truth that blood is not thicker than water in India. Look at all those campus killings and political atrocities in Kannur and elsewhere...all in the name of politics.

The truth is that the so-called leaders never shed a drop or blood(or sweat) in these mindless violence. They most often behave like hyenas ready to feed on the dead. Sad state our nation...

And just have a look at the victims of those terror plots: all belonging to the lower strata of society toiling hard to earn a days bread. Our leaders have lost no time in pointing fingers at each other...

Well may be what you said is the reason...we have > 1 billion; so we dont care for 10s and 100s...:((

Anonymous said...

In the last paragraph, you called out that in India we dont value life....Is this remark, one of frustration or one of accusing the state of having neglected its duty of protecting the citizen??

The concept of state (the concept of state is in itself very modern) entails that the state maintain law and order in its territory and give protection to its citizens. The basic reason for a state to exist is to privide them both. But in the case of India, the state has failed/failing in its duties.

What use is to an ordinary man for being part of this concept(called India) if he does not gain anything out of it??

And would it be fair to say that if India is not a failing state, its not passing either???

Any suggestions,gentlemen.

hammy said...

Late one night in the capitol city a mugger wearing a ski mask jumped into the path of a well-dressed man in white khadi and stuck a gun in his ribs.

"Give me your money!" he demanded.

Indignant, the affluent man replied, "You can't do this - I'm a member of the parliament!"

"In that case," replied the robber, "give me MY money!"

That about sums it up. It's up to the people to see that they are being robbed. Unfortunately, they plague on ignorance and apathy. As a population, we are either ignorant.... or, if we DO know the truth and choose to do nothing.. we are apathetic...

Devika said...

The Save Kerala Initiative is appreciated!

and blogs noteworthy, interesting :)

MC said...

@ sc - no they are still on the loose and waiting for the next kill i guess.

@ jennifer - thats a very noble thought. i also keep wishing.

@ silverine - retards! you said it! but thinking of it, the people of Kerala are acting like bigger retards to just believe these goons so blindly and be at their beck and call at the drop of a hat!

@ scorpiogenius - so disappointing isnt it. i think we really need to eliminate political parties from schools and colleges. i wonder why nobody wants to give a PIL for such things, but can give PILs for stuff that has nothing to do with the public.

@ anonymous - your comment kind of sounded and made as much sense as this: ""ha!ha!ha! I am the answer...Kilometres and kilometres..of Miami beach to Washington DC .. in these days of degenerating decencies.. when diplomacy and duplicity become interchangeable from complicated America to America!! "

@ hammy - ROFL..thats classic.."In that case," replied the robber, "give me MY money!" so true! the pigs just eat away money from people who work hard, all in the name of poor. and the poor remain poor.

@ devika - thanks..hope it at least starts people thinking..

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