Saturday, October 27, 2007

Cancer In Our Schools? - Part II

The dogs are on the loose.. and thats what has inspired me to write today.

Yesterday, the never-ending clashes between two oppossite party student outfits (comprising of "innocent" students apparently!) culminated in the death of a police officer at the NSS college in Kottayam. In a college which states its mission is to provide "Concerted efforts, well designed programmes" that "aim at widening the mental horizons of the younger generations and in preparing them to participate in the process of nation building", beating up a policeman that came to save them is a very laudable sign of the progress our state is making. I am sure the people who support campus politics feel proud.

Why do these parents send children to schools and colleges in Kerala anymore? Is it only because they cannot get admissions outside Kerala? I wish the policemen had shot all the bloody goons who pretend to be students, but are mere cold-blooded scoundrels, who will do anything in the name of politics. Literate-Kerala would have woken up then, and cried foul because "innocent students" were killed in a police "excess".

But who cares about a policeman? The home minister who visited the college later said its all the fault of the oppossite party faction, and then ordered raids across the state against their party offices, dismissed any involvement of the poor "boys" from his party. The oppossite party alleged that it was done by the commie partymen. The neutered Congress can only make pacifying statements and watch.

Who cares anyway? How can we compensate for a life? We simply cant, no matter what the dumb politician and murderers try to make us believe. It was so heartbreaking to see images of the policeman's children and family weeping. Will the 6 lakhs cash announced by the home-minister do any justice to them?

I feel so ashamed. What has this state come to? Its certainly becoming Dog's Own Country! We nurture and continue to support criminals and clowns as politicians, and the government we elect each time is literally a farce. What good has it done any one? Every day all we hear about is violence, murders, and fights. We, the people, are to blame for our own woes. We continue to justify every mistake and every wrong, and easily dismiss any good thing with a pessimistic nay. Campus politics - oh its a good thing.. Roads - not for us.. Investments - who needs it.. Let the poor be poor..and let the hardworking go live in some other state.. We only need politics, beedis, and lungis.

Kerala is becoming worse than the old Bihar (the new Bihar is almost ahead of Kerala). How is this incident very different from the recent beating up of a thief by the Bihari public, which was much-debated and deplored by our leaders, geniuses, and "100% literate"-public? Its only worse than that. Its not surprising. Because we are "educating" our youth to become goons and scoundrels. And the results are showing.

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Unknown said...

Lack of proper punishment for campus criminals is the real problem. Criminal activity inside campuses should never be negotiated or settled. They should be punished properly to set an example.

rajesh said...

students should go to college to study ,period.colleges are not to be used as practising platforms for future goondas.But unless there are goondas,how will we "fight" the next election?

6 lakhs for an innocent policeman's family. 15 lakhs for a leftist thug who got beaten up in side some jail. What a farce !

quills said...

College politics at its worst. To kill an innocent cop and ruin his family is unforgivable. The culprits must be found and punished(beaten to pulp and jailed for life with no parole will be a good start). And the morons who rule our state should stop playing the blame game.

It was indeed heartbreaking to see the images of the bereaved you said, who cares? Going by the current state of affairs in Kerala, this will be yet another incident completely forgotten in a few days, and those criminals will roam free, and kill other innocent, hardworking people. And probably in a few years, these idiots will also be the ones who will rule us..Pathetic.

Resident said...

keralam nannavilla, we are proving that everyday. why can't the politicians agree to ban politics in colleges and schools? What crap we gained by converting our schools and colleges into political labs for parties?
None of the colleges in Kerala will be in top 20 colleges in India? why is this? Will SFI or KSU be ready to think about it and come up with their action plans? No, never.
They are only interested into what their parent organization wants.
So politics in schools is not for students, but for creating battle grounds for political parties.

quills said...

Deviating from the topic here, but had to bring it up. The fact that Kerala is going to the dogs was proved yet again by the behavior of that idiot from BJP who kicked that poor helpless woman. That guy should be caned and jailed for what he did. I sure hope it does not just become an issue for politicians to hog the limelight for a few days and then forgotten, but suitable punishment meted out to the culprit, so that he or any others will never raise a hand or foot as the case maybe, against a woman, ever again. Pathetic!!I feel so ashamed to say I am from Kerala.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

First of all our Keralites / Malayalis should be ready for self correction.

They should for a moment listen to people other than politicians.

They should stop watching party channels and stop reading news about politicians.

Journalists should report other stuff than just what politicians said, politicians ate, politicians murmured etc etc... Just stop it. We have been reading about it for decades, but no use. Just take a break.

Stop the hypocrisy. Let us set the priority is to get a better life for us and the children and the less previliged around us. No use of useless talks.

Stop politics in schools and colleges. For the last many decades I have not seen a good leader at all in Kerala politics. Someone who has some sense and who can empower / envision to do something for the future. Always their vision has been

Let us observe the good things from others. We don't need to go very far. Just look at our neighbours Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

Watch out - the organized are more powerful. The ordinary citizens community is not organized. All others are organized - the cadre parties, church, labor orgs etc etc. So who will take out politics from schools/colleges?
** No one can **

We want to see the culprits punished. If there is news of punishment welcome. News about enquiries, proceedings etc are useless. Don't waste time.

The press and media should shift focus to achievements by people, good things people do etc. Take the camera out from politicans.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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