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Kerala This Week, Vol 1, March 2007

Every few weeks I get overwhelmed by the events that occur in Kerala, and cannot contain my literary emotions. So I sit and put together a quick-list of important, excellent, crazy, stupid, disappointing, outrageous, and really funny events that occur in Kerala and among the Malayalis. Be warned that this is purely subjective, and most often I have found that what I feel is really stupid is excellent for a lot of other people.

The event of the week has been the country's budget, and more importantly, the reactions. While personally I feel the budget has been good, because for the first time it seemed to speak of the less hyped-up and often ignored sections - farmers and pensioners, a lot of others called it "boring". Of course, we can always keep wanting more.

But in Kerala, we not only keep wanting more, but also make sure we do nothing about it. CM Achuthanandan said that the union budget ignored the state's farmers and agriculture industry! I found this very hilarious considering that the CM of Kerala himself is not doing anything about it but he's blaming the union government - the same union government whos being criticized by everyone else for a budget that focused only on farming! While Mr.CM himself dismissed, and ignored, farmer suicides and financial crises like the days weather conditions, he does not lose any chance to slap the union ministry.

Meanwhile, his ministry wasted no more time in accepting the Rs.14 billion ADB loan for Kerala. After all, the communist ideology is to accept everything free and resist anything that involves work. This is the same loan that the entire leftist parties created ruckus about while the previous government initiated steps to convince the ADB. Hopefully, it will be the time of the next ministry by the time CM and co spend all this 14 billion and the ADB asks them to repay the money.

The Governor of Kerala today read out what the CM handed over to him as the "policies of the government for 2007-2008". He said the government has declared the year as the "year of the agriculture and farmers" aka "harithavarsham". How this is going to help the farmer or his agriculture is obscure. The government also plans to set up an "IT park" in all districts. This decision comes from the very encouraging fact that the Smart City project is still under negotiations even after three years. It is our way of outsmarting others I guess.

The government also proposed to continue its hugely successful "Responsible Tourism" project, under which recently a Swiss lady lost her eye, and a whole boat of school-kids drowned near Kochi. Insiders say that the Responsible Tourism program is similar to earlier programs such as the Responsible Hartal, Responsible Trade Union Militancy, Responsible Goondaism etc, all of which are hugely successful according to the political leaders.

The Governor ended his speech by saying that the current government (2007) will model its future policies based on the government of EMS (1957). And we all know this is a big reality already, and Kerala is now somewhere around 1967 in terms of development, so its just a matter of another decade, which I am sure will be possible in the next 3-4 years of this ministry.

Jokes apart, I hope all the progressive policies of the government will materialize and we see some actual progress in the state!

Pongala is on at Trivandrum today with apparently a record turn-out of women this year. After all, their husbands leave them wanting plenty, so its no big surprise. Last year, post-Pongala, the streets saw unruly groups of youth forcefully stopping women and traffic in the pretext of "providing water to the tired women (their sisters)". Call it Responsible Chivalry - Kerala ishtyle.

Taking responsibility a step further, Shri.Pinarayi Vijayan carried live cartridges in his laptop bag and was caught in the act at the Chennai Airport. The whole thing erupted into a big saga that fed the political industry for a few days. Shri Vijayan himself dismissed the event and said " ohh...i didn't realise". Of course! Achuthanandan meanwhile requested for increased security cover immediately after the incident.

I wonder if somebody is going to tell me about Responsible Blogging now.


Prajit said...

Leaders in Kerala spend lot of time in justifying their actions. They never utilise their time in fruitful thinking.Atleast time has now come to rethink otherwise it will become difficult for the politician to earn bread.

silverine said...

Excellent post! And hilarious too :)) All I can do is shake my head in disbelief. It almost looks like people think these are daily humdrum occurences.

MC said...

