Monday, February 27, 2006

Poll Update

We have barely 30 days left for the Blog-o-poll to end, and its time to take a look at what is happening.

Ommen Chandy is leading by a whopping 59% of the votes over his nearest rival Achumama who has 10% of the votes. Sadly, we are not even sure if Achuthanandan will be the CM if at all LDF comes to power.

Party-wise, UDF is leading with 59% of the votes, single-handedly under the leadership of OC, as compared to 17% of LDF and 4% of BJP.

Heartening fact is that so far nobody has voted for any DICK heads.

Disturbing fact though, is that 7% people said they Wont Vote, and another 4% did not have a voter ID. Thats 11% together, which kind of reflects the mindset of the people during an actual poll. Unless we reduce this as much as possible, things in Kerala will be remain the same.

So if you have not voted yet, do so, right now.

P.S - in case anyone was wondering, 2 people were disqualified and their IP's banned for trying to vote twice. The banned persons demanded the resignation of the CM and observed a hartal in Kerala in protest of the brutal action of the police and injustice shown to them. They called the action a curb on their democratic freedom.

Also, there were minor incidents of skirmishes and verbal abuse at the poll station. Police is maintaining a strict vigil to ensure a peaceful poll process.


silverine said...

I feel like shouting "inqalab zindabad' for banning my IP but since I am out on bail I will have to behave myself I guess, besides my valuable services are needed for booth capturing :))

This is great news indeed that OC (!) is leading. Wish this was the real poll though :(

Babin said...

haha.. good ones mind curry and silverine.

No one has submitted pettion for a recount yet?

Mind Curry said...

@ silverine - considering your meritorious service and talent in capturing booths and people, we have enabled your IP again for active fouling. go play!

i know..the cross section this poll is testing will not be the same as that during the real elections.still..

@ babin - thanks buddy. am glad you are a part of this too.

no petitions yet for recount - only on april 1st.

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