Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kerala This Week Ver 2.06, 2008

Kerala is rotting. Blind loyalists have tried to keep the stench within the state under torn rose colored blankets sold under the brand name, God's Own Country, and hypocrites always blew bubbles (you must surely remember at least the big ones - "we are the only 100% literate state, look at Bihar, haha!"; "our healthcare system, nothing to beat it!, we are all fit..what diabetes? obesity??"; "our roads are so good, who needs an expressway? highway tolls?! the ones we have now are well managed by our party men, we dont need anyone else looting our people"; "women's empowerment? our women dont need it, they are happy being slaves and locked-up housewives, and they are fine about the occasional groping and molesting") while pretending we are the best and all is well.

But the bubbles have all almost burst, and the blankets cannot cover the nakedness of bad governance and uncivilized living anymore. The foul smell has become unbearable and global. Its almost as if the state and its people have caught some dreaded infection.

They say politics stinks. Then Kerala politics must be the most septic and the foulest of it all. After the chief minister's "doggone" comments on national television, he suspended an IAS officer who came to air his own office, filled with the stink of infighting, insubordinate secretaries (allegedly), and gathering moss. The home ministry, after a busy period of shielding themselves over recent USA trips and its motives, is sighing in relief after Mumbai. Atleast nobody is worried about the thugs and criminals in Kerala who are looting, murdering, and beating up people on a daily basis in front of a muted police force (reminds me, hope you read about the fight between an inspector and a constable in the commando unit, doing nothing but protecting our "VIP" leaders, in Trivandrum - no they didnt have pistols or automatics with them, luckily, instead they bit eachother to settle scores! Why do we have such a title for this blog, anyway).

The sports ministry informed that the National Games, intially planned to be held in Trivandrum, will be spread over all the 14 districts. Ola-madal winners (Kerala's highest civilian honor) from all party units are being asked to form panchayat level sports councils. Electricity ministry surfaces occasionally to increase power rates and announce further power-cuts. The transport ministry must have been in for a rude shock when the recent stats revealed that Kerala was a topper for accidents, not to mention the tragedy in Kannur when children were mauled by a drunk driver. The transport ministry allegedly shrugged off all responsibility and said that they are not to blame since the surface transport affairs has been taken over by the inland water transport ministry officials, since almost all the roads have been filled with enough potholes to allow boats. Almost all the other ministries are quiet since our industries, agriculture, fisheries, IT, ports, etc are..are "not doing so well", to put it mildly.

Oh wait..Do we have an opposition party in our state? No activity there either.

At the other end, the "saadharanakaran", in whose name blood is shed and wars are fought (sob,sob!), now alleges that the buffoons you and I elected (mostly by not voting) are doing nothing but filling their own coffers (either directly or through their children and in-laws).


Anonymous said...

Excellent write up and very true !! I agree 200% with you... But then again who cares....! I had boiled like this on many blogs but to no avail. If you want to see an India like your imagination, you should first drive out all these criminals and let some educated people run the show.. But now it is beyond repair especially Kerala and we can fuss and fume but that aint going to change anything as the shameless bastards are so used to hearing this. About the oppposition, do you think they will do something. It's all a big drama. They are just waiting for their chance which comes every 5 yrs and they should not disturb or oppose anything so that they are also not disturbed... Already people started to forget the terrorists and come up with new topics like Suresh Kumar, Munnar which is of least importance at this moment.I pity us !!

MC said...

@ anonymous - i agree with you as well. we have a major problem. but not surprisingly, people who think like you and me will still be a minority. thats where we need to work on. we need to spread the awareness and the urge for change to the majority. only then changes like educational qualifications for our leaders can be implemented. the current situation is pitiful, but pity is not going to get us any further.

Anonymous said...

Lets encourage investments to Keral for a change.

Anonymous said...

People in Kerala are satisfaction personified. They live in a society which is aimless and consider existing as an important thing rather than living. What rules there is Anarchy? I still remember the day, when we shifted our home from Chennai to Quilon. When we landed there with our utilities, we were surrounded by people who claimed they are coolies and are the authorised personnel to carry the goods into my house, where as my uncles were there to help us out. Ultimately we had to give into there goonda attitude. Even now I see people playing cards on a monday morning, as if that is there breadwinner. This is society which is irresponsible at all levels...right from the panchayat to the state level. There is a hidden Bihar inside this Kerala and people running are not accepting it. 100% literate is not a tall claim if you are not well behaved.

Unknown said...