@ prajit - politician earns helluva lot of bread for it to become difficult. and if at all it becomes difficult, theres always "pirivu" in the name of the party. either way, they will make sure their parasitic way of living will never end. and they have willing followers in kerala because of unemployment. and unemployment in kerala is ENSURED by these leaders.

@ silverine - :) thank you..yeah its funny and sad at the same time.. and yes, people have become apathetic..but the situation is pathetic!

Jiby said...
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Jiby said...

good post...every incoming govt in kerala seems wanting to prove they can be worse than the previous one...why are we so clueless...our problems are much lesser than other indian states but we love to make a muddle out of it all.

when u wrote abt pongala this distinct memory of years back comes to mind...i was in school then, waiting at the bus-stop after tuition and some college-going guys who had no reason to be there, also hopping into a bus laden with women and then expending all their fresh-laden energy on the tired hapless women.

and as for vs's comment on making the 1957 ems cabinet as the model for his cabinet's these guys even know the caliber of the men who were ministers in the 1957 ems cabinet!!!

quills said...

Hilarious! :)

The sad part is that we are actually talking about actual events here...wish it was all a joke though.

Meanwhile we continue to hope...let's just keep believing that inspite of all this, real progress will be achieved soon...somehow.

Prasanna Raghavan said...


It is a viscious web. Todays' rulers implement what they resisted against during previous ruling. Then the previous rulers come back into power and implement what they resist now. It is game a hobby of the stupid, the useless and the morons who's qaulifications are not normally in any academic subject but in backbiting,marching, protesting and then winning election.

But why are they there? Because the so called intelectualls of Kerala march on to the polling booth every now and then.

Democracy is the goverenment of the people, by the people and for the people.

In Kerala none of this can be said to be true. The people have to come to govern, by before that they should know how to govern. How many Keralites know how to govern their own homes?

How many families are governed using the democatic principle of 'family of its people, by its people, and for its people'.

can you honestly answer me.

PCM said...

Good post. Shall I supplement your views?
After waiting for so long and talking all about the damage caused by hartals, here is a silver lining in the cloud, though only a faint one. Manorama reports that the unit of Vyapari-Vyavasayi Co-ordination Committee of Bharanikkavu, a small village near Kayamkulam has come out against these frequent hartals. The traders there have realized that, in addition to the State-wide hartals exhorted by major political parties, they are forced to close shop for even minor incidents, sometimes twice or thrice on the same issue. If not complied with, even man-handling takes place. They now suspect the hands of some anti-social elements in organizing hartals frequently and are now decided on resisting the forced closure of shops. So far so good. At least, people in a small way are realizing the menace called hartal and are showing signs of protest.
In a significant move, one Jewellery bigwig who has branches all over the world has come up with the declaration that he will not open another branch in Kerala. In his opinion, it is impossible to run business in Kerala because of the tax norms and frequent hartals. He plans to shift his head office to Bangalore shortly and none of the thirty new branches to be begun will be in Kerala.
Some bad news, isn't it?
No confirmation about the Smart City still!
One person from Russia, who was on a tour of the world on a bike, came to Kerala and got killed by a speeding vehicle, according to the report in Manorama dated 3.3.07.
There are controversial reports in the papers about Achu's objection to ADB Contract expressed in the Cabinet, and he has had to swallow his own words. Another example of fasism in the Party.

sJ said...

The media focus is on the wrong issues all the time. Its deliberate.They cant go astray all the time! the real issues which matter are never discussed in depth or always goes out of discussion due to side shows. No media ever take a stand on issues after studying it.They just act as loud speaker for some sleaze hurled at each other by politicians and nutty celebrates.
I have nt seen any one asking CM directly for whats happening on Smart city and insisting on an answer.Why let him get away with"I dont know' answers.Why not insist the negotiator to state the facts publicly.After all,its the govt negotiating and not a defence deal.

