Saturday, August 30, 2008

Amusement for Keralites

As if to say that the mockery of governance our political maestros make every day is not sufficient to entertain the 100% literate people of Kerala (which includes the unemployed youth and the farmers who havent already committed suicide), the Malabar Tourism Development Corporation is inaugurating a 30 crore amusement park in Kannur.

The facility, is set on a sprawling 30 acre land, and will provide entertainment.

To whom?

At the very least, to the leaders who will be in charge of the management of the park. But if you think of the irony of the whole situation, then perhaps you could also share the muse.

After entertaining the people via TV channels (Congress party owns Jaihind, Commies own Kairali, NCP is starting one soon - and I cant remember who else does what - and not mention our religious-politicians also airing their own channels), the entrepreneurial skills of our "moonam class and gusthi" politicians seem to be getting better when it comes to fooling the public.

Food for thought:

What is a party that preaches so much about social inequalities and about saving the poor doing with an amusement park? Or have the people of Kannur and rest of Kerala all crossed the poverty line and gotten into the wealthy list suddenly?

When the biggest issue in Kerala today appears to be the "land mafia" and land grabbers, how easy was it to get these 30 acres? Wasnt there a big hue and cry about the 26 acres of the Golf Club in Trivandrum being a "waste" and the "concerned" leaders wanted to acquire it so that it can be shared among the landless? Have we already forgotten the crores worth of buildings destroyed in Munnar in the name of the landless? A few days ago, even the plans to expand the Trivandrum Medical College was stalled when local commie leaders opposed land acquisition under the pretext of protecting the landless. What about the land scams implicating our leaders, including that for the ISRO? The list is endless, but the memory seems to be very shortlived for our politicians.

Where will all the water and power come from for this park? They say they have a big rain water harvesting facility? But even with rains, our dams and reservoirs are unable to generate enough power, and we have to suffer through daily powercuts. God save us if there are no rains. Coca-Cola was ousted saying they are draining away the water from our land.

Trade union leaders, social activists, and cooperative bank members head the amusement park. Ofcourse, considering the amount of money the politicians fleece from the hardworking people (in the pretext of social justice and saving the poor), I am sure 30 crores is not a big deal. Also, understand larger interest and motives when political parties try to infest such organizations and councils with their own fleas. Its so evident here.

Anyway I hope this will at least do some good in the long run, and sooner or later, these politicians will realize the importance of hard work and labour. Probably they will start with exempting the amusement park industry from hartals!

Well, while we continue to slog and toil in order to feed our politicians, lets for a moment, enjoy the irony and dwell in amusement.

Are you not entertained?


PCM said...

I am afraid you still don’t understand the dichotomy of Party Politicians. Hypocrisy is their trademark and extorting money from the rich is their sole intention. Who do you think are the people that visit an amusement park? Not the poor, not the laborers, nor the farmers. Only those who have excess money to spend on unnecessary things and time pass. What is wrong in the Party making some money out of this craze of the rich?
Are you wondering where the money for installing the amusement park comes from? Each worker under the Unions is made to contribute a share from their daily earnings to the Party, nothing of which comes back to him even if he has no job or means to live. Add to this the commissions from contracts awarded and the forceful contributions collected from the public from time to time. Don’t they need some outlet for investing these large sums?
For the present, the Party will see to it that people shell out money to visit the park; infotainment will be ensured by the illiterate leaders. If anybody dares to complain, DYFI will take care of it.. Later on, the fate of the Snake Park is likely to set in, once the leadership changes.

scorpiogenius said...

This is an example of how Politics and business have started to exhibit their nexus openly..

May be in a few yrs down the line we may have the major business houses of India lined up like this...


MC said...

@ pcm and scorpiogenius - there is no harm in creating amusement parks or multiplexes. the main concerns here are the MTDC banner under which the park is floated and ofcourse if you look at the MTDC board its evident why political parties are so keen on getting their people inside organizations (recent highlight on the red cross society board).

again, if the party publicly comes out saying they have changed their stance into a liberal pro-business, pro-investor friendly ideology its wonderful. but then they cant have double standards and fool the people of Kerala.

politicians are trying to make compelte idiots out of the people, make money, and still get praised and idolized for their work. we the people have to campaign against such blatant cheating, and create awareness. you may be only spreading the word to just 5 people you know. but thats okay. do that. slowly the force will gain strength.

Anonymous said...

In the park the kutty commies will show our kids how to make bandh and hartals. How to throw stones to public transport? How you can successfully burn cars? How to make 100 unions and close down a successfully running company

After these things they will distribute free books about China's development.

Anonymous said...

