Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kerala This Week 2006, 2

The Kerala State Industries Development Corporation has offered to assist all the 140 MLAs in Kerala, who were sworn in today, to help them set an Industrial Park "in their backyard". It was meant to help the "public servants" develop their own constituencies, but there are already rumours of the faithful elected leaders taking it very literally and wanting to make the parks their own backyard.

Meanwhile taking a cue from the Madhya Pradesh government, where Babulal Gaur's BJP government wanted to sell cow's urine (gomutra) with milk in co-operative dairy milk booths, our leaders are said to be concentrating on how the state's natural resources can be put to better use. As revealed by one of the leaders, the only natural resource we have that our leaders can identify with, is our unemployed youth and the future of these youth in Kerala lies in politics. But the Greater Urine Project is on the backburner, along with Smart City, after someone warned them that terrorists had found a means of innovative communication - by penning their letters in urine, which works as invisible ink.

Speaking of Morarji, I mean.. err..whatever..last weeks headline read: "Who said 83 is not an age for change?" Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan who used to oppose everything his predecessor Oommen Chandy (now opposition leader) did, appears to have been born-again. Seen as an opponent of IT, as it neglected farmers and labourers, Achu seems to be going all out to attract investors and has already met with IT majors like Infy and USTech. He assured a commitment to create 5,000 IT jobs in one year. His son, supposedly a MCA graduate and an "avid" entrepreneur himself, looked on with enthusiasm and anticipation. Achu seems to be very anxious to get rid of the "anti-development" tag on his back, and it is working well for the state. So far, So good. Everybody is wooing everybody these days!

Kerala’s rubber farmers meanwhile celebrated, with the price of one kilogram of rubber crossing the Rs 100 mark for the first time, while tea prices also seem to be skyrocketing. The rain Gods also seem to be generous this year, with monsoon arriving a week earlier than the IMD predictions. But with the lightning and thunder, not only are we losing television sets and computers, the KSEB seems to be "tripping" in jeopardy. Last night, after incessant mosquito bites, I called up the KSEB control room at 1am to report loss of power and I was surprised when I was greeted with a "namaskaram" instead of the usual "ahh??" or " nggeehh??"

Entertainment in Kerala remained to be focussed on its usual sources. More soft-porn hits have been released and the previous box-office hits continued to rake in the moolahs. I also managed to glimpse upon a "hit" program on TV called "swarnamazha", which was quite nauseating to say the least. The anchor Urvashi, an actor, who reportedly gained weight specially for this role, seemed to be well anchored,with gold jutting out of all possible locations and soldering her to the ground. Gold rain after all.

There is also a protest brewing as "gastronomic delights" from Trivandrum city's first Italian restaurant, Casa Bianca, run "allegedly" by an Italian lady, has affected the sales of exclusive and original Italian food served by the likes of Ambalapattu Rest-or-rant and Hotel Vasantham. "Italian running the country and now an Italian ruining our Italian!" the protestors cried!


silverine said...

I would love to savor the 'authentic' Italian fare of Ambalapattu Rest-or-rant and Hotel Vasantham.I am sure it is more authentic than the most authentic Italian fare LOL

Even Puttanna served very authentic 'Italian pizza' :))

Mind Curry said...

@ silverine - lol..ofcourse..nothing to beat the spa-gatty from ambalapattu or the peesa from vasantham :)

its time for puttanna to open a branch in kerala then.

Jiby said... must be atleast 15 years since i went there...remember that as kids when my mom went to her native place being the closest "hotel" thats where dad wud take us!!!

VS is a smart aleck...i wonder ife ppl who voted for him from the lower classes have now begun to feel cheated???

Rubber is booming...i am considering that as an alternate career...u shud see the swanky cars that are back on the roads in central kerala...goin to church on sunday is like goin to an auto show...its funny when recession strikes the old Mahindra Jeeps are back in circulation in idukki and these gaudy cars disappear!!!

silverine said...

spa-gatty from ambalapattu and the peesa from vasantham
Mama Mia er...or is it Aiyyo!? Will the waiters in Casa Bianca have to speak mallu and wear mundu too? And what about wine, will it be kallu in wine bottles? I am looking forward to Kappa Bolognaise and Chakka Rissotto:|

p.s. I have just convinced Puttanna to run the MLA canteen. Now we can rest assured as the babu's will run the govt while the MLA's chill out in the loo!!