Did we really see a CM giving a time frame for Metro rails at Kochi? No one seemed to ask the q as to ' what if u dont deliver'? High time we started asking that q to these guys. Specific q and give time for specific answers. No more media spins by jokers in the ministry.
I believed it was the opposition party who should ensure this. Instead I heard Mr. Chandy saying that he will wait for the Smart city deal to complete to give his opinion. We all know that opinion.(whats new in this/ keralites are cheated) Why the hell cant he make his demands now and let the govt go ahead with the deal with his support. He is the guy who brought it here! Atleast say that anything better than what he could negotiated would be welcome.

Having said that I would love to read atleast one issue being addressed by LDF with a definite answer or plan instead of blaming the previous govt.To set the record straight- it was the previous govt's most fav line too.

Has 'MC' seen the university senate reshuffle and new appointees? I hope u touch upon that in ur part 2.

clash said...

"After waiting for so long and talking all about the damage caused by hartals, here is a silver lining in the cloud, though only a faint one. Manorama reports that the unit of Vyapari-Vyavasayi Co-ordination Committee of Bharanikkavu, a small village near Kayamkulam has come out against these frequent hartals"

Hey dont worry - With some Relaince fresh , Food world, Spencers, and what not - These vyaparees will have to close down. They wont need hartals. Let us see, who will make the ruckus that time.

Jubin George said...

C'mon clash! Development and progress have become synonymous longtime back :)

Even if, Kerala manages to have better life standards and socio-economic parity through out the state, better than the metroes in Inda; without BPOs and MNCs and huge industrial operations how can we call it has progressed?

And without the 'backward' social reforms of '57 we too could have large, uncultivated, barren lands as we see anywhere else in India, free for TATAs to acquire, with the farm-labours and farm-lords migrating to cities to add numbers to the poor and rich in metroes.

I suggest you to better conform, and enjoy the comforts of your air-conditioned office room, and drop in here once in a while to 'Save Kerala' :) Freedom is slavery, some stupid had said before he kicked the bucket :)

abhishek said...

@clash and jubin
"Even if, Kerala manages to have better life standards and socio-economic parity through out the state, better than the metroes in Inda; without BPOs and MNCs and huge industrial operations how can we call it has progressed?

And without the 'backward' social reforms of '57 we too could have large, uncultivated, barren lands as we see anywhere else in India, free for TATAs to acquire, with the farm-labours and farm-lords migrating to cities to add numbers to the poor and rich in metroes."

You should get your facts straight. Kerala enjoys 100% literacy, but suffers from near 20% unemployment figures. What good is knowing how to read and write, when you can't find a job that utilizes those skills? And as far as Kerala's health sector is concerned, I quote V. Mohanan Nair, Fogart International Fellow at the University of Toronto, who has had more time to look at this issue than you or me.

"Stupendous growth of the private sector has resulted in skyrocketing healthcare costs. Lured by the hi tech sophistication of the private sector, people are abandoning basic principles of primary health care. Even poor people prefer private hospitals, and a major reason for sustaining poverty is healthcare cost. The government is reducing its investments in health and education due to fiscal crises and pressure from funding and lending agencies. The opening up of the medical education sector to private entrepreneurs, lack of guidelines for the private practice of government doctors, and shortage of doctors for rural areas are all disturbing developments. Transfer of healthcare institutions under local self-governments is yet to show the desired benefits."

It's amazing how many people love to rest on their laurels. Ensuring widespread education and basic healthcare and the benefits that flow from those services have to be continually pursued. But in order to provide those free, public good, a government needs tax revenues. What tax can you collect if you tax already deprived farmers and fishermen? You need to tax industrial outfits. But what industries are going to come to a state that loves to regal others of its once-past social glory and does nothing to encourage economic freedom?

I have heard numerous people argue about how great Kerala is in education and health and what not. Even assuming that they are right (which is incorrect to begin with, but let's just hypothesize), what about freedom? Is that not a basic right?

