Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kerala This Week Ver 5.04, 2010

Imagine this: A flyover from one end of a city in our state to its other end, nearly 5 kilometers. And each kilometer will cost only Rs 100 crores, going by a quick, baseless, mental calculation! First reaction: Crazy! Afterthought: (elections approaching..hmmm) Brilliant..we will consider it..and make our city better than heaven. (clap, clap, clap!) Truly..imagine being able to ride above all the potholes, kudi-vellam padhathis, processions, bandhs, arches and stone throwing. But wait..isnt another flyover in the city still under construction, though it was started many, many years ago..and it was just under half a kilometer. People say it is touted to be the longest flyover in the world. Longest in terms of time taken to complete. Indeed. How long will we the people play donkeys for our netas?

Jokes apart, it is not the concept that is so absurd (vertical elevations, both for roads and buildings, and not horizontal widening and construction, is what our state needs given the density) but only the way in which our netas trivializing development. If they had 500 crores of the tax payers money to spare, there are many areas within the capital city itself that require smaller flyovers and subways. A friend was explaining how the Medical College-Ulloor road in the city, is one of the most congested areas in the city. Patients wanting to reach the Med Coll Hospital, RCC, SCT etc (all premier healthcare institutions treating lakhs of patients) are suffering more than anyone else, with traffic blocks and what not! Truly all this talk about development and lack of will or initiative to implement anything is the bane of our state. We have to criticize and isolate and highlight these issues. Otherwise, if we sit applauding and cherishing eveyrthing, these absurdities will continue forever! I am sure we dont want to end up like a bunch of fools standing in front of our netas while they get garlanded, even if not in Rs 1000 notes, for their stupidity.

Camera in the ladies' toilet..Priests abusing minors. We will look into the matter. But glad that frustrated Kerala is getting stung for a change. "Naadan bombu" inside a KF flight? Good Lord. I suppose we are making progress after all. "Quotation" walas are probably doing interstate contracts these days? We will look into the matter. Corruption in every ministry and department? Really? We will look into the matter.

To B or not to B? That was the question for Kerala Tourism. Finally it was not to B, all because of Modi. But the good news for Tourism was that the Golden Chariot express arrived in the state. Supposedly a wonderful experience, and something our state should also consider. And kudos to the tourism minister for promoting adventure beach sports, and that too by parasailing himself.

Finally, a Kerala IPL team! What a reason to be proud about! Congrats to all those who made this possible and now we have our own team to root for next year! That the team is "based in Kochi" was reason enough for ruffling the feathers of "Keralites" in another city - why are we not surprised eh? I wonder when our friends will realize that we will make progress only the day we trash our pettiness and arrogance, and also leave behind people who have only wily political motives rather than broadmindedness, will, initiative, and a real interest in the nation and our state. Are we going to look back at Vizhinjam, Expressways, Smart Cities and everything else, even decades later and still listen to our netas proclaim feasibility studies and consultancies? Hopefully not!

Excerpts from a discussion forum by progressive youth (PY) in our state:

PY1 from City1: "Thalle IPL kochikkaru kondu poyadeee." (Translation- Mother! Kochi folks have got the IPL team)

PY2 from City 2: "Poda, Kondupoyi PUZHUNGI thinnu." (Translation - Go man..Take it (the IPL team), steam it and eat it")

Ah..Another day in God's own paradiso.


Anonymous said...

a very silly post..stop writing these foolish commantaries..we are not interested to reading your silly views

Anonymous said...

Kerala this week? We were like this wonly from stone age. Nothing is going to change next week.

Anonymous said...
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Mahesh said...

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

PCM said...

God Sworn Country?

Anonymous said...

so what's wrong with kudi vellam patathi's? looks like ur a rich spoiled brat, who only cares about fly overs, IPL & all the stuff yuppies worry abt. I hope kerala is saved from the likes of people like u.

backlit said...

Kerala is a futuristic place, the equivalent that can only be seen today through the likes of the ISS (International space station) or the Jetsons cartoon character. To have a house in Kerala one needs to have your own power (Solar, wind), Water (Rain harvesting), Waste disposal systems(micro sized Bio gas plants). Roads (Elevated highways and metros).

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