Vinod/Kakka said...


I have to take issue about the comment about "the lower classes". The general assumption is that people who are educationally and/or economically backward depend on the government and yearn for a socialistic administration.
The issue that I have with this is that it is not them who get affected by government policy in a good way. Government spending and planning tend to support beurocrats and people near power than "the lower classes".
Think of it: "The lower class" has no reason to like government. Almost all interactions that it has with the government, in dingy, dirty, primary schools, governemnt hospitals and in various offices, they are treated like dirt. And since the GoK runs mostly on sales tax on everything, they support this infrastructure as anybody else.
They get the least "moneys worth".

sinu said...

interesting reading

Mind Curry said...

@ jiby - lol..i didnt think anyone would identify the "hotel".

well its not just one section of the people of kerala, politicians have a knack of fooling the people and the people love to be the donkey. pothujanam kazhutha wasnt coined for nothing.

i have heard lots about the central kerala auto show :)

@ silverine - Mama Mia er...or is it Aiyyo!?
lol..couldnt stop laughing..i think "ammay" will be a good compromise.

kappa bolognaise!! hahaaaa..thats the best!

@ vinod - i think we have discussed this at length. no matter which government comes the only way forward is to create employment. wealth has to be created somewhere before it can be used.

the commies always play populist cards and oppose development by creating a sense that any development will only help the "rich".

now that they have won, i am sure they realise the fact too. if they are sensible, it wont be long before the LDF government implements the projects the UDF government began - the same ones they opposed and shot down while in opposition.

the people of kerala too miss the point for some reason. they never think of the future, they just want short term gains, whether it is expressway, smartcity, medical colleges, IITs or anything else.

but nonetheless, hope is something i never like to lose.

@ sinu - thank you.

Babin said...

Mindcurry, These weekly round ups are a good idea.. Sorry I couldn't comment earlier. I was in a voluntary black out from the blog O world bcs of my final exams,graduation and all..

Adipoli.. So, this weeks hero: Rubber!aasan Century Adichallo!! Tea is batting well too.. The question is will they rescue Kerala Farmers XI from the top order batting collapse( which is typical of the team recently).

As of the latest over, the score board looks like this:

Kerala Farmers XI

BatsMan Run

1 Black Pepper 0 Clean bowled by Fat Supply
2) Coconut 10 Caught by Tamilnadu farmers on Mandari's ball
3) Rice 0 clean bowled in the first ball itself by demanding workers.
4) Rubber 108 Not Out!
5)Cashew Nut 20 Stumped by Mr. Puzhu, Bowler Mr. Rain as usual
6) Ealakka 6 LBW by Fat Supply.. (though it was a wrong call by the Umpire Mr. Badie Weatherie)
7) Pineapple 21 Run out (misunderstanding with Rubber while running btw the wicket)
8) Banana 7 Eaten by hungry Partner -Rubber
9)Kappa 9 Accidently eaten by Mr. Rat while attempting to make a diving catch w/ his mouth open
10) Tea 35 Not Out
11)Chakka Last Man Annachi bowlers are known to have a soft corner on chakka:) so, don't count out him out.
Toatal Kerala
Runs :216 Wickets: 9. overs: 45.
Kerala farmers enemies XI: 265
Target to Win:266
Will we make it ????

silverine said...

@babin: That was awesome!!!

Shinu Mathew said...

Sorry but with this, you have brought the DOC to a standstill. IT was a great platform, for which I too, waged some battles somewhere. but All i see is, a serialized (taking a leaf from our channels?) news items. If you keep doing this, all the other (Lazy?) members will sit back and write nothing. DOC will stoop to become a weekly news capsule. Didn't you see how many worthy discussions were on for the last two posts? Some aye aye from regulars and some laughing. nothing else. Is this how you plan to change our state? I used to relate DOC with the intense intellectual debates and fierce comments. Not anymore.
Sorry to say this but you disappoint me. I have nothing else to say. If this capsule is alongwith other regular posts, I don't have any objection. But if this is the only thing you have to offer, what can I say. In now way I am trying to tell you how to run your site. I was just pointing the deterioration. Please don't take any objection. If I cause any hurt, sorry for that.

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