@Anonymous- which intelligent/sane investor will risk his life/property in Kerala ? Unless the present political climate changes, and well educated leaders with vision emerge Kerala's future is bleak!

silverine said...


What more can I say! I agree with the first Anonymous! I guess both the ruling and opposition parties are playing a game of musical chairs at the expense of the people. And sadly, the people are cheering for their teams.

scorpiogenius said...

I'm all in!

MC, there is an apparent thin line b/w constructive criticism and the the destructive sarcastic ones which some of our usual anonymous friends here cant visualize. But surprise surprise, I dont see any of our comrades commenting and bashing here now.:)

May be they've got the idea!:)

my life-tnzi said...

Excellent post MC.This saga has been continuing from time immoral but this government has beat them all with the lack of governance in all department as well as the worst kind of ministers in its portfolio.

I'm thinkin hw can we make a change rather than simply discussing abt it ?.........

Anonymous said...

This indignation is the common theme in this blog comments. While the content of the blog is a message , the attitude of the users who comment on it is exactly what defines the state of Kerala. "If not for those villains (read politicians) the state would have been really God's own country". The people who comment (including me) are incapable of finding a solution or really making a change ,just like our political leaders.
The politicians are not the cause of the problem. They are just a symptom of the cancer that has afflicted us as a society. I do not find them a lot different from the average guy I see around me. They are truly our 'representatives'


Anonymous said...

Well whatever you have said is true. But we cannot be apolitical forever. One major reason for kerala's current plight is lack of leadership. Family hegemony is ruling most of the political parties and this can be eliminated only if we have good educated young men coming to the stage. So we must drop this "who cares" attitude. There must be a political movement which is different from the one in the streets ( even though its difficult ). Yet you have some very promising leaders coming up in the national level who established their identity with brilliant ideas. The change must begin from colleges.

Moreover mumbai tragedy has taught us we can not be insensitive to other parts of the country. When people died in Taj& Oberoi there is a national anger. Life is safe only for those who have hired body guards(hmm.. its a big qn mark for them too now) but there is no one to protect common man

Anonymous said...

Mr Nobel paul,

Why don't you concentrate at the topic at hand instead of passing judgments on the commenters? Will it help the situation?If you have something constructive to suggest, why not lay on the table and or better still implement it. Right now you are barking like a dog only!

MC said...

i think noble paul has made one of the best comments ever and i feel its the closest to the truth that it can get. but i wouldnt say its the attitude of the commenters, but it is certainly a reflection of the cancer the society is diseased with. and the cancer is the politics and the politician. like he said, the majority of the people in kerala (should i say left in kerala??) are highly polarized and charged politically. and thats where the rot begins.

but the positive side of this understanding is that we know where to begin. there definitely has to be a change in attitude among the majority. and thats where we have to start working on before we think of any "action" and "doing". we need to transform the discontent from the torture and fleecing by our politicians into a collective, positive energy that can initiate change.

and thats where blogs like these, and to a greater extent our daily interactions, can play a big role - to spread the awareness and initiate people into thinking beyond the corrupt and inefficient politicians and their goonda like party workers. they need to get the message clear - we want educated and civilized leaders who put the country and state first, and not their party and pockets.

Nachiketa said...

Skimmed through some of your posts. From the first few, the impression I got is most of the blogs are criticisms. I dont think criticism is bad, but is really necessary. But do you have any alternatives to propose for all these problems that kerala is facing? Rather than bitching kerala all the time, suggest solutions.

For instance, kerala is the most literate state in India, but it still lacks quality education. So we should have good quality schools (both private and govt schools). The much hyped SSA, and DPEP has not given expected results. Govt schools should have excellent infrastructure and it should have teachers with exceptional standard. Kerala lacks good higher education facilities. Kerala deserve premier educational institutions like the IIT, things like that? Now today, the Cashew Institute is going to maharashtra or andhra, when the cashew industry lies in kerala. The apathy shown towards kerala by the State of India should also be highlighted. What Kerala deserves should be given, the number of MP's a particular state is having should not be the deciding factor in Central govt's decisions.

I am a NRK. Outside kerala, keralites are considered good natured people. So the chances are high that you will get a flat for rent, being a keralite.

MC said...

@ pearls of thought - thank you for the pearls of thought. we find many solutions in your comment unlike our so called "bitching". but please do read the comment just before yours to know my (personal) thoughts on the need for a collective force before doing and action. our idea is to unite all those who are craving for a change in the system.

Anonymous said...
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