1. Haters of Communism ought to feel happy that the Communists are also going the Capital way. They ought to congratulate the Reds on their shift into the right direction. Instead, they are making green-hued comments. They fear the Das-Kapitalists as dangerous competition.

Communism aims at making the lot of the workers better. And they are succeeding in it. The condemned Kerala head load worker has thus been made the richest manual labourer in the world, the agricultural labourer rendered dear as a rare species, the NGO's real earnings are as good as any MNC-CEO and the party worker has been uplifted to being able to afford Biriyani instead of Kanji. It is jealousy at this advancement that makes you folks condemn CPM endeavours. How else would you like the working class to achieve? Through a bloody Revolution eliminating each of you? Count yourself lucky that the working class power is not taking the theoretical path.

As for this Park, it will be run by the Party till the next elections and will then be sold or leased to some better Communist like Farris Aboobaker.

MC said...

@ anonymous -
Haters of Communism ought to feel happy that the Communists are also going the Capital way. They ought to congratulate the Reds on their shift into the right direction

good to know that at least someones admitting there is a "shift". but what happened to all the poor people and labouring class talk? when were they left behind? i dont see any change in the plight of the headload workers or manual laborers (except that most of them are being inducted into the "party" for lack of choice) Das Kapitalists it seems..i wonder when your kind will start feeling ashamed instead of this false sense of pride.

The condemned Kerala head load worker has thus been made the richest manual labourer in the world the only rich manual labourer is the one that has joined politics. rest are all poorer!

the agricultural labourer rendered dear as a rare species
this is one point in your comment that i fully agree. since most of them have committed suicide, i agree its a rare species.

the party worker has been uplifted to being able to afford Biriyani instead of Kanji good point again..but remember the biriyani is being bought by looting people who work while the party worker is a dumb fool at the hands of their leaders.

Count yourself lucky that the working class power is not taking the theoretical path.
isnt that arrogance? should we be scared? its time for you to wake up and realize how far you have been left behind.

Anonymous said...

wow - I hope they have a scary house at the amusment park- I love scary house and columbus too but i always throw up afterward.and a water park woud also be nice.i have seen in bangalore wonderla so why not in kerala?kannur is going to be the next bangalore i think.

PCM said...

After the amusement park, it is the five star hotel that comes up. Time to cheer up!
The lot of the ordinary worker remains almost the same, whereas the leaders make hay while the sun shines. Don't forget the resorts and other holiday homes where the leaders have a stakes.
Well, if we can consider the wealth of the party men as party property, it augers well. But, I am afraid, the flow of money is only one way traffic - from bottom to top, not vice versa!

Anonymous said...

Answers to your points are available in my Comment itself, which may be re-read.

Look a the positive side. Kerala has the richest Coolies in the world! Ask your relatives in Kerala about the cost of manual labour help there. Ask how much a PG teacher in a church-run CBSE school gets (Rs. 1200/-to Rs.2000/- monthly) and how much you have to pay a manual labourer for six hours work (Rs.200/- to Rs. 400/-)in Kerala now. The NRK construction worker in the Gulf and the gas station worker in the US send money home and their family members at home pay Rs. 400/- a day to the carpenter with it.

A party that has raised the living standards of the labourers must be given its due. Mere dogma must not be insisted upon.

No farm labourer has killed himself in Kerala; only the small landholder has.

The Gulf-ans made things costly in the 1980s and made it difficult for the middle classes. Would you say this is untrue?

And who are the Kerala politicians now? They are the lazy relatives of the NRKs that do not have to work and have to only cash the DDs.

MC ought to appreciate cynical humour!

Anonymous said...

We have clsoed the coke factory because they used our people's drinking water(None of the politicians might not have faced any water shortage).. CPM said they have done this because they want that water to run the Amusement park

PCM said...

Look a the positive side. Kerala has the richest Coolies in the world!
True! Laborers in Kerala get Rs. 200-400 per day. But for how many days in a week or month? Each one has to wait for his turn, depending upon on the quantum of work within a restricted area allotted to each branch of the Union. Even if they get job for one day in a week, they have to remit the 'levy' to the Union without fail. There is no job guarantee, nor will they get any compensation for the days lost due to strikes and hartals.
Well, if labor is is so lucrative in the State, why are Malayalees reluctant to take up the jobs? Instead, why do they pave way for the heavy influx of laborers from Tamilnadu, Orissa and Bihar?
Let us not forget that the leaders in Kerala, to whichever political party they might belong, come out in public in stiffly starched clothes because of the laborers from other States who move around with a cart and Iron!
We have learnt to live on the sweat of the NRKs, celebrating Bundhs and Hartals with bottles available from the Beverage Shops.
The Finace Minister is happy about the taxes the bottles bring.
Who can change us?

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