Both of you get to blog and write on the net on the account of a company called Pyra Labs (the developers of Blogger) which was acquired by Google. Both companies began as ideas in their respective founders' minds and took fruition with the help of venture capitalists' money and now take full advantage of public stock markets. All because a couple of people had the freedom to run their businesses without fear of ridiculous social phenomenon like hartals, goondaism and government enforced monopolies.

That is how wealth is created and sustained - economic freedom. That is all we are demanding for Kerala - nothing more and nothing less for now. And if you believe that is wrong, then you should follow through with your words by boycotting the "bourgeoise" practice of blogging. C'mon comrade.

Jubin George said...

@ abhishek
Let me answer you for myself, though you have addressed it as a response to me and clash, for the reason that you started off by quoting my comment.

I agree completely to your advice to get the facts right. Let me add another important thing to it: learn to understand the facts; otherwise they are nothing but numbers.

I don’t know where did you get “the fact” about Kerala’s unemployment rate. The only ‘authentic’ source as accepted is the data provided by National Sample Survey Organisation under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India. And according to those data it’s not 20, but about 15%. That 5% is not that matters, but understanding the 20 or 15%. Because, about 23% of Kerala’s female labour force is unemployed, and about 8% male counterparts. That’s how you reach the 15. Now, survey agencies around the world follow the guidelines recommended by ILO, to calculate the unemployment percentage. According to this, homemakers, self-employed and farm owners are counted as ‘unemployed’. So, if you own a shop, or are living off a small patch of land, or a ‘housewife’, you are still unemployed. And if you have any idea about Kerala’s demography, you can understand where majority of the ‘unemployed’ belong.

If you still like to have your “facts”, I’ll provide you some more. You can feast on them too. The corresponding figure for Karnataka is just above 2.5. India’s is about 4. And that of USA is just above 5%. Hope you won’t hurry to jump into the conclusion that your 'dreamland' is a lot backward than Karnataka. (Karnataka is not M.G. Road and Electronic City, if you don’t know that yet)

I’m not sure why did you quote that expert in health care, or in what context he said that; but the quoted paragraph emphasises on how and why privitatisation and globalisation affects the accessibility of quality primary healthcare. The medical colleges, and the RCC are even now some of the best available healthcare institutions in the country. And nobody thinks the same accessibility and quality are ensured in the new private medical colleges.

As for education, majority of private schools and colleges, (except the new self-financing ones), are government aided in Kerala. Something that’s almost non-existent anywhere else in the world. (Except for some premium institutions and universities in the form of grants).

I guess, you need to get your information correct on taxes too. Taxpayer is a term generally accepted to refer a person who pays income tax - which contributes hardly 14% to government’s income. And are the richest states in India the the best in living standards, primary health and education?

Another “fact” fact-lovers love to see is GDP. Evangelists of liberalisation policy, and the new-found economic freedom have always loved to show you that GDP is ‘growing’. How’s GDP calculated?

GDP = consumption + investment + government spending + (export – imports)

Everyone knows our GDP grew at an amazing “rate” because ‘investment’ and ‘export’ (mainly software/out sourcing products) increased, which directly contributed to the newly granted economic freedom. What people doesn’t understand is, foreign investment, and ‘export’ by foreign companies are not same as investment and export in the old formula. Here, in actuals the investment = investment - profits, and exports = export - profits. Without considering that split, we are counting ‘their’ money and feel happy thinking that it’s ‘our’ money. Just like the situation where a garage owner goes on feeling like the person who ‘owns’ most number of cars in the locality.

And brother, the worse that can happen is what you have expressed in your last paragraph. Asking ‘comrades’ to boycott ‘our’ products. That sounds exactly like the imperialist supporter’s argument that the British was not doing any harm but was only helping us with their rail roads and schools and colleges. Google is not doing any favour to you and me by allowing us to have a blogspot. And I’m sure, one day soon your suggestion will be official; once Google has enough number of pages to show their advertisers. Google has already shown its potential – with the issue on Google earth, and similar lack of commitment when Brasilian government asked cooperation, while investigating on reported child abuse using orkut.

