Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Still Absolut! Kerala!

Thiruvananthapuram, March 21 (IANS) Kerala is heading for an all time high sale of so called Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) and beer, with the figure expected to cross Rs.26 billion by the end of the current fiscal in end March. A top official of the Kerala State Beverages Corporation, the sole wholesalers of IMFL and beer, said at the end of last month the sale of IMFL and beer stood at Rs.24.01 billion - higher than the Rs.23.20 billion sale in the last fiscal.

That is Rs. 26,000,000,000!!! Or Rs. 2,600 crores worth of liquor consumed by our fellow Kudis. And there is nothing official about it. Just add the volumes of toddy, arrack and all those wonderful illegal cocktails to this, and any other industry would be put to shame.


calvin said...

Well....The funny thing is people who drink think it is way too cool to do that. Even my boss thinks it is cool .

I dont know what to say , because drinking liquor is a right like listening to music . Only something that originates within can stop this demon .

Confession : I have drunk a total of 4 liters of beer the whole of my life and that , is all the alcohol I have ever drunk , apart from from the few millilitres contained in midicines .

Chirikudukka said...

hmm indians esp mallus...eventhough they don't have a meal to eat they sure can't miss one days drink..:D

Mind Curry said...

@ aashik - i wrote this in my last blog (to which this one is linked) that there is nothing wrong in drinking per se.but in kerala thats the only passtime for the unemployed, and a lot of them are alcoholics driving their family to ruins.

@ ann - lol..yeah..sad!

Keshi said...

wow didnt know that Keralites drink up so much! thats sad...


Shinu Mathew said...

about the statistics, it's just mind-numbling. But I would like to point some other facts.
On an average, a kerala boy start his first drink when he is 14! this is a new phenomena taking place in the last 5 years. Class IX students are the one we are talking about!
Second the way Mallus consume Liquor. It's just gulp it in one shot and they don't require any snacks or at least some pickle. If one can manage a 90 Ml (1/4 of a pint) with less water and in one shot, he is hero among his fellows! I try to drink with some of my old friends at my native place and I never could manage it! Even before I finish my first peg, they would empty the bottle!
Next is the attitude. In Mumbai or any other place in India for that matter, people drink to enjoy. In Kerala, it's just get the kick. And Inorder to get the kick cheaply, they gulp it in one shot! And consumption is the low-priced brands such as SHivas, salsa, eagle and Island! I was once standing in a Civil supplies queue (where you can buy your liquor) and people who were standing in front and back asked only one thing! "Give me one cheap full" ("oru kuranja fullu" or oru kuranja pint").

Shinu Mathew said...

Oh I forgot to say that I linked you in my blog. Guess it's okay with you!

Mind Curry said...

@ keshi - well kerala has been on tops for this for a while now. another achievement ofcourse!

@ shinu - exactly buddy! people here drink to get inebriated and "create" trouble in the name of alcohol. like it doesnt matter what you do or say as long as you are drunk! its terrible!! and like you said, there is not enough culture to really enjoy the drink or relish it, they just want to get drunk at any cost - oops, not any cost, just cheaply would do.

shivas!! man..i couldnt stop laughing!!!

silverine said...

Shivas lol

Wonder what's mallu for "Cheers"... :))

calvin said...

There is no Mallu for " cheers " . By the time you finish your cheers , they finish their triple shopt brandy .

Mind Curry said...

@ silverine - i guess they dont say cheers in mallu :) they just gulp it down. lol..

Mind Curry said...

@ aashik - lol..well said!

Babin said...

One of the dilemma in drinking issues is that people are confused about whether they should joke about it or take it seriously... anyway, who can take drunken dudes seriously:)

Shinu Mathew said...

there is one saying in maluu drunkards "island adichal onnukil silent allenkil violent" :D
translated it will be like, If you drink Island (a brand of cheap whiskey) either you will be silent or violent.
There are more funny names for illicit liquor called "patta" or charayam" some of them and it's desc.
Manavatti (bride) : after drinking, you feel very much like a new bride, shy and excited etc.
Jesus : Once drunk you will resurrect only after 3 days.
Moolavetti (cut at corner): it's available in pouches like milk and after cutting a corner drink directly from it. hence the name
Pullupariyan (grass grabber) : After getting drunk by this brand, you will fall down face down and if someone try to lift you, you come up with grass in your hand because you try to cling on to the grass :)
Aanamayaki (a medicine used to calm down elephants who are on a rampage): you can guess it's ingredients.
Ammini (a popular name for local brand served in a house by a middle aged woman)

Anand K said...

@ Shinu: There are other (apocryphal) names too...

Kargil: If you drink this, you can only crawl all the way home.

Bharyethalli: i.e "Wife Beater". No points for guessing what it makes you do.

A. K. Antony: Stronger version of Manavatti. :D

Chaayakkada said...

Samastha Kerala Kudiya Maha-sabha neenaal vaazhatte

quills said...

@shino: Looks like you have done major research on this topic. :))

The annual consumption stats are mind-boggling. But I guess it is no surprise. The sad part is the dire situation many families find themselves in when the family head takes to drinking and squandering away hard-earned money, neglecting family needs and resorting to spousal abuse.

quills said...

oops, sorry I meant Shinu. :) My apologies..I swear I wasn't drinking. :))

Mind Curry said...

@ babin - confusion theerkanamay..reminded me of that song! :) you are right! drunked dudes!

@ shinu - did you work for the Beverages Corp any time? man..thats a very well researched comment! nice. it was fun! the "moolaveti" technology impressed me!!

@ anand - A.K.Antony must be a hot seller! lol!

@ quills - boggling is the word!!

btw, we are waiting for your first post :)

Mind Curry said...

@ chaaykkada - ki jai!!!

quills said...

oh ho..I thought no one would notice and I could just comment! I guess the pressure is on! :)

silverine said...

@Aashik: So true, but by the time we say 'cheers' they would have finished the bottle :))
@Shinu: Geo had left the same list in a comment on my blog with an additional few new ones. And some more contributions from Aashik and Mahouth. Amazing... they even have 'pet' names for the drinks!!!

Vinod/Kakka said...

Drinking should become more socially acceptable in Kerala, currently it is only becoming more prevelant, not acceptable. There are few places in Kerala where a person can enjoy a drink with his family [wife and kid] when they step out for a meal. [I do not know of one, I have been to some bars of 3 stars hotels in TVM (Residency Inn, etc)].Everywhere from the bars to the kallu shaaps, you see males competing with each other and the bottle to see who is more "powerful".
Will social acceptance make things better?
For the occasional tippler, it may help balance things better, without the feeling of guilt for enjoying something bad.
For the alcoholic, it may make information about the harmful effects of drinking available. Hopefully more de-addiction centers and "Alcoholics Anonymous" type support movements. The last resort for the alcoholic might not be Potta anymore.

Mind Curry said...

@ quills - the heat is on.. ;)

@ silverine - pet names

@ vinod - thats a very nice take on the topic. i think 90% of the issues we face in kerala is only because of the societal hypocrisy and its impact on the attitude of the people. we are stuck in a hole.

Sameer said...

instead of discussing the matter here..i mean keralites wont stop drinking if we just discuss the matter here..some one take the initiative...if u wait some one else to take one wil ever ready...just some one tell me what to do and how.

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