Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Creation Myth

Two weeks ago, I posted a blog to assess the public perception of violence in politics. The question was:

Do you think that hartals and shutdowns are favoured by:
1) A minority of the political parties?
2) Almost every party in Kerala?

Of the 39 voters who voted, 30 opted for (2). Before writing this article, I might have done the same, since almost every political and trade organization in Kerala has called a shutdown at some point in its history. It is only fair to believe that no one has developed a philosophical opposition to the idea of a shutdown.

But, it also makes sense to see the other side of the coin. 9 respondents chose (1) and therein, I see a different perspective on the issue and possibly some support for what I am about to claim. I believe that violence in Kerala politics is no longer a by-product of its grassroots movements; it is actually a political institution in itself.

The notion of institutions in our state politics may seem laughable. Given the chaos, scandals and scams splayed in the public media on a daily basis, the common man may be right in thinking that our leaders have no control over their cadets and followers, let alone themselves. But, at some point you have to ask yourself – Why is politics caught in a stagnant culture where strikes and hartals called at a whim are obeyed?

After looking at the rolls from the 2006 elections, I can offer a short one: violence has become an incentive in certain parties. Much in the same way that companies promote certain executives over others by measuring their sales performances, certain parties have and continue to use violence as a yardstick for political performance. In short, he/she who makes the most noise gets promoted the fastest. And not just any noise, it has to be a ruckus that is worthy of capturing the attention of the public so often fed a stale plate of “revolutionary” politics.

By law, any person running for election has to submit information regarding their criminal history or lack therefore. This information includes the IPC sections under which a case against a candidate is charged, so it is pretty easy to figure out who is charged with what, including unlawful assembly, rioting, assault, murder or intimidation. I looked for candidates with cases charged under three large categories: unlawful obstruction (IPC 143, 145, 149, 283), rioting (146, 147, 148) and assault/intimidation (323, 332, 353, 333, 358, 152, 324, 307, 308, 508).

What I found is that on average, the left-leaning parties (CPI(M) and CPI) are accused of engaging in more than twice as many illegal obstruction activities as the next party (DIC). Below, I have listed the top ten parties when it comes to candidates who are engaged in illegal obstructions, i.e., hartals and shutdowns.

You might say that that is an unfair measure if a very small contingent is accused in an atrociously high number of cases. Well, let us take a look at the proportion of candidates charged with such cases in each party. Again, the CPI(M) and CPI parties come out on top as between 60% and 80% of their candidates have been charged with such activities. The nearest party (DIC) is about 40% culpable. Still high, but when you combine with the frequency of the charges, the left is entirely in a league of its own.

Ok, so you say, illegal obstruction activities are not that serious. After all, what is a hartal or shutdown here or there? It’s all “peaceful”. I beg to differ and I could not have a bigger begging bowl. Let us kick it up a notch and take a look at instances of rioting.

Rioting is far more serious than hartals and shutdowns, because mob violence is the worst expression of a civilization. It is what happens when people disagree to talk and resort to violence to express themselves. It is anathema to a society that overcame bigger problems like subjugation and foreign oppression through non-violence. So, how does the left score?

Why don’t we kick up the violence meter all the way? Let us take a look at how the parties rank on the basis of assault / intimidation cases.

Note that in all three categories, a candidate in the highest-scoring party is about twice as likely as the runner-up and more than thrice as likely as the second runner-up to be charged with a crime.

Lastly, I present what I like to call the “Politician of the Month” roster. Most companies hand out “Employee of the Month” awards in recognition for what they view as outstanding performance. Highly competitive organizations run themselves by differentiating between their employees’ abilities. Politics is no different. But are you at ease with the yardstick used in our current state of politics?

The conclusion is inescapable to me: there is an unspoken “revolt, then get promoted” mechanism in the left-leaning parties. Revolution and progress have become synonymous to them. How has this happened?

The story begins with the left’s entrenched appeal to the poor and downtrodden. Politics is like any other territorial battle. The most effective way to cordon off a vote bank is by ensuring that everyone else is fiercely opposed. After all, when life seems like a zero-sum game, why change the rules of the game? Why not perpetuate the perception that the haves benefit at the expense of the have-nots? Why not oppose any benefits that could have come from egalitarian land reforms by freeing industry and other more productive uses of land than agriculture? Why not see it to that the poor are actually gainfully employed? Because the left is more than an ideology in a democracy – it is a self-preserving organism like everything else.