A region’s economic policies, should primarily consider the existing socio-economic scenarios. And the outcry about Kerala is a clear indication that it hasn’t been considered. Trade unionism has been targeted for a lot of flak from ‘progressive’ economists. If you are living in a metro, look out through the window to see where the stench comes from. And I assure you that you wouldn’t see a union flag fluttering, but a row of shacks where the same ‘losers’ who built your plush homes and offices ‘live’. Your life is not going to be better, if you have more cars and mobile handsets to choose, and still can’t afford. And a few of 5 billion people having them need not be seen as progress. If you are the one among those few, call it development. If you must.

Let me wind up by quoting a few lines from an old song.

“…Then you realise that you got to have a purpose
Or this place is gonna knock you out sooner or later
So don't complain about your useless employment
Jack it in forever tonight
Or shut your mouth and pretend you enjoy it
Think of all the money you've got…”

By the way, the band’s name is The Clash. :)

manuscrypts said...

price that the public pays for someone's obsession of being CM.. Pinarayi might've been carrying stuff to shoot down any developmental projects that find its way to kerala.. as part of the responsible commenting agenda, i shut up :)

MC said...

@ jiby - our problems are much lesser than other indian states but we love to make a muddle out of it all.
thats so true..i think our focus as a society is all towards the negative and unwanted things. rather than self-improvement, the focus and interest lies in another person, and that too at the cost of the self.

@ quills - good to see you back in blogosphere.

yes, lets keep hoping more keralites get energized into action and change soon.

@ mkeralam - But why are they there? Because the so called intelectualls of Kerala march on to the polling booth every now and then.
its partly because the normal sensible people of kerala DO NOT VOTE also.. and the reason for that is mostly because most of the reasonable and sensible people have already left Kerala!

about family of the people etc...hmmm..i dont have an answer.. i can only think of "anapaara" and "anjooran" in Godfather :)

@PCM - thank you prof.

however, i dont really sympathize with the vyapari vyav committee too much. although the bharanikkavu committee may be genuine, i find the committee in general no different from the political parties and they themselves call hartals and shutdowns at their fancy. but i guess any initiative in the right direction should be appreciated, and i hope the other committees will take note of the bharanikkavu traders gesture.

@ sj - the media is fast becoming a bunch of people who just write anything for you if you "treat" them well. as far as the CM Achu is concerned, the media reporters go to him for entertainment and return home amused at his language and expressions. similar to what happened with nayanar, although i find nayanar was much more decent and sensible.

no idea about the univ senate thing. tell us.

@ clash - i dont think anyone complained when margin free shops and other department stores opened across kerala. so it should not be different for reliance or spencers.

or are you saying that people should continue to buy trash quality items from small shops, and also suffer the attitude of the shopkeepers? we have to change with the times, and if some one can afford better quality items at a higher price, i dont think we should complain. its time the small shopkeepers caught up with time.

@ jubin - development and progress are synonymous in many senses. well said.

Even if, Kerala manages to have better life standards and socio-economic parity...
we will wait until we have that..unless by life standards and socioeconomic parity you mean abused women, lawlessness, unemployment etc.

And without the 'backward' social reforms of '57 we too could have large, uncultivated, barren lands
ofcourse, now we will keep aside the issue of farmers committing suicide until the ministry changes.

Save Kerala, the blog, is to create awareness. and i can see you are doing your part, and helping us. thank you.

@ abhishek - very well said.

i think i have repeated this often, but again for the sake of new members: in my opinion, a lot of people in kerala by and large is stuck in a communist mentality. while the goals of communism are all good, the ideology is flawed. they dont realize we cannot distribute wealth without creating it in the first place (as you also rightly said). their ideology is good to ensure rich people become poor, and poor people become poorer.

now the last factor helps our wily politicians. they use the "pro poor" tag to fool the masses and set of a resentment against any development. and resentment sets of a mass protest. and masses help them in elections. and elections get them money and the people become donkeys.

and other factors that these politicians promote to ensure their success includes unemployment (ensures party strength), constant rich-poor divide, religious divides etc.

