Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gulf News and Bitter Truths

I happened to go to "foreign" last month. I mean to the Gulf. And this post is basically some insights and malayalee related aspects that I noted during the trip. But first of all, I was truly amazed by UAE, especially Dubai, for one simple reason. They have built a city right in the middle of the desert out of nothing. They dont have oil like their neighbours, they dont have huge industries, they dont have backwaters, they dont have Disney Land. But yet they created one of the greatest cities in the world right there. By perhaps just selling a hype? Anyway, this post is not about Dubai and the Arabs. This is very much about Kerala.

While in the Gulf, I had the opportunity to meet several malayali entrepreneurs who are now among the well-known Non-Resident Keralites. Despite their success and stories about their hard work, they had one common regret to share: how Kerala has treated them. Almost all of them described their persistent efforts to set up business in Kerala (some before leaving to the Gulf, and others after they made some money in the Gulf and wanted to reinvest in Kerala), and how difficult it was for them because of our wily politicians and corrupt systems. Not only were they constantly required to pay bribes, but they also had incessant political (one even described how a local committee member of a party threatened him) demands and threats. And I am talking about stories and events as early as the mid 80s to the present day.

I also talked to several malayali construction workers and cab drivers. Even they had a common grouse - their own state and the peoples attitude. Even they couldnt refrain from scolding our politicians, our hartals and egoistic society. Even they seemed to recognize the stark differences in attitude and conduct between a malayali in Kerala and a malayali outside the state. But it was really heart-wrenching to see their plight, and despite the burning sun they toiled so hard and without a complaint or remorse of separation from their dear ones.

Why? To make their Gulf dreams come true. To not let down their families back in Kerala. To save the little that they earn and send it back to their loved ones, even if they miss a meal. At the airport I saw several of them at the money-changers, converting their soiled Dirham notes into fresh, ironed Rupees that they could proudly show home and their curious neighbours. Despite their tired faces, they had a little smile on their face. I noticed how most of them kept combing their hair and fixing their moustaches, preparing for the home-coming with so much aniticipation of being with their loved ones again.

Back home, it was not difficult to see why there is an air of arrogance, disobedience, and disregard for the system. A state with an economy totally dependent on the toils of its people outside it. Unemployed youth who take for granted their livelihood. Adults who dont really need to work, but can engage in timepass and gossip since they are assured of their moneys via UAE exchange and Western Union.

But have we wondered who is paying the price of all this?


Anonymous said...

i am malayali in gulf since 8 years. very good write up. exactly my feelings.

silverine said...

Rings a lot of bells! I will leave it at that!

scorpiogenius said...

Well said...
Attitude of Keralites inside and outside the state...lot has been written about it, but has there been any changes MC?

Unknown said...

Very realistic picture.The sadistic beaurocratic hurdles that Kerala government pose for investers are a detterant for any one investing in the state! remember the story of the Malaysian business man who subcontracted the Punj Lyod road works in kerala; ending up commiting suicide, in sheer desperation.Also remember the theme of Mohanlal's "Varavelppu" movie!Our rulers do'nt want any developments in the state other than their own "financial development"

Anonymous said...

The whole UAE is going through a great transformation. Even though the recession has put a shadow on the Middle East market I think it won’t affect the region and Dubai in particular. If you look at the Dubai economy we can say that Dubai has put lot of concentration on some particular areas like Tourism and Real Estate and a clear cut deviation from the oil based business and it got tremendous success so far.

One area is Real estate. One of the most ambitious real estate projects the world has ever seen is happening in Dubai. Projects like Burj Dubai et. Also they have put very successful amount of work in developing their tourism industry. You can see that from the successful organization and management of conducting DSF .Dubai shopping festival.

The ruler of Dubai has a clear cut vision. I think that is the most important thing.

Now back to Kerala.

One question is that are we Malayalees prepared to grab the opportunities emerging out from this market? Are we skilled enough? It is time to think twice about that. We need a great amount of change in the education system and training on that front. Competition is tough day by day as people from more and more countries look towards Dubai for job. If Kerala Government is sleeping as they are doing now Gulf will be dream for malayalees.

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Dubai but moved to the US six years ago. While i am proud of dubai and of the contributions of not just malayalees but all Indians to its growth, it irks me to see how everyone just sees the gloss. what about the hours everyone spends in traffic every day? what about the inhumanly high rent rates? what about the ever increasing school fees? It saddens me to see this side of the place I consider my home. Dubai has grown at a fast pace, yes but one too fast for its own infrastucture.

MC said...

@ rajesh - not a very happy feeling.

@ silverine - i read your article again..really true and i get a direct feel of the NRK investors mind. there are hundreds like your uncle and pa.

@ scorpiogenius - its up to us to change it i guess. we have to speak out and whenever possible act against these things.

@ madhavan - i remember the punj lloyd story although i couldnt really understand the truth behind it. i think the media also forgot to finally clearly mention it.

i sometimes wonder if our state has the worst politicians or the biggest fools who blindly follow the politicians? i just hope its not BOTH!

@ pillai - you said it. we need people with vision and farsightedness for the state and its people. not leaders who want to fill their coffers before their term ends.

and its quite evident how state educated malayalis are now finding
it increasingly tough to compete with the rest of india, especially the city educated kids. despite all that age-old gloat about 100% literacy.

@ anjali - i am sure there are good things and bad things for everything. as a progressive state, our idea is to imbibe the good and drop the bad. like pillai commented, we need leaders and government staff with vision so that they can make sure we develop on all fronts. i am sure the Dubai metro will ease the traffic to a great extent.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

If only we could replicate the success in India and make a turnaround here!!!

Alas, not in my lifetime, I'm sure

The Common Man | പ്രാരബ്ധം said...

Hi MC,

Yeah its the same me. Why do u close the comments for each blog, the moment a new one comes up? Now I dont have a choice but to reply to what you said over there here, but that will look misplaced. Anyways,

The reason I asked for your background was to know how educated you are, and how socialised you are.

The reason: Even when you stand for a noble cause[ I do appreciate it], the ideaologies you present are misinterpretations which mislead, or pure ignorance.

But the feedback that I get from many of those who tried to open a debate with you is that, you don't prefer it. You prefer comments which agrees with you and applauds you for your so called efforts for the dirty dog's own country.

If thats not the case, lets open a common forum for a disccssion where everyone have their say, irrespective of whether they agree with you or not.

Due to time contraint, referring to only one of the many issues you came up with,, in your last post.

How important are Shopping Malls and and wide selection of consumer products, to the developement of a State?

I completely understand your frustration in the non-avaliabilty of high class shopping malls and brand showrooms in the state. When we have enough to spare after the basic needs of our life, we must have provisions to spend it. But for a more common man, who earns just enough to maintain his family, will this be a big issue? Will not he be more concerned about the availiability of subsidized Rice in the near by Ration Shop? Or about his child's admission in the near by govt aided school? Or the avaliability of medicines in the local health centre?

And which of these two, do you think , constitute the majority of the so called "underprivileged" Keralites?

Kerala has one of the most efficient Public Distribution, Health and Education Systems, which makes it the the state with the highest index in Education and Health. And the same reason made CNN-IBN select Kerala as the Best State in India, eventhough there were states which had beter per capita income, and annual economic growth rate.

So, if you are ashamed by the fact that we dont have enough shopping malls, I can only say "Sorry brother". The government of this state have many more things to take care of and majority of them that also not complete. Let the goct make sure that everybody gets drinking water at their door steps, then may be we can think about your need. Because, thats what majority needs, and standing with the majority, is the whole concept of Democracy. [ Irony! It is the same Democracy which gives you the freedom to think and write the way you do. Doubt? Ask a chinese blogger!]

The Common Man | പ്രാരബ്ധം said...

I do agree with the common sentiments about this blog that things have to change for a better Kerala.

But that doesn't mean that Kerala is a Hell where surviving is very difficult. But it is that message that this blog and its posts, and many of the comments convey.

The one who has loved and lost said...


"Even they seemed to recognize the stark differences in attitude and conduct between a malayali in Kerala and a malayali outside the state."

So aren't they malayalis? Just like they are recognizing it, probably the malayalis in Kerala are recognizing it too!
Which means.. people who won't do an iota of work here will labour for hours in the gulf!
Why such a hypocritical attitude?

You picturise people working in gulf as victims who had no opportunities here in Kerala. And that's exactly why I differ with you. You just tell one side of the story.

I know SO MANY malayalis, leaving their normal jobs here (teachers, professors, restaurant owners, salesmen etc etc) lured by the glitter of the gulf money.
And these people when they come back, wish to be treated like the royal king of scotland.
Puthan panakkaarante ahankaaram! Don't tell me you don't know of this phenomenon.

Every story has two sides. Don't just tell one part of it to gather sympathy votes.
And what exactly are we looking to learn from your outing to Dubai?
Buildings like Burj Dubai in Kerala?
As Anjali said..
uncontrollable traffc?
High rent?
High cost of living?

MC said...

@ the common man - i started closing comments for older posts because the discussions were going berserk and irrelevant, and difficult for me to moderate more than one post at a time. its typical of keralites to misuse our freedom to the extent that we face increasing restrictions and then finally lose all that we have. thats exactly how the trade unions dig their own grave.

that post was there for two full weeks during which you could have discussed or debated to your hearts content.

i dont think you need to know my education level or social standing as long as my posts are effective - and the very fact that people want to debate or comment says it is.

the example of the shopping malls was very clearly mentioned as an example. it will help that you read the posts (and comments) fully before rambling on a different tangent about the intention of the posts. if you read my comment response to scorpiogenius, i have mentioned that again. the blog was about the lack of initiative despite kerala having so many "first" advantages. none of us here have said that kerala is the worst (although there are some aspects we are close to the worst!). we are discussing the issues and problems that we think are holding us back from progress. and this blog is meant to create awareness and the urgent need to change our own mindsets.

its irrelevant to me what feedback you get about this blog or its authors, but its not a good idea to post accusing comments. i dont think we ever had a problem with any comments here as long as there is no foul language and its not personal attacks. so its fine if you have anything to debate on the posts in a timely manner.

on one hand you are finding it difficult to admit that kerala has its lackings that we need to discuss, address, and create awareness about. and you accuse this blog of doing that. on the other hand you talk about lack of drinking water and difficulties of the common man. is it that only YOU can speak for Kerala and not anyone else? isnt that the principle of the politicians? or when you talk about the common man do you talk for the politicians themselves?

MC said...

@ the layman - your comment and the one from common man shows how a lot of you want to just dismiss the post and latch on to something on the sides. this post clearly mentions that its about keralites and their attitude. why are so many people in the Gulf? you say its purely because of the lure of gulf money. thats totally wrong. its purely because of the lack of opportunity in our own state. what about the keralites working in other states in india? (what about "the common man" here who works outside kerala as well?)

its so absurd of you to dismiss of the entire NRKs as a section of people who went after extra money.

but if these are comments purely for the sake of debate and with an intention of just proving that this blog is all wrong, then i am sure there is no end to the debate :)

The one who has loved and lost said...