People often juxtapose capitalism and communism as alternate economic systems. This has been our greatest folly and the biggest hoax the left has pulled off because communism is not an economic system. It is a creation myth – a story of how people fall into classes and are by birth, opposed to each other. Here is the irony though. In a dictatorship, communism has no opponents and therefore, it can happily pursue the economic welfare of all. In a democracy however, communism is just like any other political entity. And poor democracies in particular are perfect breeding grounds for the left. Because unlike other political parties, the left already has a handy divisive myth. It can protect and perpetuate its vote banks. That is why the story of class warfare has become a self-fulfilling way of life in Kerala.

Endnotes to Methodology:
I included every case, regardless of whether it was pending, bailed, stayed or sentenced. The only exceptions I made, of course, were those that were acquited, of which needless to say, there were very few. I also excluded 50 candidates whose information was not available or was illegible in the ECI database.


quills said...

Abhishek, Impressive post.

You have really explained your position with some eye-opening stats.I have to confess until now I did not quite get the rationale behind that earlier post of yours on hartals.

I am also curious to know the kind of cases filed against these "noteworthy" leaders. I see our honorable CM has made it to the list, and therefore I am thinking strikes and dharnas that fast turns to violent mob activity and the lot?

abhishek said...


thank you.

our leaders have a very illustrious history and they're quite proud of their "revolutionary" backgrounds. I would have loved to post what exactly they're charged of, but the post was getting too long and I didn't want to lose readers' interest. but since you have asked, i will post that in the comment section soon. And you are right in thinking that mob activity figures in there as well. They have very impressive "resumes".

Mosilager said...

The numbers tell a powerful story, very well said abhishek.

Vinod/Kakka said...

Great analyis!

The number of DIC(K)s with criminal cases shows how followed the theives out.

But there is another part of the story: the same criminals who would create trouble for money. The current riots are triggered more by mercenaries than by ideology.

But again, what do you expect from a party whose CM explains away criminal activity saying that its the peoples response?

Mind Curry said...

wow abhishek! amazing post!!

like we discussed, its not that we lean against the left..but facts like these, and day to day incidents, justify criticism directed against such politicians - and again just like your stats, its most of the time the left leaders that qualify for maximum criticism.

the stats were very revealing to say the least..

i have always maintained that the Leftist ideology, at least the way its practised in kerala is the most flawed and baseless system i have ever seen. its fundamentally a tool used by politicians to create resent in the less fortunate, and ensuring that the poor remain poor. at any cost the leftist leaders will ensure that there is unemployment, revolt against progress..though they claim to be pro-poor, NONE of their policies really ever help the poor. they dont generate jobs, they dont support industries and are good only to unionise and destroy whatever is built through hard work.

anyway these are facts that we know very well..but as long as the average malayali doesnt break out of the political shackles, things wont change..freeing educational institutions from politics will be the biggest future oriented step we need to take in this regard..wonder how thats going to happen..lyngdoh recommendations offer some hope!

Anonymous said...

This post clearly shows that the Left in Kerala is getting more and more criminalised. The left parties unleash violence throughout the state using their criminal gangs whenever the UDF is in power. Most of the violence is staged in the name of education, police attitude and corruption. Attack the police and then act as victims in front of media cameras. This is the ploy enacted by all ambitious leftie leaders to get promoted in the party. The left parties are the ones single handedly destroying Kerala. It's time this is put to an end in Kerala.