@ jubin - your numbers also cleary show that unemployment is higher in kerala. and i dont think shopkeepers are considered unemployed if they are registered. you must be talking about the way-side vendors. they must be removed and legalized.

if we allow lawlessness in the name of social justice, then no robber or thief should be prosecuted. because ultimately everyone says its for a livelihood.

i agree RCC and some of our state medical colleges are great. but have you seen the number of people lying there without treatment or not getting operated on time? and even there bribes are paid for getting on the operation list. now thats inaccessibility.

progress is progress, however you look at it. its an individual choice whether or how you want to be a part of it or not.

@ manuscrypts - interesting profile picture!

i dont think pinarayi needs to shoot down any development projects, coz theres none :) more likely he was carrying it for achu and to get the CM seat.

responsible commenting! you said it!

Jubin George said...

You are RIGHT. :)

MC said...

@ jubin - not always..some times i am "wrong"

abhishek said...

I believe he's "Centered" in truth.

Jubin George said...

Even after I explained why the figures like unemployment rate and GDP are no right measures of a society's economic wellbeing, you were singing the same song again. So I would rather choose to doubt your intentions, than your intelligence. That's why I concluded that you are RIGHT. RIGHT being always right.(I'm madly in love with pardoxes)

One should understand the demography before jumping into drawing rosy pictures of economic freedom, economic growth, and the beautiful life afterthat. You mentioned about 'being stuck in the communist mentality'. Forget the 'communist countries', even the 'communism' in Kerala, and Bengal are very different. One can pass such a blanket 'anti-communist' statement only when blinded with the RIGHT views. You seem genuinely surprised hearing 'shopkeepers' are counted as unemployed. I'm not talking about the 'shopkeepers' in Cochin. Neither about roadside vendors in Cochin. I'm talking about those thousands of small teashops, cigarette shops, single man/woman tailor shops, small grocery shops, fruit stalls, spice traders... I'm talking about thousands of people living off 2 or 3 cows (Kerala is a milk surplus state, if you don't know that too), or 30-50 rubber plants, or half an acre of agricultural land. And all the housewives. All these people are qualified as 'well educated' and 'unemployed', adding to the denominator without being substracted from the numerator when calculating the unemployment rate. And what we are showing is nothing but the same doctor-engineer madness of our parents, in its new version. It's that attitude that should be reformed first.

On a slightly different note, I happened to visit the page of the person who was concerned about responsible commenting. He writes about the 'sad' situation of being asked 65k as rent for an apartment in Bangalore (I know you can get a 1BHK for 3-5k here too). I hope, you will cheer him up by saying it's only the BOOM (24%, that's for the figure-lovers) in real estaste sector, and assure him all other sectors too will have such promising BOOMS! Mistakes are a very expensive way to learn, and those who don't learn from that won't learn from anything.


@mc and pcm
Yet another hartal on the 8th of March, affecting thousands of students who were appearing for the annual exams, causing them severe mental anguish! Because of the hartal their exam date was postponed, upsetting their holiday plans & spoliling their vacation.
I think our people deserve a better life, these scum bags who organise these bandhs need to be put in their place. Our words should transpire into action, there should be an awarness and upheavel among Keralite masses to get rid of seedy politicians who disrupt our lives & properties.
@jubin george I beg to differ from you about your views on Kerala's Govt: Medical Colleges & Rcc being described as top institution! In fact these are the places meant for doctors who make back door entry( in the guise of caste/ religious reservations)and whose interests are only self serving. The standard of care these places offer are a matter of ridicule for the Western Medical World.Resarch is unheard of in these great medical institutions of Kerala.As I said before our people deserve a better life and treatment and unless the society wakes up to a mass cultural revolution Kerala is destined for the dumps!