"you say its purely because of the lure of gulf money."

When did I say that? :-)
I think what I said was
"You just tell one side of the story...Every story has two sides. Don't just tell one part of it to gather sympathy votes."

That's what I said MC.
While you have, in your last comment, said..

"you say its purely because of the lure of gulf money. that's totally wrong. its purely because of the lack of opportunity in our own state"

So according to you there are no people going to gulf lured by gulf money??
And it is purely due to lack of opportunities?
Come on MC.. that's too much even for your "dogs bashing" standards :-)
Ok.. Fine. Your convictions.

"its so absurd of you to dismiss of the entire NRKs as a section of people who went after extra money."

Again, you pick something that I said and generalize it into an accusation I never made. My disagreement was with you painting the whole gulf community as victims of lack of opportunities.

I don't comment here to prove that the purpose of this blog is wrong. I comment here simply to tell you, your method of saving kerala wouldn't work.. realistically!

Of course you can choose to ignore it as you always do :-)
But I don't believe, crticising a state and its people through a blog will create awareness and change the thought process of those criticised.

MC said...

@ layman - well, the extent of lack of opportunities may differ between a cab driver and a teach or a doctor. but the basic need is better opportunity and comfortable living. everybody desires for progress and a better life for their children. so as long as we dont continue to evolve as a state and make progress in the development, we will have people leaving. but sooner or later the opportunities outside the state will also end, and thats when we will really suffer.

i dont think i made any generalizations about what you said. and i dont need any sympathy votes for heavens sake :)

whether this will be an effective way of creating awareness and changing thought processes is a larger question. i believe it will. if you dont think so, its alright. but i dont think you really should waste your time here solely for the sake of "simply to tell you, your method of saving kerala wouldn't work.. realistically!. i am willing to take that chance.

The one who has loved and lost said...

"but the basic need is better opportunity and comfortable living. everybody desires for progress and a better life for their children."
I don't think anybody denies that.

Perhaps you need to explain a lil bit more on what exactly you mean by better opportunities!
A state where every man can do what he wants and mint money like their gulf counterparts? Or are you talking about basic necessities of life?
What exactly are you looking forward to in your idea of a saved Kerala?

And about me commenting..
"but i dont think you really should waste your time here solely for the sake of "simply to tell you, your method of saving kerala wouldn't work.. realistically!. i am willing to take that chance."

And I'm willing to take the chance of trying to change your method :-D

Come on.. you are trying to change the attitude of a majority of Keralites. I'm just trying to change one :P

The Common Man | പ്രാരബ്ധം said...


Honestly, I have not gone through the entire posts and comments inside this blog, but whatever I said was with the firm feeling that the way you interpret things was not the correct way to do it, and I stick to it.

The reason why I asked you background was very specific. Let me elaborate.

For a person having his roots and relatives in Kerala and born and brought up outside, Kerala is/might be a vacation spot. He will be worried more about the unmaintained roads, harthals and all those social disturbances of today. [ Yes, I do call them disturbances].

But for another person who knows that he owes much to his State for the good living conditions, good education, social status , in short his identity; for a person who knows that had he been born in some other parts of this country, chances of being what he is today is very very less, for a person like me - Even when I feel that there is scope for improvement, I am more particlar that everyone like me gets the same favours and oppurtunities that I got. And when I see that that is being done, I never feel bad about my state. Feeling concerned , and feeling bad are two different feelings, I guess.

I did not want to make personally accussing comments. But then, you did not answer one single question I had asked in your prev post. And you had answered everyone including anons in detail. So I had the feeling that you just avoided me. And sorry for being late often, but can't help it.

And for sounding like a politician, that was not intentional. May be it is because there is one part of my heart which still wants to be a politician and make a difference. But just like everyone of you people, I also remain in the comfort of a job, a stable income.

And you think this blog discuss the basic issues that a common man in Kerala faces? Not really, where ever people pointed fingers at you, you were discussing something else. You were mostly quoting people whom you met at airports. You were concerned about having no initiatives in this state, when millions in this state have food to eat, cloth to wear and a roof to sleep just because of the governmental initiatives that many other states in this country can never ever think of.

MC, Kerala is not a country , it is one of the many states in a Country, following a quasi-federal constitution. We are not as blessed as many other states, as far as natural resources are concerned. We have a very high population density, which makes land a scarce commodity. The best resource we always had was/still have is the Human Resource. And the high level of social responsibility the various governments of our state has displayed, has made as the most efficient pool of Human Resource. You might know hundreds who don't want to employee a mallu, but I can present before many hundreds of people who trust only mallus to hold the core positions of his firm.

And then somebody brought out another grave situation that he/she is facing currently. She, and most of the NRKs, was finding it very difficult to admit that their roots are in Kerala. Why? Because the people of Kerala have some atttitude problem, they have some serious inborn issues- inshort people born and brought up in Kerala have tarnished the Global Malayalee brand name. All I can say is that the real life experience of those outsiders with mallus are You and your folks Sir/Madam, if they feel bad about mallus, thats because some NRKs somewhere caused some damage.

Contempt towards politicians and the government in general, is a very common sentiment among the new generation of upper middle class. Politicians ruin this country, politicians are corrupt- Yes, I agree with all this, but what can we do about this? If you don't find any of the politicians eligible, who else will do the job? Voting for an election, once in five years does not give you the complete privilge to point fingers at them. If we feel that we can do a better job, why not? Leave everything and get into it. Or do you want the people of this country through your outburtsts and make you their CM or PM? Now, if you are not ready to find proper replacements for them, or be a replacement for them, whats the point in repeating the same sentence again and again? Or atleast come open and fight the corruption. How ony of us can boast of taking a driving license without a single penny as bribe , directly or through driving schools? I can, and it took me one month and four tests to do that. But I hate the officer that tormented me, not the system of RTOs.

You say that 75% of the population of Kerala depends on Public Hospitals for service. Where do you collect these kind of stats sir? Do you think that if tomorrow the whole public health depatment is closed down, only 25% is going to suffer? Man....what can I say.

Lemme wind up,

I always accept the motion that we do have a wide scope for development. Not just for our state, that fact holds true for our nation too. But the way that has been presented in this forum is completely misleading.

vinz-Q8 said...

That was a nice post except for your Blog's name "Dogs own country".....what if a foreigner was looking for some info on Kerala and ended up reading ur blog's heading....Dont u feel we just degraded our own mother land......

our view of Kerala is 100% acceptable, but still just think if from my side of view.....
its just a comment.....

Anonymous said...

Dear MC;

I read some comments here. You started a blog and you expressing your views in a very decent manner.

It's absolutely your right what name you should keep or not. It's ridiculous to ask bloger to explain his educational background and all. He has every right to keep his personal info private.

For people who have been asking to change the blog name, let me take you one incident on a hartal day happened in Kerala. A lady was stopped in all the possible way to meet her dead kid by our beloved politician. Every day hartal and bandh. Women can't go out alone after 6 pm! Is this a place where God lives?

Dear MC Go ahead man. Update the blog with good write ups. I am with you

MC said...

@ the layman - i think it takes only common sense to understand that basic necessities come before "minting money". so hopefully you can answer the first half of your own questions.

the ideas of a "saved kerala" as you put it are very much within the posts of this blog. please read them again.

as for changing peoples mind versus you changing my mind, i dont have any worries over that. may the best happen.

@ the common man - without reading the posts and comments you have no basis for talking about this blog. but then that basically shows your intentions.

please assume that i am very much in the state and born and brought up in kerala, and making my living also there. that will make you accept whatever i say?

you talk about the best human resources in kerala. but where are all of them employed? out of the state. within the state we are left with a bunch of highly politicized and selfish people who are corrupting our youth and children. it makes no sense to me to go on repeating what i have written in my posts for your benefit. please read them when you have time.

its not about people born in kerala or not. its basically malayalis who behave like scum bags and perverts that make us feel ashamed of ourselves.

i clearly said around 75% of the healthcare is provided by private hospitals. not that 75% of the people go to private hospitals.

the only reasonable point in your comment is about us getting into politics. sooner or later many of us will be in positions of power. and i hope that happens so that there are more educated and sensible people out there to lead us. and i am sure blogs like these will have made some difference by then.

so please keep reading.

@ vinz - what do you infer from the title? what does it mean to you? would you have preferred it to be "god's own country"? you think the foreigners will imagine that all the Gods live in kerala?

@ pillai - thank you for the support. it helps to have people who understand as well.

Anonymous said...

Absolute ban on unions and in its place better labor regulations is the only way out for the Kerala now.

Anonymous said...

@ Common Man and Layman

There were similar people like you who have expressed their opinion about the negative news spread via this blog and its comments. Aggressive responses from the blogger and fellow crusaders ensured that people who say anything good about the state are kept away. MC may not be attacking personally, but there are other people who do tht, the so called 'civilised NRKs'. All they want to hear is bad news about kerala. When the government is trying desperately to build up an investment friendly image, here Kerala is thrown to dogs.

By a Pure breed

Anonymous said...

@MC - "please assume that i am very much in the state and born and brought up in kerala, and making my living also there. that will make you accept whatever i say?"

You will never have such one sided opinion if you are born and brought up in Kerala. There are people who love Kerala as much as they love their parents. You will not understand their feelings coz u r an NRK.

Anonymous said...

Talking of unions, here is a possible solution offered by a non Keralite.

Sorry I do not know how to link it. So pasting it as is.

Anonymous said...

@ Jayanti AKA Phoenix

U do how much ever roles u want. We can still identify you by your arrogant tone in each and every word u write.

Koodu vittu koodu maralle mole, avasanam koodu kanathilla, LOL

Anonymous said...

That was very gud article posted by Jason, we need to strike balance. Labour movements doesn't have the power or will to voice their opinion in other states, whereas in Kerala they do have significant say.
Hopefully things will get better in kerala when the union leaders realise the investment need as they are able to READ and understand latest changes.
But I do not think the exploitation of labour happening in other states will ever stop. Hope u all read what happened in a place near to Delhi.

The Common Man | പ്രാരബ്ധം said...

When I comment , I need to read only the blog content. The comments

will give me an idea about what others think about this, but when I

ask you something, that will be mainly based on the blog content. And

I think thats exactly what I did. What I agreed was that I did not get

time to go through each and every sentence that is written over here,

but I have read quite a lot and I think thats enough to put a comment.

How many of those comments agreeing with you, do you think, were from

people who read this blog inside-out?Also, if I read the blog and the

comments completely," will that make you accept whatever I say" ?

And my intentions, I can't see anything that I benefit from this and

hence any hidden intentions, but if you feel something, why don't you

say it?