Jiby said...

abhishek, superb post...i forwarded it to all my friends including the left-leaning ones. its a real sad state of affairs...ideally ours should have been the state where the neatest possible politics should have been played out, but we have phenomenon of a totally different nature from other states.

the kind of leaders who rise to the top in the Kerala CPM dont give us any hope of another Buddhadheb springing up here...i dont see any change happening in how their party will operate at the lower rung...atleast change at the top level would have been a welcome breather.

excellent article...keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Good one mate.... But the sad part is that your article is reaching just a few of us on the net. Will someone publish the same article in any leading news paper in kerala?
Iam ashamed to see that when ever i travel back to kerala, the news papers are filled with scam after scam. Are the people of kerala just interested in scams and sex lives of their leaders? I distinctly remember our current chief ministers remarts on Ice cream case "Ithinu pinnil pravarthicha karutha kaikal arudethanennu ariyan keralathile janangalku thalparyam undu"!!!!!!!
The people of kerala have no other work?
Part of the blame should be on the media for highlighting the wrong things. The burning issues like development never get to the front page.
Some time back There was an article in rediff showing the difference between the 2 communist led states Bengal and Kerala.
Does anyone know that while the DIC is on the verge of pulling out of the project in kerala, the WB chiefminister has offered more land and sops to DIC to bring an internet city in calcutta????
Are the people of kerala taking note of this???

abhishek said...

thanks man.

yes, there are goondas for hire to participate in mob violence. Actually, you could see most political student activists in that sense, because they don't do it as a non-profit activity.

In a UN Study in Bangladesh, investigators found out tangible evidence of such "mercenaries" whose sole purpose was to add support to bandhs, marches and riots. The UN would have a field day in Kerala.

@mind curry

"freeing educational institutions from politics will be the biggest future oriented step"

bhai...i think u have a great idea in this, because students should be concerned. They also add vigour and new perspectives to the debate. They are the least entrenched in politics. I know PCM thinks that most students are disaffected and turned off by politics. I believe the same could be said for the U.S. until very recently. But John Stewart changed all that. In an atmosphere of general humdrum, interest in development issues will languish. But in an environment of mistakes and political gaffes, a witty show can change all that.

actually i don't see any change happening at any of their levels. Not because i'm not hopeful, just because I would like to see change come from the outside as well. When a behaviour becomes your way of life, it becomes very hard to change. the least we can do is inform the public and hope for electoral change. having said that, I think that it is high time that other parties (any of them) should change their policies. it would dumb not to, because very little differentiates them anyways.

thank you maashe. I will write a translation in Malayalam and try to post it on a Malayalam blog soon as well. can anyone recommend a widely read malayalam blog?

Blogger Almighty said...

Excellent post.
Could you also publish the data from where you derived the graphs?

abhishek said...



The data was taken from the ECI database. It is available at

Really a technical marvel given the resources we have. Shows what happens when you let agencies such as ECI run independently.

silverine said...

Abhishek: Quite an eye opener of a post!!! Great job. Peringodan is a widely read Malayalam blog.

mathew said...

eye opener is sad when violence gets legitamised like what happening in our state now.

Babin said...

Indeed, eye opening stats! Abishek, your time spent on research is well worth it..

I can imagine some people looking at these stats and feeling proud of the 'revolutionary' credentials of their fellow Sagakals.In fact, they may be a little disappointed and wished Marxists could have doubled the crime ratios! Unfortunately, there are a lot of naive revolutionary leftists out there and they still hold the power to shape our political culture..

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best post i have read.this shows the real violent nature of the commies.they have ruined the state of its jobs and development through their extra strong trade union militance and now violent harthal and bandh.

