Sunday, July 20, 2008

Symbolic Message

Heres what I got in my mailbox today:

Official Announcement:
The Party today announced that it is changing its symbol to a CONDOM because it more accurately reflects the party's political stance.

"A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed! "

Damn, it just doesn't get more accurate than that!

The person who thought about this idea is probably one of the most brilliant characters in this world today.

Oh..And no points for guessing which party..


silverine said...

LOL!!! This was a popular forward a few years ago. But very apt for some of our political 'party' even today. Emphasis on singular :p

SC said...

Hahaha...I know I know the answer!!! :) Hehe..I wud like to meet the brain behind this too. Could not be more accurate.

scorpiogenius said...

remarkably similar those characteristics for a condom and the party!

Anonymous said...

I am sure mc and the rest are getting increasingly frustrated.

For once, be proud that a keralite Prakash Karat is dictating terms to Indian Govt.

Thinking of the congress leaders from kerala, do they know anything better than say salaam to their hindi masters and accept whatever that is being told AT them.

Did you atleast notice that Prakash Karat spoke in ENGLISH, when he withdrew support to the govt. (One of my close friends from delhi ,in the govt,did point out that to me).

For the first time, someone from kerala is playing a real powerful role in the centre and there you are, behaving like kids and writing blogs which are well below its earlier standards.

What a shame, MindCURRY.

Jackson said...

just because a keralite is creating a ruckus and speaking english in delhi, it does not mean we all should automatically be proud of him/her.. if all they are doing is throwing a spanner in the works, they are a nuisance all the same..

MC said...

@ silverine - :) is it? i thought its a new thought..but just too apt for our political pals.

@ sc - yeah we know who it is alright :| hehe

@ scorpiogenius - tell me about it!

@ anonymous - this is one of the most entertaining comments ever. especially when i relate it to the condom symbol post. i mean, are you saying that just coz its durex, as opposed to say nirodh or whatever, we should be proud?

but yeah..that guy speaking in english is probably something to be happy about..way to go. but if you asked achuthanandan, he may not really approve of the honor you suggest.

and yes, i do feel very ashamed about all these scumbags we call leaders.

@ jackson - so true. nuisance is to put it lightly.

SBF said...

Every Day, I fume and fume and fume (n times) on seeing my brethren (Malus) striking for minuscule or no reason while other states like Gujarat progressing astronomically.

I feel Malayalis(resident ones) over the past 2 decades have become greedy, lazy and ever-ready for a flash strike for the most idiotic reasons like Saddam Hussain being Hanged. Oh! Come-On, how does his death affect a tiny minuscule village in Kerala!

Only Plus Point : Irrespective of religion, castes, sub-castes, beliefs, sex; every party follower is a leech sucking blood from the feeble Kerala Economy, Culture etc! This might be the only stage where they all come together !

Years of Gulf Expatriate Money, High Buying Power, High % Literacy, very high awareness of Rights(minus duties) is a potent mixture which brews up like gunpowder ready to destroy the very fabric of Malu society. Malus have forgotten about the duties that go hand in hand with the Rights. Keralites are ready to work even 20 hours outside Kerala, take their abuses meekly and be exploited like anything. but when they enter their land, they just raise flags! and stall works!

The very fact that Dirty stingy Politics has the schools and colleges kids in Kerala under its sway is abominable. Youth Congress, DYFI, SFI and others must be curtailed. They are destroying and corrupting the youth minds. These Kids havent seen the world, their judgment skills are still raw! how can you polarise these kids over politics. Pathetic!

Kerala needs a leader and party with spine and a transformed people. We must try to catch the youth of Kerala and prevent them from being polarised. We must take up the initiative before the state is fully "kuttichor"ed.

I live in Maharashtra and you can say I am a NRK (Non Resident Keralite) but very much a Keralite. Please donot view me as a racist or an outsider. I am one amongst you with seething anger and disappointment beneath(Over Kerala).

Arun said...


A leader from Kerala who can't even speak Malayalam?
Oh never mind!
Maybe his party should win more seats before deciding who should rule and who should not. The only mistake the UPA did is to allow those goons to anchor their govt. That does not mean the Left should play with the economy of the country and stall progress which is all they are good at doing. That is why our wonderful God's own country is struggling to get to its feet!

George said...

Anon - If Osama and Hitler were mallus, would you be proud of them too?

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