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Kerala This Week Ver 5.03, 2010

Our state got 9 new trains, got itself included in several new train routes, and a sanction for a new coach factory. Yet, there was no stopping the usual protests, and crying for sympathy on being ignored. Wonder if we can really accommodate more trains? But no harm in asking for more and complaining, especially when we get everything for free. There were also complaints about Kerala being kept out of the Freight Corridor. Brings back memories of when we were left out of the Golden Quadrilateral, perhaps due to our own indecision and inabilities. But then, remember that we were offered central assistance for the estimated Rs.6400 crore North South corridor many years ago, but we are still deciding whether it should be called a "byepass" (if done by lefties) or an expressway (if the righties have their way). Having such an excellent roadline would have eased our rail demands certainly, as well as reduced the accidents on our existing highways. But then we are a state running on political mileage, and have no great consideration for economics or such logic.

The response was same for the nation's budget as well. Opposition political parties were united in talking down the budget and its allocations, but most non-political bodies realized that the budget was very equally based for all financial classes, and the policies were made for taking India to the future, rather than for temporary applause, as is the usual case. And considering the recessionary times, the PM and his team needs a good applause.

Somebody else needs applause. The women of Kerala for bearing the sun, heat, chain-snatchers, and eve-teasers, and turning out in lakhs to offer Pongala - here is an interesting read. A record estimated 3 lakhs women came out to pray for their families and a blessed married life. More power to our women! And kudos to the district administration for keeping the day relatively safe and peaceful, barring random incidents of hooliganism and theft. Lets hope some of our men also take a cue and do something more productive than getting drunk so often and being so happily unemployed.

Scientists from the state have discovered a plant extract which can mimick the effects of viagra, and the plant is relatively common across the state. Well, lets hope it is going to be on sale only on the basis of prescriptions when it finally comes out!

Talking about dysfunction, has been identified that the state's ground water is getting rapidly depleted. This despite chasing out Coke.

There was also another kind of depletion evident from the ongoing spat between malayalam cinema industry professionals and the poet who appeared as an, allegedly uninvited, "interlocutor". That the interlocutor stooped so low on television to foul mouth the superstar Mohan Lal, that too by using filthy language linking the star with an actress, and the audience clapping and rejoicing the thought, was evident of the more alarming depletion in civil standards of our state.

Meanwhile, instead of pouncing on our beloved MP, Tharoor, at every given opportunity, it will be wiser if our leaders first went back and referred to what the word "interlocutor" really means. And no points to the mainstream media as well for conveniently misinterpreting his statements to simply create controversy. It is amply evident from the statements that he never meant or invited anyone to mediate bi-party talks, but simply meant to convey our demands to Pakistan, just as we have always wanted other nations to put pressure on our neighbour.

It is wonderful that the Indian team has won their first match at the Hockey World Cup today against Pakistan. The vicotry has fired up the campaign for giving our heart to hockey again. Many of us certainly did. And great to see that the goalkeeper from Kerala did his share (with the help of the crossbar, more than once!) to see that there was just one goal against India. Dhak Dhak, Go!


scorpiogenius said...

Those folks at out electronic media really needs some treatment for lack of life. This is really pathetic, haven't they got a Dictionary in house to search for the term interlocutor?

Good that someone like Barkha Dutt identifying the folly some of her friends committed. She tweeted it was rather an unnecessary controversy, and termed it 'silly'. Well indeed!

And the Hockey news! This is a very quick post MC! Back to good old times? :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What stupid post is this? Height of stupidity!

When something doesn't work, you cry "perhaps due to our own indecision and inabilities"? How foolish can you go?

Do you know the only state which doesn't have unannounced power cut these days? Even Mumbai has unannounced power cuts. Inside Maharashtra it's even 13-14 hours. Do you know that? When Golden Quadrilateral was decided, there was a major road that was meant to connect Kochi with Chennai. The plan was to develop the NH 47 that runs to Salem. But the political arm-twisting ensured that the work starts from Salem and till date, it has not entered Kerala the way it was supposed to be. Some work is going on. But, Kerala people or any (UDF or LDF) govt can't do anything.

Dropping civil standards of state? How do you know that? You are broadcasting some statements as if you are contesting in some elections. More power to women since 3 lakhs of them came for Pongala? What are you thinking man? Your thoughts belong to medieval ages. They have to be appreciated of being what they are and and abt budget, no comments!

Please check your facts when you say something. If your guide book is the media which couldn't understand the difference between "mediator" and "interlocutor", this will happen. It's easy to get applause for this post because there are like minded people out there. But, please do check your facts.

Sankar said...

@ anonymous - why did you read this post if it is so stupid? and you have come up with some irrelevant arguments just to prove some point against the blog. as you said, like minded people appreciate the sense of these posts..others can just move on. nobody is forcing you to read these blogs dude, and these blogs are platforms for opinions, not year books or reference books.

Shrijith said...

Kerala is the only State that does not have power cuts as it is the only state with no industry and hence plenty of unused power.

Jayakrishnan said...

Is this blog funded by the AICC (All India Congress Committee).Certainly that seems to be case with such balderdash.

>>But no harm in asking for more and complaining, especially when we get everything for free.

Undoubtedly this is the most stupid statement one can ever make. Surely Rahul Baba will be proud of you. One, Kerala is a part of India and not separated from India. So Kerala does deserve its share of trains and its not a daanam (hope you understand what the word means).

One thing I know as a person who has lived in North India; Keralites pay railway ticket money and we still get bypassed when it comes to railway funding, while states where there is rampant misuse of railways gets the lion's share of railway funding. Although passengers from Kerala form a significant portion of the income of the Indians railways,we have always been ignored in every railway budget..The last 5 years were no exception..It is high time Kerala got a better share of railways budget - we actually buy tickets, a concept that is foreign in many parts of North India (where people transport cattles in general compartments). So Kerala deserve much more than it used to get and what it s getting now. Lets face it. In a railway budget what matters is influence... Whoever has power to influence they should do it. Its not the deserving who often gets the benefits. Its not a new thing that Kerala getting ignored in railway budget..

..Few days back I had the misfortune of traveling in the general compartment of malabar express from Trivandrum..That was my worst journey ever..People were rushing in from all the stations-kids & old people..And all of them were long distance passengers-to kannur,payyannur,kasargode,mangalore.. All trains to malabar are jampacked. So on what basis are people assrting Kerala is getting more than what it deserves.

So as far as the railways, its all about lobbying. We need to loby more to get what we deserve and not remain happy with what we are getting.

Jayakrishnan said...

No offense but have to say this is a silly statement. You will know whether the post is stupid or not after reading it. I dont believe that people possess sixth sense to know that beforehand.

Sankar said...

@Jayakrishnan - blogging is a platform for expression of personal views. it does not need any fund :)

so how many more trains can we accommodate? our rail tracks possibly cannot accommodate many more trains, without congestion and delays.

why didnt you read the remaining part of the paragraph? clearly the author was saying rather than going on complaining about trains, why arent we developing our own roads? the expressway would have reduced a great amount of congestion and demand for trains, especially the need for long distance and express trains to stop at every few kilometers. instead of simply bashing bloggers for expressing their views, why dont you at least try to read what they write..if you dont agree, you can say so without so much intimidation.

maybe earlier budgets have been more biased, but this one was fairly decent by any measure. we cannot expect the central government to shift the entire railways to one state! and that too when we ourselves are so slothful in developing our own resources.

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