Now about job oppurtunities. As I said before, it is important to have job oppurtunities created in any state. But more important is to have the right number of people to fill those opputunities. Consider Bangalore, it might have a minimum of 1 lakh job oppurtunities from the IT Services sector, but hardly 50% are taken by the people of Karnataka. The rest are taken from people from other states, me being one of them. So the salaries flow to those states also, but it is the sole responsibility of the Karnataka Govt. to provide the proper infrastructure and other facilities for these IT firms. The ratio of natives employed will increase for manufacturing industries, but Kerala being a densely populated state, we have a certain limit upto which we can accomodate such big factories. My point is, as long our people are good enough to utilize the job oppurtunities across this globe, we will benefit.

Scum Bags, Perverts - Hmm... man you know your land and your people well!

Atleast you can be thankful that we don't have a Kerala Nirmana Sena.

When you say 75% of health care is provided by private firms, what do you mean? If it is not the number of people, what is that statitistics about? Number of hospitals? Number of professionals? Annual Revenue? Plz be specific. From a few comments I read, I got this feeling you are a doctor, hence would like to know more on this.

And finally, plz dont think that this is the first initiative of this kind, which criticize ourselves for better results. For instance, the topic of this particular post, the 'Gulf Syndrome' , was discussed with the same essence by a person called Sreenivasan, in a movie called Varavelpp and was discussed among various platforms across the state[ I see that somebody have mentioned ths before me]. If you have seen the movie, you will know the difference in how he has presented it, and how you have. And thats all I also want to say. EVen when I want to support your 'intentions', if they really are what it looks like, I can't agree with the manner in which you put it.If somebody, even if you, feels that this is the only time things like this were discussed, that is mere ignorance.

We dont love our parents just because they are educated and employed, right? We love them even if they are illietrate.And we don't blame them in public. Yes, we will always try to make them learn more and be better humans, but that doesnt change the way we love them. And we don't blame them in public. Same holds true for your country, your state, your language, your culture etc. Words like that have a deeper essence than just geographical classifications.

vinz-Q8 said...

i was doing some googling for some info on kerala and ended up seeing your blog. Each viewer may view your blog title in his different aspects.

I am not for an arguement on whether God lives there in Kerala or not. i'm just a simple expatriate living in Kuwait and for me that title of ur blog touched my heart.

As i said earlier "its just a humble comment". Please do not take it offended.

vinz-Q8 said...

I can understand the frustration of each & every mallu there in Kerala.I too feel the same while living here in the middle east.....

By keeping the title "Dogs own Country" dont you feel you have just degraded all of us including yourself (mallu's) for the sake of those Political Demons! Its not just my point of view, i just pointed out ur blog to a couple of other bloggers & malayalee associations here and everyone regrets to see this pathetic name on ur blog....

I would like you to think it over again

MC said...

@ jason - i think the urgent need is to de-politicize the entire system, right from education to trade unions (i.e., ban political party affiliations). that, in my opinion will make a huge difference for kerala.

@ anonymouses - like i said, its irrelevant where i am right now or if i am an NRK. the truth remains the same, whether its told by a resident Keralite or otherwise. some of us are finding to digest the truth, which is normal. but i sincerely hope, that the newer generations will break free and have a more progressive mentality.

@ the common man - the point is, that if you probably read and understood the posts fully, you may not make comments that are inappropriate.

you say that as long as keralites are employable globally, we will benefit. there are two issues here. first the emplopyability of the average malayali is falling day by day, which is the effect of our redundant education system and syllabus. secondly, it wont be long before every state/nation wants to employ and give preference to their own people. we are already seeing it. so where will all the malayalis run then? to kerala where we dont have any options?

we dont really need a kerala nirmana sena. some of our party outfits are equally bad. i am sure everyone realizes that.

your comparison to parents is absurd. obviously nobody said that we hate anyone because they are illiterate or we love only people who are educated. so please make more sensible responses.

what you and some others are trying to do is to picture this blog as a campaign by people who hate malayalis and perhaps kerala. which is a big mistake. as long as you dont change these misplaced basic notions we will only argue endlessly.

@ vinz - the title is for the bad and insane events in our state, and some of the terrible attitude and behaviour in our state. it obviously doesnt mean that the people are being called Dogs, just as by saying Gods own Country we are saying that all keralites are Gods. so relax. yes i understand it was just a comment and i was just responding with another comment. no offense at all.

Annemarie said...

To Anon who said - Jayanti AKA Phoenix

You can call me anything sweety! I don't give a jot!

Anonymous said...

@ vinz - that should read "just as by saying Gods own Country, we are NOT saying that all keralites are Gods (I hope!)"

The one who has loved and lost said...

"i think it takes only common sense to understand that basic necessities come before "minting money" "

So.. what are the basic necessities which we lack as a state? Let's discuss at grass root levels. Now, if I compare Kerala to any other state you would accuse me of resting on past laurels and achieved glories. So my only question is this :
Since your whole outburst is against lack of these basic necessities, could you please tell us what exactly makes you so frustrated?
We ("those who don't understand the intent of your blog" in your own words) believe that Kerala fares well in all factors which one would define as basic necessities.

"the ideas of a "saved kerala" as you put it are very much within the posts of this blog"

At one point you said how Kerala still lacks behind in malls and shopping centres although the first mall in the country came up in Kerala. When you were questioned about it you said it was 'just to emphasize how we keep throwing away our initiatives' and early advantage.

To this someone responded that lack of too much development is a blessing in disguise for Kerala. Let me put it this way. We don't necessarily throw away such initiatives. We belong to a socio political set up in which the people think twice before accepting drastic changes which could alter the basic nature of our culture. This reflects in the policies, decisions of our lawmakers.
After all we elect our representatives right?

Then we were awarded the best state in India, to which you came up with your infamous post "who are we fooling"
Anyone who tried to agree with that survey was written off. Not once do you accept the positives which is true about our state.
It's almost as if you believe "I should think and write ONLY about the negatives in the state, otherwise we won't progress"

And it's a shame that you categorise anyone who opposes you under the following categories:

1) People who don't understand the purpose of your blog

2) People who try to paint you as someone who hates malayalis.

3) People who rests on past glories and are too egoistic to think forward

Let me make this clear MC.
1) The very reason we comment here is because we understand your intent. We just feel you are not doing it the right way.

2) We don't think you hate malayalis. Although you seem to have a problem with malayalis who are happy with themselves. Of course I read the "essence" and all.

But if someone is happy, it doesn't mean they should remain silent when people write derogatory things about their state.
If someone feels "Dog's own country" is derogatory, they have every right to comment that here. If you really loved your state, you would have listened to it's people who are hurt by such definitions and phrases.
But of course, you have to classify them as over-sensitive and humorless.

3) None of us(at least I don't) ever say there is no scope for improvement. But when a blog like yours which is so widely read, has an insulting title, publishes everything that is bad about kerala, don't offer soultions, don't accept solutions, keep criticising it all the time..well
people get pissed off MC.

You can shrug it off with the arrogance of a self proclaimed messiah. Or you can realize that we are also on the same side (just like you keep saying all the time).

People have emotions and egos MC. The common man (not the blogger.. i'm referring to the people) doesn't live on theories and ideals. If you want people to identify with you, you have to identify with them and not dismiss anyone who has contrary views as "opposing to the purpose of this blog"

Devika Jyothi said...


I am a Keralite in Delhi, who has spent first 30 years of my 40 years in Kerala before shifting base to Delhi..and perhaps visited this blog earlier.

Is this blog run by an individual or a group? Besides, the heated arguments on the issue of Kerala and about blog/blog commenting is their an action for saving Kerala?

if it is really an initiative aimed at making a change i would like to contribute...if its just a discussion/debate platform i would rather leave this..because I believe we have had enough such brain washing sessions before...

if you ask me, who I am --I'm a civil engineer cum lawyer and a human rights researcher who writes on sustainable development and human rights issues. so if there's a way that I could contribute, please let me know...

But for God's sake -- as some other commentator said, remove this name, It gives a very wrong idea of the group/individual behind..As a freelance copywriter, if I may suggest -- it could be God's own Country, But Devil's Own people...and that includes me :-)

lets not blame the land, lets take the responsibility and change...


Annemarie said...

Mr Layman,

1."But when a blog like yours which is so widely read."

2. "If you want people to identify with you, you have to identify with them and not dismiss anyone who has contrary views as "opposing to the purpose of this blog"

Have you ever wondered why this blog is widely read? Because people identify with it. Understood? Your comment is so contradictory that it gives away your frustration at not having shut this blogger up! Chill dude! Go have a beer!

The one who has loved and lost said...

awesome observation phoenix ..

"Have you ever wondered why this blog is widely read? Because people identify with it. "

So if A calls B's father a bastard in his blog and B comments on A's blog...then it's because B identifies with it

Baby you go and play with your barbie dolls .. or GI joe.. whatever makes you happy.
While we have beer!

MC please delete these comments by hate spreaders whose sole purpose is to attack other commenters..
Saw this same female attacking another commenter Ajith in another post.
Attacking another blogger Seema by asking her phone numbers and all..
Must be her way of having fun.. taking potshots at anyone who opposes you.

I'm sure you don't need her support. Come on man..people might think you even hired a baby girl for support!
And delete this comment too..
Just wanted to let phoenix know.. that her baby talk is so annoying!

Annemarie said...

tch tch little layman is upset! Cho chaad! Let me sing you a little song to calm you down!

Hush, little baby, don't say a word,
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird.

If that mockingbird don't sing,
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring.

If that diamond ring turns to brass,
Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass.

If that looking glass gets broke,
Mama's gonna buy you a billy-goat.

If that billy-goat won't pull,
Mama's gonna buy you a cart and bull.

If that cart and bull turns over,
Mama's gonna buy you a dog named Rover.

If that dog named Rover won't bark,
Mama's gonna buy you a horse and cart.

If that horse and cart falls down,
You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town.


The one who has loved and lost said...

ho ho ho..
a nursery rhyme already by baby girl??

Phoenix,there are many forums which discusses nursery rhymes and poems..
Please go there

and yeah..
ninte onakka poem vaayichittu oru chukkum thonniyilla

(irikkatte oru smiley)

Annemarie said...

A dose of your own medicine sweetheart. Bitter wasn't it? Good!! It was a pleasure serving you the lesson!

Now get lost and rant at your own pathetic space.

Anonymous said...

MC, apparently you are not aware of the demographics of Dubai. So here is some information for you to research first and then write your posts. Some of the sites where you can start from is the statistics Dubai site. It would tell you exactly how much Malayalee population Dubai has.. So if you talk to a couple of likeminded hypocrites and come up with this nonsense and ask people to take it then that’s not happening!
Read the 14th report of the Parliamentary standing committee on External Affairs and then you would probably get it into your thick skull as well as your “Dubai friends” on what initiatives government of Kerala is taking for NRI investments.. May be it would be of good educational value to people like you. When I am saying NRI- it does not pertain to Malayalee NRIs only..

Now on the name of your blog.. Some True blue Malayalees like me cannot accept it because it is degrading. But I can totally understand from your attitude that you don’t have much patriotism anyway so this can be expected. On your blog it also says DOG’s Own INDIA.. Don’t mess with my country buddy.. India is not for you guys to mock around..

