Saturday, April 01, 2006

Blog-o-Poll 2006 Results

Our Blog-o-poll has drawn to an end and we have completed the counting process.

We are pleased that the polling was relatively free and devoid of major incidents, except for two incidents which required the Kerala Police to fire in the air, resulting in the injury of 8 people. We commend the police personnel for exercising restraint. Both the incidents occured when miscreants dressed as party workers attempted at creating panic at the poll stations and attacked people who came to exercise their right to vote. There were also 6 arrests made when these people attempted to vote twice.

A total of 159 votes have been received and accepted.

The bloggers have given Chief Minister Oommen Chandy a resounding victory with 91 votes (57%).

The second place is for V.S Achuthanandan with a distant 23 votes or 14%.

Party wise, the Congress tops the poll with 57% votes under the single-handed leadership of OC. Both Achu and Pinarayi have managed to gather 22% of votes together for LDF. BJP as usual was a non-reckoner in Kerala. DIC(K)'s managed to get 4% of the votes.

Most interestingly, which perhaps reflects most accurately the actual voter mentality in Kerala was the fact that 6% of people said they will not vote and 3% did not have a voter ID card.

We congratulate the winners, and most importantly the voters for exercising their right to vote and being a part of the process to build the nation. We would also like to request the people who did not vote to make a wiser decision for the actual polls.

Every Vote Counts!

P.S. For some, the statement "Every Vote Counts" might be misleading, and they might want to read this as "Every vote counts, do vote only once!"

P.P.S. The results were supposed to be released on April 1st, but the Chief Election Commissioner was injured and out of action. Even now he types with one hand.


Babin said...

Awww.. Was election commissioner himself one of 8 injured in poll violence?? In his lone fight to protect the democratic values that define the foundation of our constitution, did he sacrifice the well being of his own existence to protect the larger than life values of democracy??
Mind, I hope you had bought yourself an insurance plan before taking up the job as chief election commissioner:)
Anyway, Take care and be well soon.

Cheers for OC, for the excellent work he did for the state that earned him the trust and respect of the majority of voters here. I shall blog more about it later.

Srijith Unni said...

Well, looks like the kerala election 2006 results have gone to show that bloggers don`t form a considerable majority in the state of kerala, cos` it been a reversal of your results.


Mind Curry said...

@ sreejith - yes..sadly bloggers dont.

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