god knows when the commies will stop this anti-development strategy of theirs.wait a minute...god knows wen the educated people of kerala will stop supportin them!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The statistics he provided may be correct. But he didnt mention for what all cases they were charged. If it was for harthals and bandhs then are they trying to say that harthals and Bandhs are like terrorist activities??????
Then from where they got the information that CPI(M) is hiring gundas to create mob violence i don't know.
By his great language and presentation and with the statistics(which is true) he was able to get the appreciation from others.
But what to reply to you who have the notion that Communist ideology itslef is baseless and Communists only tried to keep the poor only poor.So you think only if Poor people are there communism will be there?????? such ignorant statements are not worthy of any reply.
Most of you people have enough facilities in their home to study , to go for tution, not knowing anything regarding how their parents pay their fees , how they run the houses.Your 80% of simple demands are getting satisfied.You can't understand the situation of those who are completely ignored or suffering exploitation in society.And Communist Party is not striking for itself ,it is for these innumerous people they conducted all these strikes .Can you show me the statistics of the list of harthals and Bandhs we conducted and the harthals and bandhs against which these cases are filed.Have anyone of you checked the genuinity of these strikes??????Nothing mentioned anywhere regarding the genuinity of these harthals. What would have happened if some of the basic facilities were denied for you people whether it is regarding your daily personal life or your proffessional life???You people have been chanting the manthra "DEVELOPMENT".Can you please explain the meaning of development??? Is it just development of infrastructure leaving majority of the citizens to poverty and denying their basic needs?Thedevelopment in your sense will lead to accumilation of wealth in the hands of very few less than 155 ofthe total population in a country with the 2nd largest population in the world. This hasbeen proved in the epriod from 90s in India .The harms of Privitisations and foreign investments have been proved in many European countries , and Latin American countires. If your basic needs are denied won't you people too go for strikes or ask the officials to satisfy your needs.????If your needs are denied will you sit back saying we can't get it from government thats it. Then is this democracy?????.. That will be called Princely rule.
Also is Developmet only regarding increasing GDP?????
India are after China in Asia in the list of increasing GDP , at the same time India is the country havng the 3rd highest number of people not able get food .
The country with highest child labourers..............................
If you go to the Northern States,I have witnessed the so called Capital city whose outer skirts are filled with slums. why outer skirts even cities,also rape, murder,bribe, at its highest point......a person having enough money can conduct a murder and can escape by bribing the beaurocrats and politicians...........i am not simply saying its a truth .
Also in other states you can find the difference between the rich and poor at its highest point which is least in Kerala.That is because of Communists,because of the hardships and the policies and the demands brought by Communists..The Caste discrimination,communal riots,murder,rape,exploitation of porr still existing n the DEVELOPED cities are not existing in the same level.They are very low in Kerala .It is true the statistics are increasing recently and the prime reason is the 5 year rule of UDF. Even from our students politics we know who are using Gundas against students... In Kerala we have Communist party and it will come to road to raise common man's voice through harthals and Bandhs and if government won't accept , we will destruct the givernment properties for them to accept..................
I am staying in Bangalore and very well know the conditions here.The previous(Congress) and present(Janatha dal-BJP) are going behing privite and foregin investments mainly ITS and they money from that they are utilising to go on increasing infrastructire,like building highwaysreapiring the same pouter ring roads again(even though all the time with poor quality). The other side Bangalore has huge number of slums.They are totally ignored by givernment.The present government has come recently with a policy for slums,Villages,urban poor etc but i have great doubts whther this is purely for the politicians to do corruption as all the ministers here are famous and daily fighting going on between ministers for scams blaming each other.The slum poeple especially young people are resorting to robbing and murdering especialy S/W and Call Centre people.many many cases have reportes, but what can those do?????
if VS told people of Kerala are eager to know the truth of ICE CREAM PARLOUR case what is wrong in that.Social Service is pure thing and politics is a social service.if Ministers are going through such wrong ways ,shouldn't the people know of the character of the people who is controlling the state????????????? Everyone knows the drama going on behind this case as rajeena first compalined then said Kunjalikutty didn't do anything..what is all these people shouldn't know all these stupid scraps going on what the people's representative is doing?????????????????
He has said "Why not oppose any benefits that could have come from egalitarian land reforms by freeing industry and other more productive uses of land than agriculture? Why not see it to that the poor are actually gainfully employed? Because the left is more than an ideology in a democracy – it is a self-preserving organism like everything else." ---------> is he trying to say the land reforms we did was stupid????????? And by industries poor are GAINFULLY employed.. Can he give the statistics where poor are GAINFULLY employed after giving their lands and pushed to some slum like areas?
If Left is a self preserving organism then soon after scams came regarding huge amount of money spend for repairing the houses of ministers KODIYERI BALAKRISHNAN and C.DIVAKARAN ,they left these houses and ordered for a
investigation against how so much amount has been spend.Also VS wouldn't have asked for investigation of the scams Plane incident involving P.J Jospeh.
There are many examples we can show where Left government has taken actions irrespective of the faces.the so called UDF whom the writer wants to change the policies so that they will be better , conducted all corruptions,allowed Blade,forest, Mafia to grow and didn't conduct any investgation when their ministers spend huge amount for repairing houses.