@vinzq8- Totally agree with you, here I am doing a google search on kerala government initiatives and this nonsense blog comes on the first page.. What an impression this creates..

@phoenix- Do you ever have anything valid to say or you just come here to bark.. I saw your comments on me on the other post.. Koodale mole…What did you think that this is forum for you to come and give hugsies and kissies to boys?.. Mol de sukhedu go to another forums okay.

The one who has loved and lost said...

nothing was bitter. If that was your intention.. you failed miserably!!
And baby..
YOU get lost and spew venom and hate in your own pathetic space...
"I don't give a jot" whether you decide to make a fool of yourself here or not!!!!

Annemarie said...


Frustrated are we? LOL!!!

So pathetically attracted to this place. I pity you. You are like the dog that vomits and eats is own vomit. :p If you don't like the curry being served here, why come to the dining table dear? You can say what you want. It wont affect me. So go have a beer. Chill. Tally ho!!

Annemarie said...


Muah sweety.Good night!

The one who has loved and lost said...

@phoenix - kashtam!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Phoenix: Yeah Got that from your comments that you are a frustrated and desperate female. Don't worry the boys here will take care of that.

I know it would not affect you..athinnu kudumbathil pirakkanam allenkil minimum education venam. You don't have both. So you are excused.

Annemarie said...

"Koodale mole…What did you think that this is forum for you to come and give hugsies and kissies to boys?.. Mol de sukhedu go to another forums okay."

hmmm I did not sit wand watch porn films on Youtube and blog about it like some researcher doing a study on porn! Read all about it at manasinakkare dot wordpress all you people! Get married woman so that we have less of your frustrations here!!

Anonymous said...

@Phoenix: hmmm Wonder why did you hit that post of mine..oh got it you were searching for porn..isn't it LOL..My point on your frustration stands proved..
and yes people, please do read that post of mine.its a real eye opener..

Annemarie said...

I am the one that exposed you and revealed your blog! So I naturally know your blog and keep watch woman! :-P

So sad you last defense also fell! Oh well I am too good!

Yawnnn I am going to sleep. A job well done!. Good night you two!

Anonymous said...

@Phoenix: Oh geez! thanks. Thats what I need for my blog.. A "dog" to keep watch.. Agreed you are too good-- In Barking! Make sure you do your job properly okay or else you will be leashed

The one who has loved and lost said...

"So sad you last defense also fell! Oh well I am too good!

Yawnnn I am going to sleep. A job well done! Good night you two!"

A job well done phoenix??

Anonymous said...

@Phoenix: On this "So pathetically attracted to this place. I pity you. You are like the dog that vomits and eats is own vomit. :p If you don't like the curry being served here, why come to the dining table dear?"
Got me wrong.. This might be dining table for dogs like you.. For some people like me its a garbage bin and needs to be cleaned every now and then. So like every responsible citizen we come here quite often to CLEAN so that it doesn't stink the entire society.. Got it?

Anonymous said...

Well done Phoenix!!!

phoenix said...

Phoenix...please accept my congratulations! My mail ID is I do not blog therefore leaving my email ID.

Ajith said...

I thought I should never visit or comment on this blog, but I could see a lot of comments from people who have a passion for our state.

Its evident that the blog looks only at negatives, completely ridiculing even the survey by an independent firm. It may be because they could not understand the methodology or the variables used for the survey or they just want to say bad about kerala. Not sure what pleasure they are getting out of it.

Can anyone show how many negative comments about Kerala have come from inside the state? This clearly shows that its the people outside who have a problem with Kerala.

Someone commented we do not have enough rice for ourselves inside the state. Is there a rule that whatever we consume should be produced inside the state. :) If they are referring to poverty, its not kerala you need to focus on.

Regarding mallus behaving badly to tourists - Someone has quoted an incident where 'two foreigners describing about the lack of hospitality of kerla'. I can show you thousands of foreigners who appreciate our hospitality. Please check the number of tourists visiting kerala every year. It has never showed a downtrend coz they keep coming back to this place.

Why Mallus are able to sustain high ranks in human development index may be a big confusing question for the 'savers' here.This is because even common people are sensible here . Its coz we are literate. The common man has little significance in other states while here they have the freedom and courage to express their opinion. People from other states find it odd coz they got used to servants, cab drivers, waiters who are no better than slaves for them.

Wake up people,Raise your voice against religious fundamentalists, terrorists, riots, attacks on churches, bomb blasts,atrocities against minorities, human rights violations and the list goes on and on. None of the above happened in Kerala. Probably now you would be able to figure out why kerala is called Gods own country.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Seema steamed and seems to have lost sheen.
Layman talked and is still no Freidman.
No sense and more nonsense..
We finally made a fool!!

Of whom..?? they wondered..

And they looked at each other!!hurrah!!

The one who has loved and lost said...

phoenix - even you started anonymous commenting?
Sounds like one of your nursery rhymes!

I'm hugely flattered with the comparison to friedman.

Anonymous said...

Seema Suresh got steamed! lol!!

The connection between her and Layman - Deloiitte!

Anonymous said...

Kannan and Manoj are none other than phoenix herself.
Do you think any man with stable state of mind will congratulate when she was running away like a pathetic loser. Just to prove that its genuine she gave two ids.
@ phoenix - darling, u think u r smart. But actually u r are a pathetic loser who tries such cheap things just to win an argument.Its crystal clear that seema has just dismissed you from this blog

@ seema- Super!!!!! I am sure Layman should be laughing his lungs out just like me...

I don't have to give an id coz im not fake ...LOL

Anonymous said...

@ seema, layman, anonymouses, etc - seeing some of the comments here, no foreigner or NRI will ever think of investing in Kerala! and you all have truly risen up to the title of this blog that you yourselves wanted changed. again the title doesnt refer to the land, but to the people who behave atrociously, and show no respect and manners.

its quite obvious that i cannot keep on debating with some of the people here or follow their so called advises. it may be that i am stubborn and adamant and one-sided..whatever...

from now on, we will let the readers and individuals here decide things for themselves. you can take home any message from the posts here that your level of intelligence and your own convictions allow you to.

if you have anything related to the specific post to comment on thats fine. if you have an opposing view, thats also fine. but you have set your standards so low here, and stooped so low, that its clearly not worth spending time over what you say.

but some of you really need to keep reading the posts here. will definitely help you in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Wow..People congratulating Phoenix for being the best "runner" ??
@Anonymous: "Phoenix vava odiya vazhikku pullu polum kilurkkilla. :)LOL"
@Anonymous(poet): Good creativity skills..Are you on a "save Phoenix" initiative. then start a blog on that too.
@Ajith: Great going there so please do comment.let people read positives too.
@Anonymous: Anything wrong with Deloittians?.. WE ARE THE BEST!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@MC: I don't think you said anything in your previous blog when Ms. Phoenix stooped so low and I asked you to delete my contact details. So why this comment now?? Double standards eh! or you need girlpower to validate your statements.

phoenix said...

Please send me a mail and I will give you my office phone number and details.

The one who has loved and lost said...

MC- height of hypocrisy man!!

By the way this is not the actual MC I hope cos he hasn't given his ID. This is someone who doesn't have the guts to let us know who he is.

"seeing some of the comments here, no foreigner or NRI will ever think of investing in Kerala!"

Ha ha.. and you think seeing this blog they will????

"@ seema, layman, anonymouses, etc"
Wow... where is the name of phoenix????

Phoenix - is that you playing mind games with the commenters?? Come on dear.. you don't think we are that stupid are you. Just because I told you not to make a fool of ourself you don't need to go anon.

"but you have set your standards so low here, and stooped so low, that its clearly not worth spending time over what you say.

Dude... thats what this blog does.. in every post!!!! Stooping the standards so low. Diplomacy don't work with such people. See the kind of anon comments!!!

"again the title doesnt refer to the land, but to the people who behave atrociously, and show no respect and manners."

If someone ridicules your homeland to such an extent, you expect us to shut our mouths and keep watching.

Wake up... big guy!!
Stop your double standards!

The one who has loved and lost said...

@anon - who revealed my mysterious connection - revealing my identity buddy?
trying to intimidate??

Anonymous said...

well all of you should continue with this trash talk and make real fools out of yourselves. if not anything, its really entertaining.

Anonymous said...

@ MC

Thank you so much for your concern. Investors doesn't have to read the comments to take a decision, your stinky blog has enough venom to stop them right away.LOL

You should have controlled your dogs like phoenix from the start rather than feeding them .

Dont get disheartened dude. Eee blogiloru peppatti undayirunnathu nattukaru thalli konnu atre ollu.

Who the hell is bothered if you are stubborn and adamant. Are u the one who is making policies and rules in kerala.

Guys there is another blog like this which is called which needs some serious treatment like this.

bombay dosti said...

Again, yet another person who understands the intent but wish that you would put it differently.

I think Kerala follows a different model, altogether. When BJP came up with the "Shining India" campaign, we ( the educated, economically well off) people must have got excited at what we saw. We felt that there was so much happening, with so much infrastructure etc And yet, BJP lost the election. Political analysers came to the conclusion that the people who actually voted did not find the growth and development, touch their lives. The poor were still poor and rich had become a lot more richer. The trickle down model of growth which India follows was not successful to the extent that we would have liked.
Kerala has followed the model of ensuring the basic necessities first – which is why, our education, PDS etc are in a better state of being.

I see that in your posts you have said that our healthcare systems are not good. I am not sure that is true. Also,in a beautiful way, the high literacy rate among women has ensured high health awareness and that flows down to the entire family. We just operate in a different way.

The trouble is, we the educated young would have taken all that for granted. We may not worry that there is no water, as we can afford to buy the bisleri. We may not be affected if the public distribution system does not work,as we can afford to buy rice at double the price. What I mean to say, is we may be undermining the laurels because they may not be important to us anymore. The people we meet from the “economically better off” strata, and if they are our only source of information for forming opinions, we may not have the true picture.

As a state, we have taken the choice of ensuring that the society as a whole benefits rather than the rich getting richer and hoping that it trickles down.

Therefore, we need to see the model in its own context.
If you see the way, Kudumbashree, the Poverty Eradication Mission of Kerala(and this is a highly successful govt. initiative, which has touched the lives of lakhs of women) has defined poverty, you will be surprised at its sophistication.
I don’t think the poor will be this rich anywhere else!

Even when you say that, you dont mean to say that Kerala is the worst of all states. Negative posts, one after the other does give an objective reader that impression.

Also, when you say things about "arrogance, disregard for the system", are they not perceptions?

I started off to say that I too wish you would change the title of the blog as it does give a bad impression about the state.
On the other hand, I also believe that things can be better as they can be better in any state. Everyone does feel so, but when you write only about negative things, it makes me and probably others too, that they ought to react to the extreme statements made.

I do wish for better employment opportunities, but that has started through the IT parks and therefore I think the direction is right. I do wish that women can go out at night as they wish( they cant do that here, but you can only name one or two cities in India where they can ) I also wish your posts be a combination of good and bad in the state!

