Saturday, January 28, 2006

Vote Now!

We have just launched a Blog-O-Poll to decide the Blogger's choice award for the best Kerala Chief Ministership!!.
Kerala is going to polls to elect its next Chief Minister and Assembly in May 2006.
Vote and make yourself be heard!!
Everyone's invited!
We have made a few rules:
1. Only one vote per person (just like the official polls, we do not have a good mechanism to monitor this..blame these days of delible ink and fake ID cards!)
2. Votes shall be strictly confidential and you are not required to post a comment about who you are or who you voted for, but leaving a comment is not such a bad idea after all.
3. Any misuse of the system, will invite your IP being banned from this poll/ blog as the case may warrant.
4. If there are any incidents of violence, blog-capturing, prevention of voters from casting the vote, stealing ballot papers, beating up officials or such, kindly report to the blog officials.
5. As a tribute to the people of Kerala who have had to suffer under various political buffoons thus far, we shall publish the official results on April 1st, 2006.
Until then the poll is open for voting.
(If you are looking for the polling booth, its on the right side of this page)


silverine said...

Well... I would like to report incidents of violence, blog-capturing, prevention of voters from casting the vote, stealing ballot papers, beating up officials etc. etc.I was however let out on bail.Please don't ban my IP.
p.s. I voted!!! And for a small fee I will tell you who I voted for.. and for a smaller fee I will vote for anyone you wish :|

Mind Curry said...

@ silverine - lol..since you are a "founder" member of the save-kerala-samara-sahakarana-samithi-foundation-front or SKSSSFF you can have a free hand at all those exciting poll-related acts. unleash hell!

p.s. lets not discuss the small and the smaller fee bit here :)

silverine said...

This is a great idea you have here. But then we,the NRK's will not make much of a difference will we? Guess the 'progressive' left will win :(

SKSSSFF was too good :))

Mind Curry said...

@ silverine - we can make a difference..slowly but surely..i am sure one day our SKSSSFF and other online tools will be powerful enough to create impact. i hope so atleast. i am trying to distribute my time both as a NRK and a RK for a while. which strangely brings to mind the fact that i dont like SRK overacting!

Hyderabad-life said...

Hi Gods own country with full of Devils.All the best for your efforts.


Mind Curry said...

@ hyderabad life - thanks so much for your great support buddy. we are discussing the God's own devils and trying to find solutions to make things better. though we know there are big if not bigger devils everywhere.

monu said...

anganey njanum vote cheythu ...

BTW its not amazing that ommanchandy is the favourite CM in the Poll result. He is a good CM. the problem is with his party and UDF ...
BTW i cant imagine pinarayi vijayan or achuthandan becoming CM :(

clash said...

Bogus of the century! An axis of the ever “American ass licking” stooges and their mesmerized phony followers will decimate this country and our state to a cauldron of death with neo liberal policies. When you fight it on the street for money back from your own salary account as people in Argentina did after a slow down in their economy, stooges will understand. A cartoon Character like “oomen” winning all the notes is not very surprising here. It’s a Christian conspiracy… I will call it..

Mind Curry said...

@ monu - thanks. voting does half the job. but sadly a lot of people dont bother to do that small thing even.

@ clash - thats a very strong statement to say the least. nonetheless, your being a left supporter (as per your blog) its not surprising. sadly the facts are against you and i am sure sooner or later more people will see it.

hope you voted too (once).

Mind Curry said...

Update - As of today, 6 IP addresses have been banned.
4 for voting twice for Achuthanandan, 1 for voting twice for Pinarayi and 1 for voting twice for Oommen Chandy.

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