Jubin George said...

@ whistleblower
I agree Govt. medical colleges in kerala are no match to your western hospitals. Neither in facilities, nor in frills. They are almost hells, but it saves thousands from hell. But RCC and Sri Chithira Thirunnal Institute, are not ridiculed, and rather respected by 'even' Western Medical World. Being a doc, you know that pretty well, I assume; and for that reason that comment sounded fishy to me.

But, how's the luxury hospitals ensure better healthcare by razing these medical colleges. Pray tell me. I'm one who prefer to medical care, than medical cover. And I love to live, than die before the gates. I sincerely don't believe ensuring quality healthcare should mean making profits to insurance companies, and the government should work towards it. And it's inhuman to demand it when one can afford it, ignoring the millions who can't.


@Jubin George
Thanks for the feed back. I am not for an American model Private health care system in India. As you rightly pointed out that will only benefit the Private Hospitals & Insurance companies.The Government run health system in Kerala is in shambles , because of lack of expertise & infrastructure. The quota of reservation for doctors in Kerala Govt Health Service is about 50% and there is a "positive discrimination" against merit based and ethically oriented doctors, forcing them to leave the system and to look for oppurtunities elsewhere! In effect the public does'nt get the "best quality care" they deserve and the poor are often totally neglected by the doctors in these institutions. A few months back when the CT scanner in Trivandrum Medical College broke down, the doctors who were working in the Medical College itself were "advising" and "referring" patients to a near by cut-throat Corporate Hospital for a paltry commission! Medicine cannot advance
without Research & periodic cause finding audits.The academic heads in Medical Colleges blissfully ignore these facts to find more time for their lucrative private practise.So do'nt ever think of going to these hospitals to get a free share of your rightful medical treatment unless you have a wallet stuffed with notes!
Do you think any of our socialist leaders trust these hospitals? You might remember that a few years back our present CM, Mr Achuthanandan himself came to UK to have a heart surgery!
Do I need to say more?

MC said...

9@ jubin - so what is a right measure of the society according to you? this?

i dont understand your statement on housewives and other people who are engaged being considered as employed! that way india would have the worlds highest employment rate for women..and we could also consider goons and beggars as also employed then? :) jokes apart, are you telling that as long as we subtract the above group from the educated list, the numerator and denominator will match, things will look better? it might look better, but things wont be.

of course, it definitely is the attitude that needs change. and how are we planning to change that? the only way is to create awareness. and to make people (preferably children and young adults) think!

of course, real estate prices will boom with development. i dont find that very surprising. and someone who chooses a high-rent area will definitely earn it too. theres no use thinking about that. you say we can get a 1BHK for 3.5 k..there will be people who can afford it and be happy. or to put it another way, in kerala you may get a 1BHK for 500 bucks per month, but still there will be many who cannot afford that either. so is it because of BPO or IT? its very obviously only because the population is increasing and land is not.

if something is right, it is definitely right.calling it right or by another name will not make any difference.

i take particular offence to your comment to "whistleblower" on the hospitals.
I agree Govt. medical colleges in kerala are no match to your western hospitals.
the term "your" suggests that whistleblower is a spokesperson for someone else. i dont think thats true. discussions here should be seen in the right perspective. as you mentioned, its all about the mentality thats going to make a difference.

@ whistleblower - very well said. but i dont think the larger "janata" of our state do not see these things, but continue to worship these politicians. i say worship because such kind of political slavery disables ones ability to see whats right as right, or wrong as wrong. and what happens is that the wrongs are justified, no matter what.

Jubin George said...

@ mc and whistleblower

I apologise for the offence.

I made that statement as a response to whistleblower's comment "...The standard of care these places offer are a matter of ridicule for the Western Medical World...," and learnig from his profile that he's (you are) a medic based in UK.

I'm not a party member. I'm not defending any of the politicians or leaders. I'm only defending the idea that liberalisation policies are misunderstood as progressive.