Anonymous said...

@ everyone - this is the real mc alright :) couldnt sign in since i am on someone elses comp.

anyway, some of you have shown your true colors and its really despicable the way you behave. i hope you feel ashamed of it at least later.

this is exactly the kind of behaviour we see in kerala streets. speaks volumes about kerala and why its getting stuck. this is the kind of reaction we get from local politicians when we raise issues against them.

and now we are left with no other choice but to enable comment moderation..and i am sure all the cheapos must be wondering why?

meanwhile, keep reading this blog. will surely be educative :)

The one who has loved and lost said...

Agree there MC.
Enable comment moderation. Much needed.
My suggestion is do not approve anon comments.

And regarding this
"anyway, some of you have shown your true colors and its really despicable the way you behave. i hope you feel ashamed of it at least later."

When conflicts arise, you can keep quite one time.. two times.
That's compromise.
But to come to a real solution you need to face the problem.
So many commenters who come here get disheartened by these anons and barkers.
They just get frustrated and leave.

Now you at least know why you have to moderate comments. A step in the right direction MC.

Still appalled by the hypocrisy in your last comment where you addressed everyone except phoenix.
True colours ellavarum kaanikkunnu MC. Don't act saintly.

Anyways thanks for the comment moderation decision.

MC said...

@ bombay dosti - for a change its refreshing to get a genuine comment which gives the right perspective for a debate. thank you.

i really appreciate your points and definitely agree that kerala has a lot to be proud of.

this blog, its title, or its posts are not to negate those or undermine kerala's greatness. i can see that the constant focus on the negatives and lackings give that impression to a few. but thats not the case.

the idea of the blog is to bring to the open certain basic flaws in our thinking, attitude, and the states system, particularly the social and political. in doing so its natural that 9 out of the 10 posts are negatively toned. its a sad thing, but thats the plan of action.

i certainly believe that exposing the negatives and discussing them here will create a ripple effect. it may not be felt now, but slowly it will catch up and it will reflect in the actions and thoughts of people, sooner or later.

once again thank you for a sensible comment.

The Common Man | പ്രാരബ്ധം said...


I understand that the comment moderation rule IPC 144 is active, still I am sure this comment will be published.

I think we can stop this whole topic reading completely- reading the whole funda. If a few of others also feel the same way I feel, may be there is some issue in this blog content. A comment is inappropriate or not - this is higly relative concept. What is appropriate for me, might be appropriate for you. In short " Avarude aavashyam, thanikkanavashyam"...;-)

"Falling employability of average malayali"- can you plz justify this comment? Rather than making vague statements like this, speak subjectively. Speak in term of numbers, MC. The welfare and employment of a state is not measured according to the feelings of an individual.

" I am sure everyone realize that "... Yet another 'forest closed fire' [ yeah thats a usage, in malayalam]. Come out with names. After all, you dont have to worry about anyone as long as you live here with your alias.

My comparison with Parents - Were my sentences soo explicit that you understood the meaning as " MC hates keralites because they are illiterate". Honestly bro, I tried to bring out a deeper feeling of love for home land, love for language etc. there. I failed completely. Or was it because you were not able to grasp it that way? Or was it because you found it easier to answer that way? I am not sure.

We will argue endlessly untill one of us change our attitude, even I am sure about that. Who will win? I am not sure. Lets see .:-)

Coming back, I am still waiting for some solid answers MC. You still need the questions? OK.

1. First one was about "..My Dog! This Happens Only In Kerala!" section you have on the main page. I had asked you about this widget, how you filter news to appear here. Afer observing its contents, I assume that it displays news articles with the name 'V S Achuthanandan' in it, because that was one common thing I could see in those articles. Correct me if I am wrong.

2. Second one : "75% of health care". YOu stated this in your blog article, and then confirmed this in your comment. And I am still waiting for the clarification. What is this percentage of? You said it is not the number of people. Then what? Number of hospitals? Annual Revenue? Number of Professionals? Number of Kidney Trades and Transplantations?

Awaiting an answer.


Pillai said...

Referring to Bombay dosti’s comments let me say one point.

Most of the points in your comment sound good and but one think that MC also raised here “I see that in your posts you have said that our healthcare systems are not good.” I am not sure that is true.”

When you visit Kerala pls visit some tribal areas in palaghat and wynad. You will be shocked to see the “healthcare” do exist over there. They are also malayalees, right? Nobody counts them.”in your true Mumbai language “kyo ki wo log vote bank nahi hain yar”. Wo log apun ka “economically better off” or mallu strata pe ayega bhi nahin. Our kerala health care system is a system existing for rich. It’s a fact!

If you are a poor mallu in kerala and got bitten by a go to a govt hospital in can rest ensure things like falling asbestos, ceilings fall ing from the roof of the hospital on your head. In true malayalm Idivettentavane pambu kadichu annu parayumbole.

“I do wish that women can go out at night as they wish ( they cant do that here, but you can only name one or two cities in India where they can )”

100% literacy can also come with respect to women. Make strict laws to punish the guity. Engane sir? Ankil pinne Nammude mantri marude kochungal thane alle adyam jayilil povuka!

MC said...

@ the common man - there are certain points that i find relevant in comments that i respond to.

the falling employability of a keralite (especially the ones educated in kerala) is quite well-known. i dont have any stats. this is true for several reasons ranging from poor technical knowledge, lack of language capabilities, and ofcourse issues such as loyalty and labor unrest. basically, i think its a result of the stagnant education system that we have and our univs and boards not evolving as they should have.

so you brought in the "parents" to bring out deeper feelings. so whats wrong if the title of the blog makes you more sensitive to the issues discussed here? same effect, although as i said the title has nothing to do with Kerala as such.

i found both your questions irrelevant and hence left them. but since you are persistent: the widget is simply a news on keralas development, isses, and politics, there are no filters on any personalities or characters. the 75% provision of healthcare is an indicator based on the bed strength i think - i picked this up from a meeting which included the minister of health. its not my finding or something that i have crosschecked.

i dont think anyone needs to win in a debate. as long as we bring out relevant facts to the open, its a great service. it may not change the way you or i or anyone reading this behaves immediately, but down the line it will make all of us think about it differently. thats a big step i feel.

@ pillai - i agree that we are really backward when it comes to treating our women. this is such a shame, especially when people gloat so much about the literacy tag.

Unknown said...

Kerala has nothing to boast about. It may gave very skilled doctors & Nurses, but Government lead healthcare system is the worst of it's kind. My friend's mother was recently admitted to Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum; an "APEX HOSPITAL" for a broken hip. The patient had to buy medicines, Intravenous fluids, sutures, bone screws and even bone cement; apart from a huge "hafta" to the doctors & ward staff.The CT scanner was apparently not working(intentionally disrupted by inside technicians); so the techicians were recommending to go to the 5 star Kims hospital for scans!
There were 2 local Hartals in Trivandrum, last week itself; bringing life to a standstill.
These suicidal sadistic attitude of Keralite public is driving the state to the brink of self destruction.
I value the effort taken by MC & Company via their blog site; trying their best to change the Mallu mindset.

Ajith said...

"Falling Employability of keralite" - I do not think such a situation ever arise. Please visit any of the IT/ITES companies in bangalore and check out how many keralites are working there. Yes, I am talking about people who did their studies in kerala. I do agree with the syllabus and content part which needs to be improved and there should be emphasis on developing communication skills.

Health care - I am not commenting on 75%, coz everyone can make mistakes.( I do think thats a mistake.) Regarding wayanad tribals- Please visit a village called 'eliyarpatty' which is 25 Km from madurai, Tamil Nadu. Forget about healthcare they do not even have proper cloths to wear. We are talking about a state which got investment across different sectors. We don't have to climb forest to see people deprived of basic aminities in other states.

Women - pls read the below story

Do you think such an incident will ever happen in kerala.
The rate of atrocities to women and human rights violation is much less in Kerala. No one is worried about the pathetic condition of minorities and dalits in some of the states. Crimes against them are not even registered. So if we compare the actual stats, we would have to shoot every politician and bureaucrat in those states.

Comments section - one thing which grabbed my attention is the way MC missed out Phoenix's name from the trouble makers list. Seema, Layman, and others were actually coming up with some relevant points when phoenix dragged them to a fight. How can u miss that????!!!! May be u ll find this question also irrelevant. But Im really curious.:)

The one who has loved and lost said...


I come from an engineering college which has signed MOU with many leading electronics and IT companies which develop the employability of students studying in this college. One of the famous ones include the "campus connect" program by Infosys which leverage the technical/soft skills of the students.
There are also engineering colleges (including mine) covered under the TEQIP (technical education quality improvement program) for crores of rupees to improve the infrastructure/technical capabilities of those institutions.
And I've spoken just about engineering.

On what basis are you saying
"basically, i think its a result of the stagnant education system that we have and our univs and boards not evolving as they should have."

You say "the falling employability of a keralite (especially the ones educated in kerala) is quite well-known. i dont have any stats"

If you don't have stats why are you accusing the kerala youth of
1) poor technical knowledge,
2)lack of language capabilities, 3) issues such as loyalty and 4) labor unrest

You only need to google five minutes to come to know of the programmes unveiled by the govt. of Kerala/others to increase the employability of the youth.
If that isn't working for you what do you propose should be a solution for this "unemployability crisis"?

(Maybe a little effort to do some research on Indian statistics would be helpful in not coming up with such generalized statements)
For a state which has about 3 percent of the total population of the country (including aged, ailing etc) and yet produces 2.55 percent of the total working population, something should be going right MC.

Even if it's not, instead of blaming the unemployability of malayalees please propose a progressive suggestion (other than changing the mindset of course)

@madhavan - "apart from a huge "hafta" to the doctors & ward staff."

(or you can continue blaming Kerala)


Anonymous said...

A lot of generalisations and sweeping statements, validated by drivers and construction workers, working in dubai(oomph factor, i guess).

Falling employability of Average malayali???? What do you mean by average malayali?? A malayali educated from a malayalam medium school??? Their situation is no different from those from other states.(Tamil medium or kannada medium students struggle, on the whole).

If malayalees move out of kerala due to lack of development and employment oppurtunities,then one would expect Tamilians to stay in Tamilnadu ( they are all over thw world considering both the dravidian parties compete with each other for development) or the gujaratis who stretch themselves from mumbai to coimbatore.(even under modi) and dont even mention the UP and bihar wallahs.Trivandrum runs on the labour of Tamils, starting from construction work to digging the roads. Why do you think they migrate from their state when they see a heck a lot of development???