This is an incurable disease with the upper middle class and upper class to anlyse one side of the coin and make their reports based on that without even knowing what is happening ,why all are happening .these people will not even buy a one time food for a begagr begging to him, even if he has money,but can spend on costly dresees , for costly restaurants,anything costly. These craps know how to write articles to attract and fascinate readers with these crap points but i am 100% sure they won't do anything for the poor or people suffering.It is easy to say "EE RAJYAM NANNAVOOLA" sitting easily in a chair and watching MTV .My writing may be having too low standard and even u guys might be find it boring to read but what I said so far is considering and seeing all the corners of the box. It is difficult once u understand the meaning what Social Service means and once you enter into it. I pity you ignorant fools................

Anonymous said...

Hi Abhishek ,

You made your point straight away,good language as well.
But i have something else to say

I could find many comments saying its eye-opening...

For those who made these comments i have few things to say ..

The blog not only impresses readers with various stats but also sends a message to the reader that THIS HAPPENS ONLY HERE and is because of one single party and their party men .
I have question straight away?

Dont you people see news footages from abroad..Have n't you seen students striking abroad ??
Don't you remember The State wide strike by TAXI DRIVERS in Newyork last yr ?

(You know what the impact was?? Whole city came to standstill and it lasted for 3 days !!!!!
Remember its New york !!)

AS Nidhin said in between MTV and Lays have a look at News channels.I dont ask you to watch Kairali ,,take your favouritea ..i guess CNN or BBC..

Be it is Paris.or london...there are people who take down streets to protest everyday for their basic rights.

I guess the biggest protest against the war (i would say Invasion) in Iraq took place in the streets of London city.

My sincere advise do not get to conclusions like" It happens only here" Unless you know wats happening outside..
Read in find time for news........


Anonymous said...

hi abhishek

why dont replying nidhin and nishad ?

just try yaar

u have a good command on the language

do u have any political interest?

i know ,u will say "no"

good language ,but ur notion is clear in ur words.
urs is not "save kerala" but "save udf"

its clear as crystal


abhishek said...


i've been very busy because i'm helping a company through bankruptcy and it's consumed my life for the last week.

i haven't replied so far, because you/nidhan/nidhin have provided a laundry list of issues to address and I can't do that in a comment box.

will reply soon and you will be suprised by how much I like Nidhan's comments because it's been some time since I attracted so much criticism.

R said...

Can you plesae provide me with the source? The source that you have provided doesn't display the data. I'd be greatful

abhishek said...


I have a little trouble just sending you the excel sheet as it stands because it represents over a 100 hours of my time. I hope you understand that this isn't a judgement of your character, rather a general policy when I'm approached by strangers. In this day and age when plagiarism is rampant and I don't have a huge research organization backing me up, I will have to keep the assembled data to myself. However, as I gain confidence with particular people, that may change.

I am interested in learning a little more about you so that I can understand why you are interested. Send me an email at

abhishek said...


I checked the link that I provided and although it's not working, you can also view the data at:

I think a direct link to the data was not permissible for some reason.

Michael J. Farrand said...

Well written piece. Thought you might like to see what I've written on the Pelasgian creation myth (or the next one, known as a Philosophical one).

sJ said...

Few questions from me too.

1. Why is a malayali working in Bangalore if everything was better
in kerala? Why cant our IT/non IT engineers/diplomas work in kochi, kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram? [Oh I forgot we dont have enough jobs there]

2. So u all studied in communist run schools and colleges and got eligibility to get the work, am I right ? If not why not join the religious organisations who ran them and be their missionaries? There are Good and bad with all organisational policies.If something is bad or when some one has a different opinion it should be heard.

3. Being a middle class( upper) or rich is not a bad thing.Like wise being a communist friendly is not either.Well both do atrocious things.