What are you suggesting with the report linked to the comment? That domestic violence and economic policies are directly linked? And it is decreasing after liberalisation? Or increasing? That it is a worse figure than that of 'developed' countries? That anyone who rejects blind following of global marketting trends disrepects women in general, by default?

And for a third time, let me try to clarify the point I was desperately trying to make on unemployment figures. Please don't jumb into conclusions seeing the figure, if you don't know how it is calculated, and what it means. Statistical figures are never taken as absolute facts, anywhere in the world or by anyone who scientifically uses them. They are only probabilities in calculation. That was the reason I asked you to get a clearer picture of the demography. Housewives are considered 'unemployed', not just in India, but everywhere in this world (by ILO standards). Some of them are counted as employable, and others unemployable, purely by their own claims during the sample survey. That's how it is done, and you can conclude on the validity of the outcoming figure. That's why I gave two other figures. Unemployment in Karnataka 2.5%, in USA 5% (The whole thing about figures were sparked off by abhishek, when he asked 'comrades' to get the facts right)

Now you are suggesting, Real estate boom, is nothing but only the supply-demand thing, and not a growth? Are you not contradicting your own beliefs? And if it's only a measure of more people and less land, how does the state with the highest population density manages to give you a 1 BHK house for just Rs. 500? Are you telling me Kerala has the ideal socio-economic health? :)

MC said...

@ jubin - the report states that abuse against women and children have gone up in kerala by over 100% against women and children since 1990s. also the rates of suicide and crime. you mentioned that reports cannot be reliable indicators. so what is a reliable indicator?

we dont need indicators if we just look outside. do we see employment opportunities we see in bangalore in kerala? do we see the standard of living? do we see the level of refinement in peoples behavior? arent all these day-to-day observations enough if statistical reports are not to be believed?

the argument about the rent rates in bangalore or kerala is inappropriate, and i am sure you know that. or are you equating the entire population of kerala to the population in bangalore? even then bangalores land has more value because of the level of development there. i never said real-estate boom is not a sign of development. it certainly is. but if there was enough land and lot of development, the land prices would not soar so much. its only when the demand-supply factor comes in the rates sky-rocket.

so like i said, however you look at it, the truth is real. like you said, its just a matter of changing the mindset, accepting the truth, and trying to change things.

Jubin George said...

@ mc
"...we dont need indicators if we just look outside. do we see employment opportunities we see in bangalore in kerala? do we see the standard of living? do we see the level of refinement in peoples behavior? arent all these day-to-day observations enough if statistical reports are not to be believed?..."

Yeah. Got your point. I assume that you are in Bangalore, or in some other metro. And you can't get a transfer to your native town, or hop to an equally rewarding job there. You won't be able to enjoy the 'great' pleasures of a cosmopolitan city there either. And of course you are not alone. About 1% of this country's population is with you.

Sorry brother, I misunderstood you so far. I thought you were talking about society's progress and well being. Will give you a piece of unnecessary information - Bangalore is not M.G. Road and Forum and Electronic city. It's a little bigger than that; and from where you are sitting, even if you look outside, you won't see anything beyond your office premises.

Promise you that I won't bring up any more 'nonprogressive' arguments. Wishing you all the success in your noble endeavour. There's an old proverb: Careful for what you wish, you just might get it. :)

MC said...

@ jubin - in the first post, i did mention that obviously a lot of people will like kerala the way it is, and wont really want anything to change. this blog is of no use to such people.

too bad for your misunderstandings and wrong assumptions, but its good you didnt waste too much of your time and energy here.

clash said...

Any one for "saving some dogs" in Bangalore?

shruti said...

Well written ...made for a good and thought provoking read..not much into following politics,,, but do understand what any layman can ..and how the budget affects ! Like your style and passion for kerela .Hadnt really checked this space before properly .

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Nice post, its a really cool blog that you have here, i like the way you present things, keep up the good work, will be back.

Expect more from you...

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