And development of a state is not a big deal. Infact its the easiest thing to do for a CM. (sad state of life when scum like modi is made out to be a informed progressive an devl. oriented). The only thing you have to do is say yes to all of the industrialist's wishes. Thats it.In one of the seminars in my experimental younger days I had the oppurtunity to meet ashok singhal (yes, the bajrangi).He explained how in 1970's the industrialists in mumbai had bankrolled the BJP and shiv sena trade unions which ultimately killed off the poor and honest communist trade unions. The industrialists made sure that there was a gag order in the print media on the activities of shiv sena hoodlums. And thus they became the darling of Industrialists, by being the yes-men. same with narendra modi, he does everything for the business gangs and there he is, messiah of the great indian industrialisation.What a farce.

And apparently some highly intellectual construction worker has been moaning to one mc, that malaylees are egoists. And mc was kind enough (for sure) to share with us his new found wisdom.If I may differ, I would call it self respect of keralites. May be if yo had seen the paul merton (known for his sharp wit)in india show, you may be party to a foreigners view of India and kerala. If there was one state in India which had his respect, it was kerala. Rest of them were dismissed for being too eccentric or posers.

Our kerala is still God's own country, inspite of some dogs pissing about.

SG Padinjare.

Anonymous said...

a blog with good intentions .first time reader and first time commenter .The exchange between seema phoenix ,layman was classic !!! .thats the actual mallu spirit and it is that spirit which has kept us going ,also the spirit of people like MC and pillai which gives the counter argument and basic decency .
The only thing i need kerala needs to save is its health care system .It is really trailing .And i think the general public also has to step in to help atleast dispensaries in the villages rather than relying on government .Simple things like vigilance of the corruption etc in small dispensaries are needed .

Again keep up the good work .and from now on i have found a blog to read

MC said...

@ layman, anony-padinjare and ajith - please read the post titled "greatly inflated mallu again" again.

the focus of this blog is not to compare ourselves with someone less privileged or less resourceful as Kerala. if you want to continue in that kind of a hole that we have dug for ourselves, please carry on.

if you type "education" in the searchbox here, you will get around 6 articles that specifically discuss issues on education in Kerala. please read them.

its quite obvious even all of you admit occasionally that Kerala has a lot to improve and all is not perfect. good beginning or perhaps a good change.

continue reading :)

Ajith said...

@ MC -
Comparisons are made to prove a point. You have made comparisons to other cities to validate your arguments as well.

AS far as i know, Kerala is still in India. While talking about negativities of government, politicians and bureaucrats you should not forget that they all have indispensable link to the central government on which other states are also a part of. If you say we can't compare it with other states, please tell me whom are you comparing with when you say kerala is lagging behind.

Can you tell me a any country or state in this world which is perfect. Hope you have read about US economic crisis. Dude nothing is perfect in this world. There is always scope for improvement. You tried to highlight negatives with provocative statements. However, its apparent that you do not have the stats the prove your generalised statements.

MC said...

@ ajith - we need to compare ourselves with someone whos better (not necessarily in everything, but the issue at hand) and consider adopting better practices or changes that will solve our own problem. when we compare ourselves to the US for something that they are good at, it doesnt mean that we have to adopt their methods for everything. hope that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I am not from kerala. I must admit I was really shocked to see this blog and comments. I have a lot of friends from Kerala. I can't find anyone who can be labeled as a Hypocrite or a person with ego. Once I happen to stay in a town in kerala. Amazed to see the culture, people,greenary, development, the houses which we can't even find in big cities. Every one is educated here. How can someone call this place Dogs own Country? Kerala is the only place where development has reached even far flung villages, unlike my state where Cities are filled with pubs and villages where people doesnt even have food to eat.


The one who has loved and lost said...

"its quite obvious even all of you admit occasionally that Kerala has a lot to improve and all is not perfect. good beginning or perhaps a good change."

Please read my comments above.. especially in a particular comment where I typed in bold the following.

We (like minded commenters) never say there is no scope for improvement. Of course there is scope for improvement. There is scope for development in heaven too cos they are short of space for lucifer's tribe!

Our problem is when you make generalized statements without anything to support it (except being validated by some people). And worse, your refusal to offer a solution or accept an understanding of the situation.
If something is bad, it's like all malayalees' fault. There are so many factors which trickle into the every day actions of our people. Of course it's a great thought to rise above ourselves and become one of the greatest societies in the modern world. However one needs to be realistic.

And a little more respect for people with opposing views.

"if you type "education" in the searchbox here, you will get around 6 articles that specifically discuss issues on education in Kerala. please read them."

I asked you so many questions and when you answer like that, it sounds like..
"utharam parayaan soukaryamilla.. vene poyi vaayichu nokkada"


Anyways, I still didn't hear from you on what else needs to be done to tackle the falling employability levels of malayalees.

Comparison to someone who's better is good.. but before comparison, we should understand the background/history of that someone.
What works for him may not work for us.

Anonymous said...

i dont know about development and attitude, but mallus are the worst when it comes to misbehaviour, especially with women. 8 out of the 10 worst lechers on brigade road are mallus! you can hear the infamous "aliya" and "charakku" talk from them! dogs!


mathew said...

Few weeks ago I met a few malayalees who are settled abroad for last 25-30 years….They told me instances where many of their friends tried to go back home and establish businesses of their own in the state….and they miserably failed…
1) They were not accustomed to red tapism and infact did not have the “skills” to get things done under the desk…
2) They did not succumb to the bribery system which is ingrained to get any thing done…a license…a sanction…to even a surgery in the hospital..(oh yes there are good folks but they are probably one in a hundred)
3) Given a choice would they set up an establishment if the losses accumulated due to hartals and bandhs are so widely known…(If they have to invest the hartals/bandhs must stop and not the other way around)
Apart from that…why are we still resting on the laurels of polls conducted by news channels or media….yes we might top all these indexes but that doesn’t reflect some realities… I ll give an example…
In media we often say India is a nuclear power and only the 6th nation to posses such capabilites.But what does it literarily translate to the people on ground…Does this make European countries like Sweden...Finland..or asian countries like Singapore..or say Australia, a lesser country…Yes being 6th nation to have such powers is great but that was a position which at least 50-60 countries around the world was capable of achieving…The point is we are not making sense just shouting that we are first in each list…
And yes…I agree that some people have gone to gulf in lure of money….and I don’t think he has to be ashamed of that after all he is paying the price for that by toiling in a foreign land…Just that he had to go there for lack of opportunities in his own state …No one needs to pretend that this money which translates into better life for his family is some kind of “dirt money”..
And I believe when this blog talks about a saved Kerala I feel it definitely brings out the areas we are lacking and creating awareness about avoidable malayalee traits for the greater good of the state and its people….I don’t understand why we have to cry foul just because it highlights such drawbacks…Probably this blog is read by many who are not realizing what we lack…
And Kerala being a small state or densely populated is no excuse for industries not being set up…When people talk about industries it doesn’t necessarily mean coal factories or iron ore mills….A lot of industrialized countries(Switzerland/Taiwan) comparable in size with Kerala have world famous industries…

And yes if it’s obligatory to say something good about the state and if it provides an alibi to say something not so bright in the future ...yes…the port at vizhinjam and technocity is a welcome sign…and I hope that brings about positive change….But I still believe that’s not enough for the state…
Just imagine in case the gulf money is drying up…or the economic crisis results in the malayalee diaspora coming back…a very possible scenario….its not them who would really suffer...coz most of them would have a decent bank balance to survive else where…what about the common malayalee back home….damn this word is clichéd!!

The one who has loved and lost said...


"And yes…I agree that some people have gone to gulf in lure of money….and I don’t think he has to be ashamed of that after all he is paying the price for that by toiling in a foreign land…Just that he had to go there for lack of opportunities in his own state …No one needs to pretend that this money which translates into better life for his family is some kind of “dirt money”.."

The author here said that people go to gulf "purely" because of lack of opportunities in the state. And it was in reply to this that me (and some others) said that it is not all purely due to lack of opportnities. It is also because people wanted to make more money. For example; people who were doing well in business here closing down and moving to Dubai. Now we are not trying to call it dirt money but just trying to say, all people don't go to gulf cos they are deprived here.

Having said that, I agree to your points 1,2 and 3. My only response is probably we can do something on our parts to stop that.
Probably you can encourage your friends to counter attack this phenomenon as in have they really gone to forums that addresses these issues and left no stone unturned? If all those have been tried then we need to think of new ways (which again can be discussed here).
Some people just complain. Dhirubai Ambani created Reliance despite the system and its ways. One of my friend's dad owns Jomer properties (google) and they came up in the last decade or so.

So examples are plenty; of people who have done it despite the system.

MC talked about falling employability levels. I gave some links which showed how government and more importantly people/organizations are coming up with ways to tackle these issues. What else can be done?

Madhavan mentioned corruption. Again there is so much we can do than just blog. Some of these anti - corruption teams really pay attention. Above that, if there is something we can do even that can be discussed here.

"yes…the port at vizhinjam and technocity is a welcome sign…and I hope that brings about positive change….But I still believe that’s not enough for the state…
Just imagine in case the gulf money is drying up…or the economic crisis results in the malayalee diaspora coming back…a very possible scenario…."

I think it's pretty far fetched to think the complete diaspora would return to Kerala at once. If such a situation indeed arises, it would affect every state and country just like it would affect Kerala. It would be a global phenomenon. But having said that it would be great if we can foresee such a situation and create sufficient opportunities here.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the statistic correctly, around 70 to 80% malayalees going to gulf are going there to make a decent life for himself and his family in kerala.

Most of them are working in the jobs that doesn’t require MBBS, Btech and MBA.

The people who working on this category are the majority malayalees in Gulf. Others constitute the remaining people layman pointed out.

Also one thing we must remember here is that all the above category is going there through Agents by paying him a huge money for Visa. This is in most of the cases by taking money from “Blade” agencies or Banks in exchange of his own house in Kerala.

By reaching there they will come to know the job they got is totally opposite of the Agent promised him in India. Now he had no other option but to continue the job he landed up.

From this category very few could be able to go up the ladder later on in job . Some lucky will be able migrate to European countries or Australia and Canada. This is a flow that the “Pravasi Malayalees” going through.

As Mathew pointed out their could be a situation that these people will be forced to come back like what happened in Gulf war kind of situation. Kerala government can’t tackle that situation. Even Kerala made a revolution in industries also it is quite impossible to accept all the pravasi malayalees here and find jobs for all of them.

So if a situation arises like that we can hope and pray that the problem in that country will be settled soon and those people can go back there.

So the picture is clear. Gulf is the nearest destination to look for a job for the average malayalee to meet the necessary financial problems he and his family face compared to taking a job in Kerala and other Indian states.That is why malayalees in gulf do jobs there that they do not want to do in Kerala.

Anonymous said...

@ Mathew

“skills” to get things done under the desk -
If they do not have that skill they
ll not be able to set up anything in this country. Its a well known fact that Big Industries are backed by Political parties. (Reliance and Amar singh). It is not a new phenomenon which is happening only in Kerala.

