Saturday, December 06, 2008

Question Hour for Pinpricks?

The terrorists who plotted the attack in Mumbai must be shocked. For they lost their battle even before it ended; something they probably would have never imagined. Their attack united Indians in a very special way. The nation finally woke up and began asking questions as Indians, forgetting their religion, state, caste and all other less important tags created by divisive forces. And the lousy politicians we got so sickeningly used to, are being thrashed and cornered to assume responsibilities which form the very basis of their positions; the same responsibilities which they never ever expected to hear of while they slothed in arrogance and corruption. But an awakening at what cost? A big salute to our martyrs and heroes. May their souls rest in peace.

There are several questions that the Mumbai attacks have raised. But the biggest questions are the ones that will prick the conscience of every politician who is still remotely human. What about the others who have only manipulated the nation and divided it using religion, caste, ethnicity, crime and money? Its time to isolate them and shun them like the scums they really are. Venom against politicians is all over the nation. And rightfully so. The now famous SMS says it all: "Where is Raj Thackeray and his brave Sena? Tell him that 200 NSG commandos from all over India (No Marathi manoos) have been sent to Mumbai to fight the terrorists so that he can sleep peacefully - Mumbaikars". But how long will this energy last? Lets hope the constructive debates will be successful in channelising the energy into transforming the way we live and conduct ourselves every day. Lets constantly remind the politician that they are elected to serve the people, and not the other way around.

Back in our own little state, our Chief Minister had his foot in his mouth, yet again. Nobody in Kerala felt anything unusual about the comment. Some leaders said its expected of him, others said its his usual style; and yet others said its the same style that won him elections. But the rest of the nation said dogs are better than politicians, even as Kerala hung her head in shame, and wondered why our leaders wanted to mark their attendance at a Malayali martyrs house in Bangalore only two days after his funeral and incessant chiding from the media about the disrespect shown by their stark absence at the funeral.

Reminders of our totally paralysed administration and government are everywhere and are being shoved down our throats every day. But we, the people, remain mute spectators and suffer through the days, as though its normal and part of some elaborate ritual that needs to be silently performed in order to appease the Gods. Just as the Mumbai attack was a national tragedy, the politicians we have, and the system they have created, have all become a national shame. And it stinks, unbearably. Its time to get together and clean up the mess. Like someone very smart said, "(its) time to wrest politics from the politician's hands". Lets not wait for more reminders.


Sankar said...

kerala's shame has reached global proportions! as for india, lets hope this is THE one and only awakening that we need.

scorpiogenius said...

Mumbai has probably triggered the awakening India needed most: the rising of aam janta against the carnivores of democracy- our leaders.

So lets take on the positives from here and move on instead of ruminating on the Deshmukh, Patil or Achutanandan episodes..Lets not let down the great martyrs who have helped us be together.

Jai Hind!

silverine said...

The battle between the citizen and netas have begun. It is a crucial hour and we need to keep the tempo going. Our politicians are a wily lot. They know from experience that such resurgences from the public die a quick death. So they will be watching and waiting patiently like vultures. Right now the public is headless. Wish we had a leader to keep the tempo going and channel the people's willingness to do something.

p.s I hope the people who decried this blogs title have their answers now! :D

Anonymous said...

Achuthanadan didn't behave like a chief minister who was supposed to behave. In this age of mobile phone and internet, no excuse can be played about delaying message from chief minister office to martyr family.

The words came from the chief minister pained each and every malayaless. The basic quality of a leader is to take responsibility and tell sorry if he did any mistake intentionally or unintentionally. His ego didn’t allow him to do that until his party forced him to do that.

If Achthanadan came into fame by a rebellion against Sir CP and in 2008 he himself positioned him to the Diwan's role.

Kerala must start a rethinking about our positions.

MC said...

@ sankar - it was surprising to see how most keralites dismissed the comment as a natural response or something routine. i think such shame and tragedy occurs every day in kerala, but we have become too immune to respond - whether its deteriorating road conditions and safety (read the recent tragedy in kannur) or corrupt and arrogant politicians and beaurocrats.

@ scorpiogenius - its almost like from here, there can only be positives.

@ silverine - very true. we need a new phase in governance and new educated and civilized faces.

its funny how the "dog" tag has been menacing politicians. and i am sure there have been many silencing answers of late for the naysayers here.

@ pillai - its disgracing when people put in positions with expectations and respect, forget their dignity and responsibilities. lets hope the electorate in kerala has learnt several lessons that they wont forget for many decades.

Anonymous said...

We will forget this insult too and we will march ahead voting for people like Achu again. By the way did our ever strike hungry and protest crazy communist legends take out even one protest against these attrocities in Mumbai?. I am not sure if they did since i did not find any and knowing them they would never.

Anonymous said...

@mc- what more can you expect from the lowly bred , uncouth CM of a political party that exhorts for bandh/ hartal when Sadaam Hussain was killed and when India signed the nuclear deal with US ! Please God, give the perv:Keralites wisdom to see the real mettle of their political masters.

Unknown said...

MC you should change the name of the blog site to Achu's Own Country.The respectability of the DOGS , these days are better than our CM

silverine said...

@Madhavan: LOL!!!! That was too good! :))

MC said...

@ OPM - yes, actually i saw yuva morcha members doing a protest march against geelani's visit to kochi, calling him a terrorist. and they pretended to be ready-to-be martyrs. reminds me of an incident that occured in our capital city a few weeks ago. during a similar huge protest march, a few crackers were burst at a nearby temple. and the protestors thought it was gunfire and ran for their life helter skelter. they caught it on tv. was so hilarious.

@ anonymous - in DOC, we call it pedigree. rather the lack of it.

@ Madhavan - what will the people who complained about the blog title say then?? i am scared.

@ silverine - :)

PCM said...

The Mumbaikars were helped by the NSG to drive away the terrorists. Who will save us from the wily politicians? One legislator from Bangalore was worried about the safety of the legislators, come whatever may to the ordinary people.
Each political party has its militant wing to agitate and attack the ordinary people in times of 'necessity'. Who blocks the roads and paralyzes normal life for flimsy parochial reasons? Shall we have an INDIAN community that will fight against the social atrocities perpetrated by the selfish political wings?
The move by the ladies with candles to protest against the political negligence had its required effect - someone mocked them for wearing lipstick and powder, which means that the politicians got the message. May the creed of such protesters increase all over India!

my life-tnzi said...

Lets not deviate from the main issue..These kind of irresponsible comments has been occuring from these filthy politicians for ages..
Its the time WE, The People to stay united and sideline these people who are really ruining our country.. You People please come up with a novel idea to channelise this energy..I'm here .. Anything for my country !!!

Anonymous said...

I was a proud Keralite. Not anymore! Kerala is truly Dogs Own Country now!

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