4.What kunhalikutty did with regina is bad for regina.We should support her not only when Kunhalikutty is in office but also when he is outside it.Other wise its as though we are also raping her in the bargain to get our agenda done.[After listening to her interviews in TV , I now doubt whether she was not just making a few quick bucks at her under age time]. SO THE CULPRIT is not k-kutty alone but we all as the society who could not give her a lively hood.And the major discussion on politics should have been policies of the govt and not regina.

Accountability is what is lacking with both LDf and UdF.I mean accountability to public not only party cadre. Kerala is not only of poor people but also of middle class and aspiring ones.And communism will not erase poverty.I hope I dont have to give examples here.

Anonymous said...

India is a democratic nation and Kerala is a state in this democratic republic. Every citizen has the right to articulate and what happens in Kerala may indeed be one issue a person may choose to respond to. The mode and strategy of expression is also left to the choice of the person who responds. It is all the more convincing and scientific if a perosn tries to present the state of affairs through statistical data. So Mr. Abhishek has, as a citizen of India, all the right to do what he did. When he enjoys his right, he should also, complementarily,try to study and understand the mechanics of social transformation at the global, national and state level in the context of late capitalism and new kind of colonialism it works with. Without understanding the ground reality making tall statements like ' violence in Kerala politics is no longer a by-product of its grassroots movements; it is actually a political institution in itself' would only bring forth appreciation from people who may praise him for his command of english without understanding the ideological stupidity he is trapped in with all his command of english and a complete lack of political sense. One of his wympathisers even asks him whether he is political. No one in the world is apolitical. There is a political attitude in your dress, food habits, way of life, the job that you do, the relations that you keep. Even the way you walk and look. This is what Marx said one cannot overcome unless one understands the tactics of ruling ideology and its operation in all levels of life. Let me come to the focal point of my objection to this blogger's prestigious post: The figures he manages to collect and the results or, what he calls it, conclusions, a rather heavy term to match this alibi of a study, are baseless and unfounded. 1. The blogger thrives on the belief that Indian Judiciary and State are ideal institutions. It is not so. It has many commendable aspects but at the same time some of the rules and regulations are outdated, partisan,and anti-people. One should ask the question who framed these rules, for whom and in what period of time, how are they used and who are the victims. Take the matter of unlawful assembly: a crowd gathered to protest the atrocities against dalits in different parts of India: Is it unlawful? Then what is lawful? Reckless privatisation move by the state supported by the judiciary to a certain extent and land and resource grabbing attempts on the part of the corporate giants in the already thickly populated state like Kerala, should these go unprotested and unresponded and is it not right for leaders like VS to take the lead? The blogger, by all symptoms of his writing an upper middle class, highcaste hindu working profesional, if he is working in Kerala and is fired (sorry for the cruel suggestion, let it not happen!)would atleast be backed by trade unions in the protest against the violation of rights by the firm. At least a protest is possible and that is because of the political culture of Kerala. I would even say both the right and left parties are responsible for crating an atmosphere of political sanity in Kerala. I strongly object to the use of senseless terms like rioting, illegal obstructions the article is spotted with. They may seerve the purpose of exhibiting the range of one's vocabulary but they are hardly true in the context of agiatations in Kerala. Even in today's newspaper VS says that some of the terms in the ADB contract is against the interests of the people and must be reconsidered. I should conclude this point saying that the very construction of the binary lawful/unlawful is questionable as a kind of sweeping generalization with which people can be fooled but not always and foreever. When the very premise of the argument is gone nothing needs to be said about the claims of the article.
2. A glance through the article may convince you that most of the 'criminals' in Kerala and may be India, are on the list of candidates issued by CPIM for the elections to the assembly, the leader of them being the 'incorrigible criminal' VS! The people of Kerala are such simpletons to elect these criminals and send them to law making and ruling bodies instead of the place of confinement! People of Kerala know better. Criminals have access to parliament, judiciary, political parties, corporate houses and wherenot. You may know, being one operating in the professional world, when peaceful methods of tackling fail, business houses employ goons and merceneries to get their wish done against hapless, deprived people who fight for drinking water and primary needs.