This blog "brings out the areas we are lacking and creating awareness about avoidable malayalee traits for the greater good of the state and its people" - definitely not by comments like, Inflated mallu ego and mallu hypocrite :)

I am not sure how people have classified India as 6th in nuclear powerhouse list. May be because many countries are not ready to reveal what is in their nuclear store. But Kerala's position in human development index is backed with stats. Not much scope for debate on the methodology and attributes of the survey .

"And yes if it’s obligatory to say something good about the state" - LOL :) no need mate. You don't have to say anything. :)

Annemarie said...

Well said Mathew! That just sums the situation Kerala is in!

Anonymous said...

When a gulf war like situation or recession comes up, returning Malayalees will flock to the other Indian metros for jobs and situations like whats happening in Mumbai is bound to happen when there is pressure for jobs. People will give priority to their own people for jobs. There is no scope for industrial growth in Kerala. Where will the Malayalee go then? The Technoparks in Kerala have special protection to function. Without such protection they would have closed shop by now! Kerala has to start preparing for a time when Malayalees will not be the only talent pool of India. Other states are catching up and we will soon have competing talent pools in this country itself!

We are taking ourselves for granted and our arrogance at our employability will do us in soon.

mathew said...

Three years ago if anyone said recession in US was imminent, it would have been brushed aside as far fetched...And the scenario I mentioned in quite possible for which we don’t have any contingency plan as of now..

When I mentioned “skills” to get things done under the desk ...It encompasses all transactions which happen back home...not just with industries...and moreover forget about reliance...even starting a small chaaya kada needs muscle power and influence..

Inflated mallu ego and mallu hypocrite …I think MC is not mincing words or trying to tone down his observations to make it acceptable for readers...well hard truths have to be told like that sometimes…not like a centershock chewing gum where you have to present facts in a candy coating…The way the points are presented seems to be the crux of the

Btw just to quote an example of failing unemployability:-

I studied in one of the well known engineering colleges back home...
For e.g.…in mechanical engineering lab most of the machines are probably 30 years old and the curriculum far outdated...maybe it was in sync with time 20 years ago but not now...and I guess the obvious argument that might come up is that most folks did get a job inspite of it…coz our market was taking in them in a bludgeoning IT industry. Many of the new era colleges outside the state have state of the art facilities and collaboration with reputable colleges abroad…how many of ours can claim that?

Malayalees are losing the first mover advantage in Middle East now…For the past two years there are more people from Tamil Nadu and other states immigrating to those regions than malayalees…Does it ring a bell that there is nothing like superior malayalee employability?

Anonymous said...

Entire Malyalees diaspora coming back to kerala - That would be extremely difficult situation to handle for sure. But dear 'doomsayers', in that case the situation in the rest of the world should be even worse than your 'dogs own country'. or is that a time when the rest of the world will be filled with dogs :)


Anonymous said...

@ Mathew -

Well My parents and relatives are definitely not hypocrites and egoistic. That is why I responded. I am not sure about others :) Now I understood one thing to prove a point people can stoop to such low levels that they abuse their land and people blindly, completely forgetting his/her's parents also have a tag "mallu/kerala" if not them.

Kudumbathil pirannavarkku kelkkumbo ithiri vishamam thonnum.

"Malayalees are losing the first mover advantage in Middle East now…For the past two years there are more people from Tamil Nadu and other states immigrating to those regions than malayalees…" - sweeping statement again. Where did you get those stats from mate??? From Common Man's Dictionary - another "forest closed fire". :)

Anonymous said...

Surprised to see such "wild predictions". If people couldn't foresee US economic recession, doesn't mean that every Tom Dick and Harry could make such ridiculous predictions with no base or stats .

If thts the case let me make one. " NRK 'savers' will become union leaders in their respective companies once they get pink slips" :)


MC said...

@ pillai and ravi - great to see the similar lines of thought, and its refreshing to see at least some people really see the point of the posts, and not sidetrack the discussion.

@ mathew - excellent points. i am glad you can explain things better in your comments than i do in my posts.

@ anonymous/ common man - not only our parents, we are also malayalis. and its up to us to change the way we are and our mindset.

the fact that we feel strongly about our state is a good thing. but your statement about kudumbam and all is trashy and uncalled for. this is how most of the mallus on the street react when someone questions their behavior.

if you feel so strongly about our state, then you should feel as much about our shortcomings and flaws.

The one who has loved and lost said...


Iceland was a country (having about the same population as Kerala) which had one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. It was also rated as the best country to live in, by UN.

And today Iceland is on the verge of bankruptcy. It's people watch helplessly as their economy crumbles.

Now this would qualify as a great example to show how the worst can happen to anyone. It would also be a great example to show how contingency plans might not necessarily work. Now, in hindsight bias, we can say that they could have done more than depending on their outsized banking sector. Problem is when the going is good for someone, everyone looks up at them and say "follow them".. when the going is bad we say .." they shouldn't have done this".

Now considering a scenario where the entire malayalee diaspora (not limited to the gulf) comes back due to recession, war etc.
What could we possibly do to accomodate and employ such a vast diaspora? Setting up specific skill related industries, IT parks etc would not help as the skill level of each individual vaires.

So it's my belief that when such a situation arises millions of people might have to sit jobless. Also the movement of such a vast amount of population at once, would create havoc in the countries from where these people moved out.

I really don't have any expertise in this subject though. I really wish some of the educated ones out there reading this (but disheartened by our senseless word fights) would be kind enough to tell us their expert comments on such situations. Is it possible to plan for such situations? If yes how? And to be specific how in Kerala?

About employability.
The question wasn't about the superiority of mallus in employability. Rather the falling levels of employability among mallus. And I mentioned how our society is trying to tackle this issue. What else could we possibly do man?

And about the engineering college example. You are correct. Most colleges have outdated equipment. But believe me the better ones are moving forward with the help of TEQIP, collaboration with foreign universities etc.
What is more important is most of these engineering colleges have 3 branches. Electronics, computers and IT. The equipment needed for these courses are pretty limited.
Mostly government colleges deal with the classic streams of civil and mechanical. And here, I'll take your example at face value. Yes, we need to update ourseleves a lot to stay in touch with the latest. Probably as an alumni you can do something. Not sure though, as governement processes are more impeding than supporting.

"Malayalees are losing the first mover advantage in Middle East now…For the past two years there are more people from Tamil Nadu and other states immigrating to those regions than malayalees…Does it ring a bell that there is nothing like superior malayalee employability?

"Malayalees are losing the first mover advantage in Middle East now…For the past two years there are more people from Tamil Nadu and other states immigrating to those regions than malayalees…Does it ring a bell that there is nothing like superior malayalee employability?"

Movement to gulf was a major event in the 80's and 90's due to the huge unemployment problem that our state faced.
Jobless youths moved to gulf and elsewhere is search of a better future. Today India and even Kerala has umpteen IT parks and jobs. They are high paying jobs and are closer to God's own country. And hence the lure of gulf has reduced at least among the youth. Now the American/gulf dream is more about making more money/better life style than jobs themselves.

just my opinion. To sum up
1) Is it possible to plan for such dire situations? If yes how? And to be specific; how in Kerala?

2) What else could we possibly do regarding the falling employability if it indeed is a problem?

MC said...

@ skp and other anonymouses - dont know if you were trying to be tom, harry or dick with those last few comments..but this is not about NRKs and Keralites. talking this way has all the makings of a great politician in Kerala since you have what it takes - great skill to divide people and also either sidetrack issues or talk about irrelevant things. no wonder you dont want to see any change in Kerala.

Anonymous said...


You have again emphasised that people who think in ur lines, have got 'great points' and are extremely good in 'analysing facts', while you completely ridiculed comments of people who opposed. You have found some points funny also. You feel that people who oppose are uncivilised idiots who talks like street fighters. Dude, we are well aware about ur double standards after u easily skipped Phoenix's name.

When u make provocative statements u should expect to get some similar statements back. There is no point being a cry baby when people react to ur blog "Dogs Own Country" :)

Regarding 'Kudumbam' , I would like to quote mathew's statemet as answer - "well hard truths have to be told like that sometimes…not like a centershock chewing gum where you have to present facts in a candy coating…" :)

Annemarie said...

"Kudumbathil pirannavarkku kelkkumbo ithiri vishamam thonnum."

This is a tired old cliche! And we all know that cliches are an attempt to obscure, an act at hiding. If you are not an authority in a subject, a cliche is a way out. I am sure most of the commenters here can recite half a dozen of these. But they don't need the crutch because they are capable of startling insights like Mathew and MC unlike the approximations being churned out by the some of the people here!

Anonymous said...


If you think Mathew and MC are the only people who has 'authority in a subject', ask them to come up with stats rather than making generalised statements.

Please see Bombay dosti's and Layman's comments.


Annemarie said...

To sum up

1) Is it possible to plan for such dire situations? If yes how? And to be specific; how in Kerala?

2) What else could we possibly do regarding the falling employability if it indeed is a problem?

And that is exactly what MC was trying to say in the first place and commenters here were trying to figure out when the discussions got side tracked into irrelevant matters! I am glad it is back on track though I wish it did not have to take 102 comments!!!

mathew said...

Read last paragraph in

Some of the studies conducted in Kerala show that unemployment is the main reason for
emigration from the state (Gulati, 1993; Nair, 1986). Zachariah and his colleagues (2001)
attribute demographic expansion, agricultural stagnation, educational expansion, and lack of
growth in secondary and tertiary sectors as the main reasons for outmigration from Kerala.

Also read
Page 30 table 4, Statement showing Number of job seekers on live record of employment exchange 2004

Kerala: (3752 thousand)….compare this with other states having higher population like Karnataka (1568 thousand)

I guess this would give the indication why people in Kerala have to travel to Middle East.

And read

Kerala accounted for the largest number of emigration in 2005 with 1,25,075 workers migrating for jobs followed by Tamilnadu with 1,17,050 workers in the same year. Karnataka was far behind them with over 75,000 workers migrating for jobs outside the country. Punjab, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and UP are the states accounting for more than 20,000 workers migrating for jobs.
Quote: “Out of the 4.74 lakhs who emigrated for jobs in 2004, the highest number of 1.08 lakhs was from Tamil Nadu. The number of migrants from Tamil Nadu was nearly 19,500 more than that in 2003.”

Please note that this survey is in 2003 and I guess you wouldn’t have guessed that Tamil migration was quite high as well…And when I mentioned increasing migration of other state workers I got to know it from an employee who is working in a senior position at Dubai airport for more than 20 years. I believe his is seeing the flow up close and sadly he is not yet employed in the airport immigration statistics department to come up with actual figures. And the government doesn’t bring up with actual statistics every year and as I mentioned in my comment before the increase in population of workers from other states just shows that a malayalee worker is not above the rest in terms of employability.

Below report is from CDS and available in the World Bank directory.,25,Labour Market Issues

This survey specifically mentions the reason for migration to gulf as lack of employment opportunities in the state and unemployment rate of degree holders who are unemployed in roughly 40 %( 2004 figures). And when I say it doesn’t make sense not to rest on laurels of IT parks is coz there are roughly 20 lakh malayalees in middle east and a technopark or infopark is not the solution!! A much more diversified field of industries is required to alleviate that…and that requires people to accept that these are facts in the first place…

MC said...

