Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Kerala This Week Ver 5.01, 2010

As always, the beginning of the year is an opportunity for us to think differently and make resolutions for a more happy, peaceful and progressive life. One would have got the same same feeling browsing through the events of the first few weeks of the year in Kerala. There was a pervasive sense of positivity creeping in slowly, even in governance and in the mindset. Whether this is in preparation for the elections happening in 2011 (all parties are now trying to project a progressive attitude and appear to be pro-development with the polls in mind - at least they started a bit early this time!) or a true understanding that only a progressive attitude can save our little "heaven" does not matter as long as it sustains.

It all began with the honorable Prime Minister of India visiting the Trivandrum to inaugurate the 97th Indian Science Congress. It was wonderful to see this great person in the city, delivering his speech filled with his vision and aspirations for the nation. What would we have done without a leader like him? Special attention to the code of conduct he has released for our minister babus! Thats a great start! Our CM also needs special appreciation for his speech delivered in good articulate English and good style, appropriate for such an international gathering of over 7000 people. The presence of the flamboyant MP of Trivandrum was additional inspiration for the gathering. Altogether there was so much positivity and a real feeling that we can build the nation together.

Well let us hope that the feeling and spirit does not go down, and we can really embrace change. There is a lot of dirt that has accumulated and there needs to be a lot of extra work to stem the rot, get ourselves out of the pit, wash away the stink and clean up, before we actually get on with real progress.

Talking of dirt and stink, I cannot fathom whats happening in our good old Bombay. To say Mumbai is only for Maharashtrians is anti-national and fanatic. And to think it is being done (and supported) for the sake of power and politics shows how dirty the system has become. Special kudos to Mukesh Ambani (not for his company's style of functioning), Shah Rukh Khan (not a fan of his general attitude or acting) and Sachin Tendulkar for being bold enough to speak out against these polarizations. It is obvious that if such voices are not heard and Maharashtra does go the regional way, the commercial and business establishments will soon pull out and move to other cosmopolitain cities. Jobs, money, and gains made over decades will go waste. But what do they care really?

Back in Kerala, the Battle for Munnar has started again and people are joining sides again to fight over government land. One cannot but wonder who answers for the crores of property so easily destroyed last time and what good use was done with the land "recovered" such ways? And if, as they now say, there are fresh encroachments and constructions, then what was the whole initiative about in the first place? Now that the elections are here, we can only sit back and say "Let the games begin".

During the Nishagandhi Festival held recently in the capital city, most of the people were parking their cars and SUVs on the interlocking tiled, footpaths, which the corporation apparently spent lakhs to develop. The policemen on duty were also actually giving directions for these cars to be parked properly so that more cars could be accommodated on the footpath! This is despite the fact that the location has the best parking facilities in the city in and around the palace area, and people need to walk just around 100 metres from these parking spots to the venue.

A recent report from a reputed research center says that the Central Government pumps in nearly Rs 275 crores to the school education sector in Kerala. But that nearly 3661 government schools in Kerala are unviable, and that more parents are opting to send their children to private schools for education. This is a no brainer considering that our politicians have let politics ruin even our schools in Kerala, allowing political party youth wings take over the school campuses, and adding to it is the stagnant, jurassic era syllabus, which does not prepare our kids for tomorrow. But instead, our "analysts" have painted this as Kerala's "Love for English" and also attributed "low fertility" as the underlying cause! Putting it like that ensures that nobody, particularly our rulers, understands anything and so "Aal is well". But every time one sees a school kid, there is an overpowering sense of hope for tomorrow and a genuine promise that at least they will be different. Let us make sure we do everything to ensure that.


scorpiogenius said...

Well MC, after a long long gap. Welcome back and kudos.

Nothing more to add, its the routine chores of our leaders and authorities making sure with each step forward they will yield something that will drag us a couple back. Whatever, MNS, Sena and the lots make headlines, obviously ONLY for the wrong reasons. And talking about Shiv Sena, did you happen to see their motto in Malayalam?


I'm surprised, are you?

MC said...

@ scorpio - the sad thing is there are people to support all these atrocities. basically some people like to think they can force and intimidate other people into their lines of thoughts, and thereby garner power and superiority.

Unknown said...

ho ho ho.. that shiv sena link is just too good..
the irony, it burns.. it burns..

silverine said...

Got this post as a forward two times! :) Please make this round up more frequent. Excellent read!

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