3. Violence is another hallmark of the article and the thrust is that CPIM has the monopoly of violence. I would say violence is not unnatural, it is very natural but it is desirable to avoid it. You should understand that most often what you call violence is counterviolence or response to other kind of violence by the state, other ruling apparatuses. Communist Party has no monopoly of violence in Kerala. It is most often responses to violent acts directed against it. I have written all these as sensitive keralite and a very left liberal and not as a blind follower of the established party. I have quarrels with the left on many counts but it would a be political stupidity or an instance of miserable lack of common sense to subscribe to certain baseless conclusions drawn from haphazardly gathered data, again from unreliable and unscientific archives of repulsive anti-communist hidden agenda.

abhishek said...

"I have quarrels with the left on many counts but it would a be political stupidity or an instance of miserable lack of common sense to subscribe to certain baseless conclusions drawn from haphazardly gathered data, again from unreliable and unscientific archives of repulsive anti-communist hidden agenda."

The data was collected from the autonomous and nonpartisan Election Commission of India's database. It has no affiliation to any party and conducts the very elections that elected the communist or left-leaning parties to power in both states. All of the data in this study were taken from prepared and signed statements by each candidate. I firmly reject the allegation of any bias in this dataset.

Sudeesh Nair said...

actually guys like nidhin are the blind chanters of kerala communism.. it wont take us anywhere.. why should we protect wrong politics.. Our politiciants just fly in a boing (made in usa) or drove a german car and teach people tat western countries are our enemies... and their favorite china is waiting to back stab us.

if at all communism is great why our state dont have good roads, why should we live so far from our parents, sisters, brothers and relative.. why one kerala month is days between one overdraft to another overdraft... actually we are suffering but no one is realising it.. why dont our state concentrate in technological development? china would like whole india to be like kerala so tat no one will be there to challenge them in a global scenario.. if we turn back to technological development do understand tat we are dead.. Then about strikes and comman mans rights.. why u need strike? the basic problem is u dont have choice. choice of selecting another job if u r not satisfied with the current job.

Communism have well grouped people why dont they create some registered technological trust/socities and let them develop new new technologies.. those trust should have 75-100 members.. for funding every member of the trust/socities will invest 50-60k.. Those guys will receive profit share equally.. now abt the salary it will be according to the roles they played in the company.. for technological assistance they can keep any forign companies as partner.. once the break even is achived they can get rid of the forign company by buying out the 30-35% share which the forign company occuping.. This way we can develop a mear MP3 player to big big industrial products in our own state..

But all these things comminist wont do.. just they want to see people poor.. and we blind people just fight telling some statastics.. Guys if we want our state to progress.. We have to start now with innovative ideas.. Already its late.. We have to go a long way.. I hope those days wont be long when we all will be going for work from our own houses in our native..

Anonymous said...


The question is, do you think that the strikes and protests we Indians did during the time of the British rule justified, those peaceful nonviolent and some violent protests that were led by our leaders.

If you justify those hartals and jail bharo strikes it would be on the basis that it was for OUR independence.

The British did leave India and India got split into two counties. But what is the meaning of freedom are we as a people free, I don't think we have yet got full independence.

Hartals or whatever you call them is a form of human protest and excluding stay incidents of violence are and should be allowed until we progress to a stage where every one of us here is free and has equal rights to live a life of dignity.

I see children working in tea shops here in bangalore and I saw groups of children begging in delhi. Never have I seen this in Kerala. catch a train from Ernakulam to say hyderabad and you will see after crossing the kerala border that early morning people shit in the fields and open grounds, they don't even have sanitation facilities. Can you show some stats as to what happened in these other places outside kerala that led to these low social conditions. Is this the result of hartals there and did the CPIM and the CPI create these problems.

And why don't you also make some stats on the number and type of bombs dropped in Iraq.

If the rules of the Nuremberg trails were applied half the leaders of the so called G8 countries would be hanged.

Don't waste your time on stats that reveal the exiting and hide the most exiting.

The working class in India is going to be in a lot of trouble if the left is totally defeated here. And then there will be no more stats to go around with.

Anonymous said...

I would like to join and work for any political party or organisation that is fighting corruption and help the disadvantaged people (I classify all less previleged people under this category, ....more than 90% of India's population come under this category). Could anyone suggest one such political party or organisation.

rj said...


what an aritcle by ""educated, experienced and dignified person""

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