@ phoenix - lol..that was funny. but what you said is true. its almost like asking us to rewrite all the posts and comments..and this is post number 116 on this blog.

@ mathew - excellent work..i am really impressed and admire you for spending time in digging up these stats.

but i dont think we really needed stats and numbers to prove these things. its so obvious. and when some of our commentors asked for these stats, i was sure it was just merely for the sake of sidetracking. but now that its out there, i hope we have more supporters and more people accepting that we have a common agenda.

MC said...

@ mathew - really, i was going through those numbers once again. kudos to you for the research. thank you on behalf of all of us.

Anonymous said...

Percentage of registered candidates in employment exchange, is not the ultimate measure of unemployed youth. There are lakhs of people in other states who doesn't even know what an employment exchange is!!!

This shows that a very high number of people who are qualified and they are accepted in other countries because they are educated,hardworking and cultured. We should not forget the fact that the state has facilitated basic education for all sections of people (I am not talking about Btech and MBA alone).

DO we have a stat for Tamilians who migrate to kerala for low skilled manual jobs. :)very difficult to get mate coz they do not register anywhere.!!!! and these are people from the state which boasts about the highest rate of foreign investment.

The stats which mathew provided has nothing new. Its a known fact that we are the the highest in terms of migration. Its because we are always open to opportunities anywhere in the world. (even in Moon)

If Tata comes with Nano to kerala come to any of the 'crusaders' town or city, how many of you will accept the money and move out of your houses for Kerala's developement? People its very easy to TALK....

MC said...

@ anonymous - i think its time you dug up your own stats since you are the only one who needs convincing. i am sure if someone got you the numbers you wanted, you would come back as another anonymous and ask some other stats.

if tata came to setup the nano unit in kerala (distant dream!), and if the government wanted, i am sure there is enough land available to accommodate them.

i wonder if the commies will be ready to give up the 30 acres they built their amusement park on for such industries..perhaps not..the unemployed need amusement more than work.

you are right that keralites are ready to take up opportunity anywhere in the world, moon included! thats exactly the damn point - there are no opportunities in kerala!

The one who has loved and lost said...

Mathew - admirable effort!
(unlike MC who says "and when some of our commentors asked for these stats, i was sure it was just merely for the sake of sidetracking". Sad that he does not realize; when you accuse someone you should have something substantial to validate your claims)

Your links were very good. However the way you interpreted seems to suit your claims by giving partial information and not reading the final results.

"Kerala accounted for the largest number of emigration in 2005 with 1,25,075 workers migrating for jobs followed by Tamilnadu with 1,17,050 workers in the same year."
You used this example to prove that people are jobless in Kerala.
And then,
"Quote: “Out of the 4.74 lakhs who emigrated for jobs in 2004, the highest number of 1.08 lakhs was from Tamil Nadu. The number of migrants from Tamil Nadu was nearly 19,500 more than that in 2003.”"
you used this example to say employability of Tamil nadu workers are increasing

So according to your reasoning,
"Kerala accounted for the largest number of emigration in 2005 with 1,25,075 workers "
the above statement would simply mean that Kerala had the highest number of employable people in India in 2005 (which is why they get emmigration clearance)? :D

Statistics and numbers can be interpreted in many ways. For example I can say Kerala has the highest number of people registered in the employment exchange because Kerala's literacy rate is high and people are generally more aware of basic government initiatives compared to other larger states.

And one of the other reasons for decreasing emmigration; specifically to middle east countries; is that nationals from those countries are now committed to training individuals from their own countries, for all levels of employment, unlike before, when their standard and level of education was much lower compared to other countries.

(eg; )

And the CDS presentation link you gave had stats based on 2003 - 2004.
(and it kind of suited your claims).


It says,
"According to K.C. Zacharia and S. Irudaya Rajan, both economists at the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) at Thiruvananthapuram, unemployment in Kerala has declined from 19.1% in 2002-03 to 9.4% in 2006-07.
In absolute terms, they add, the state has generated 560,000 new jobs in four years." :D

(btw MC, please note I'm also presenting statistics)

Another link:

We can go on and on researching and providing opposing statistics and numbers. Honestly, I'm not interested in that. What pains me is you guys are hell bent on proving the numbers are against Kerala. Fine. You want to get the point into our thick headed skulls.
But then you avoided my questions (in which I considered MC's comments to be true)

1) Is it possible to plan for such dire situations? If yes how? And to be specific; how in Kerala?

2) What else could we possibly do regarding the falling employability if it indeed is a problem?
No one answered these. Including MC who was busy congratulating unwanted elements.

@MC - In response to your comment to anonymous. I am presenting the facts. Please read.

Anonymous said...

@MC - Iam not the only one who is not convinced. There are a lot of people who left the blog as they realised that there is absolutely no point.

Stats which shows the immigration numbers has nothing to prove. Its a known fact. Why do u think tamils and kanndigas move out. Is it because there is no 'damn oppertunity' in their states.

Dude our investment is not in Industries, its in people, mate.

Literacy is our state's chief asset.

You didnt answer my question, are u ready to sacrifice your house with the paltry sum from tatas? You will not coz u r not a stupid farmer. Hope u got the answer for the question "why industries are difficult to set up in Kerala." Preaching is very easy mate. anyone can do it. Its free as well. but dont expect everyone to buy that.

Anonymous said...

"Kerala the tiny state in the southwest corner of the Indian sub continent was very little known outside India even a decade ago. But the state began to draw the attention of researchers from all over the world when the so-called ‘Kerala Model of development’ became a part of the broad global debate about the ideal pattern of development in the ‘third world’. If the process of development is to be assessed ultimately in terms of what it does to its people, Kerala has every reason to be euphoric. Experience shows that there is no direct correspondence between the economic growth of a nation and the quality of life of its people. Countries and regions with high levels of economic growth are not necessarily those with high levels of social attainment. On the other hand countries and regions with low economic profile may turn out to be providers of better and equitable social gains/opportunities to its people. Kerala provides the best example of the latter. The development experience of the state of Kerala powerfully picturises how even economically poor states could transform the lives of its people and attain high levels of social development. This tiny state with a per capita income of one sixtieth of that of the United States of America has achieved very high levels of social development, mainly in terms of health and education, which compare favourably with that of the U.S averages.
In attempting to document the reasons behind the success of the Kerala model, researchers have drawn attention to the state’s history of progressive redistribution measures like land reforms, and a wide network of the public distribution system (Franke and Chassin, 1995). Beyond the redistribution aspects, many researchers find comfort in attributing Kerala’s development to historical factors, the welfare oriented policies of the state government especially with regard to education and a generous minimum wage, and the role of a socially engaged population (See, Kapur, 1998 for a summary). Critics of the model on the other hand highlight the paradoxes of social development without economic growth that the Kerala experience has become synonymous with (Tharamangalam, 2003). Despite the plethora of literature on the sustainability or the lack thereof in the Kerala story, very few studies have chosen to highlight the accomplishments of women in the human/social development of the state. It is the purpose of this paper to bridge this caveat by explicitly examining the role and agency of women in Kerala’s successes with social growth and through that to their empowerment.

Wake up big guys, some thing gud about kerala. Ask me for stats and data. I have loads.


mathew said...

"Percentage of registered candidates in employment exchange, is not the ultimate measure of unemployed youth"

yeah quite a possibility..I should have searched in survey reports by NASA for extra terrestrial life ..probably there...hmm..

Anonymous said...

@ Layman - i know MC will not appreciate ur comments. So I am doing it. Well done!!! Little motivation for u bro, just to ensure that u r not alone.

LOL at unwanted elements....:)

Anonymous said...

@ MC

Can u post my previous comment with links as well. I hope u missed it in mistake.

Thanks in advance

MC said...

@ layman - the stats simply mean that there are no (or not enough if you prefer) opportunities in kerala.

@ skp - thank you, but we also know to use google.

@ anonymous - there are processes such as planning and zone regulations for these things. industries dont just pop up in residential zones? the government identifies land for industries based on some plan and feasibility. but technically, if the government identified my land for a road widening (for example) obviously i have to consent.

@ mathew - like i said, the intention of some of these folks (coming in as different anonymouses and avatars) is not debate or understanding of the situation, but just sidetracking and ruining the healthy debate. so it really doesnt matter what we come up with, they will have their say. so let them. i am sure there is enough other audience who is reading what we write and people who will be open enough for thinking on their own. thats true literacy. not the 100% that we gloat about on record.

MC said...

@ anonymous - which one? are you the one that keeps popping up as SKP in between? i deleted that since they were just links that are anyway available if you google. we are not looking at additional reading material, but if you have read stuff and have something constructive to say, you are welcome.

Anonymous said...

Yeah u google with filters which filter gud things abt kerala:)

Those links were really nasty right ?(in ur eyes). those were were from people who has in depth knowledge about economy and development. If you dont want to share with others, thats fine. May be u can read it when u get some free time :)

Anonymous said...

@MC comeon MC - there are people who have pasted links here before. Pls post that . Not sure whether I have written SKP at the end. its the continuation of my previous comments.....As lot of anonymouses are here I started to put SKP at the end.


MC said...

@ anonymous/ skp - i appreciate that you may have posted great links..i checked a few.they are just websites about kerala model and stuff. we all have read these and know disputes. but what we are trying to identify here are issues beyond those and the reasons why we are stagnating. so please avoid just placing links.

i think we will close comments here as soon as the next post is in, which i guess will be soon.

thank you all.

confucius said...

Well said....My father went through the same situation. He worked for 25 yrs in gulf and didnt make anything for himself...this post brings back a lot of memories

Anonymous said...

Yes very true, Kerala's feudalistic families the Brother-in-laws and in-laws have uppper hand they will be farmers or doing small business back home.. because of only reason that our sister are with them, we give more money, materials etc to them. and if it is little lesser or if they feel that you are "filthy rich" as per Kerala standard, then the jealousy and fight starts, and again if some problem with our loved ones back home because of politicial and religious situations, then this in-laws will ran away.. Podipollumilla kandupidikkaan" and this in-laws also will boast that he knows everything in this world. sometimes he acts as an advocate like he knows all the laws, sometimes he acts as a doctor reading medical journals... Pavam NRI's....

And suppose your own mother or father is hospitalised your own siblings will be against you and along with this "feudal" in law they put blame on you and fight against you.. Beware Keralite NRI's never send money just like that to your siblings... only to your parents you can help in whatever ways.. YOU CREATE AND SAVE YOUR WEALTH FOR YOURSELF AND TO YOUR FAMILY.. not to Your family back home....

recently one of my parent passed away the so called in-law called for each treatment and after using all the bad words while in hospital he reimbursed lakhs of rupees as medical expense.. NRI is again start from ground level.. so BEWARE. NEVER LOVE YOUR FAMILY BEYOND LIMITS!

A anubhavasthan!

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