Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dog Day Afternoons

Post Hartal Update:

The hartal in Kerala, and mind you only Kerala, was total. The hartal called by Leftist political parties to protest against the fuel hike affected the life of the Keralite the most. But considering the sensible Keralite is an endagered species, just like the employed Keralite or the cultured Keralite, the rest of the Kerala revelled in yet another day of joblessness and politicking.

The newspapers on the day after the hartal caught the essence of it all. The Malayala Manorama had two contrasting pictures of the hartal day: One from Kolkatta, of the Howrah bridge, where roads were jammed as business and life went on as usual. The other from Kochi, the business capital of Kerala, where the roads looked deserted. Most of the other papers also questioned the double standards and selfish politics played by the commies.

But perhaps the Indian Express summed it all by speaking to the WB CM: When asked by The Indian Express this evening why the Left’s strike had paralysed Kerala today but didn’t affect West Bengal at all, veteran Politburo member Jyoti Basu said: “They (Kerala) perhaps saw an advantage out of the total strike so they went for the strike. Here, we thought a five-minute chakka jam and street-corner meetings would register our protest. So we went for that form.” Buddha apparently didn't want to send out wrong signals to "investors" in his state.

I wish our chief had gone to college too!

5 days, 2 hartals! That's how pathetic Kerala is currently. Kerala is the only state which had to suffer two hartals in the name of protesting against the fuel price hike! I am so infuriated by this total senseless political frenzy in our state. Are our people such idiots to keep on tolerating this?

The Left parties proclaim to be pro-people and socialist! But what kind of animals will be so cruel to call hartals like these? And that too when the good-for-nothing BJP had just ended one few days ago. And worst, in a state ruled by their own old clowns.

People suffer and yet vote back the same clowns to power and there are enough third-rate people in our state to support such policies and events. Apparently for tomorrows hartal, the Left leaders have warned that not even two wheelers will be allowed to be on the road by their supporters, as though it is something to be proud of! Dont they realise there are people suffering due to all these insane calls? People stuck in hospitals, airports, railway stations..

Just because the supporters of these political parties dont have a job and are third-rate goons who can be hired with a supply of alcohol, does that mean the whole state has to suffer? Is this their idea of development? This is what keeps investors and sensible people as far away from the state as possible.

So why cant the honorable CM cut down the states taxes if he is so concerned about the people? Everyone knows there is no easy solution and it is only because of the international crude oil price changes that the Indian Government is forced to make these changes. It is not an easy decision for anyone.

I can already feel the state beginning to crumble at the hands of our new LDF government. The seams are bursting and soon we will be taken 5 years backwards. One of the most outstanding decisions taken by this government, in this context, has been to reverse suspensions of plenty of LDF supporters in various government organisations, including the Secretariat, who were previously suspended for violence during strikes and hartals. Green signals from the party high command and its government. What more does one need, to revel in lawlessness and violence?

Ten days ago, there was an incident which went quite unnoticed. A couple of LDF supporters went to a bank manager's house to ask for donations (pirivu) for some event in honor of Achuthanandan. They threatened the manager and hence he refused to pay. Later they came in a group and bashed him up along with his two sons. They thrashed him with bars and tube-lights. The man lost one of his eyes! Nobody was arrested. Police was numb as it was the ruling party workers involved.

These hartals and violent incidents are just beginnings of a government brought on by our own people. Literate people welcoming illiterates to rule over them. Enjoy!


quills said...

I am so glad you wrote this post. Gives me a chance to vent through the comment section as well.

This second hartal in a few days is preposterous. This city and state is fast becoming the center point for all kinds of lawlessness and home for thugs who reign supreme.

Instead of trying to help the common man, what is the 'party of the common people' doing now? I guess disrupting life is a good way to start 'helping.' No word on any development projects so far. So has the supposedly pro-development party lost its initiative and drive once the elections got over?

If this is how the initial days of LDF rule is going to be, I dread how many hartals and bandhs will paralyze and ultimately ruin the state in the next 5 years over every trivial matter?

I do wonder too, whether certain sections of educated folks who thought voting was of no use, feel even a bit miserable at not exercising their rightful power when they had a chance to use it for the good of the state.

PC said...

Crude oil price is simple thrid standard math. If there is less supply and more deman, the price will be high and vice versa. I wish destroying public property has any thing to do with this...

silverine said...

I guess the Biharification of Kerala has started. If the majority wants it, then so be it.

I guess Achu thinks that putting the State in Reverse Gear is also going someplace.

Shinu Mathew said...

I am really glad that all these are happening. I take a sadistic pride in telling you "I told you so". Let the boneless Kerala voters get what they deserve.
Yesterday, a Youth Congress Activist was brutally beaten up for "black flagging" Minister P. J. joseph. So when DYFI, not so long ago, did it as a routine, why they were spared? This poor guy was beaten like a punch bag.
The Chinna Swami episode has set as a trend and whoever raises voice against these "pro-people" party, be assured to get beaten up like that. One eye of a prominent citizen is lost, a few ribs are broken and beaten up, how many arrests have been made? What kind of condemnation the top leaders made? None. Isn't it endorsing the violence? isn't it a green signal to continue the lawlessness and thuggish behaviour? Soon you could hear about those thugs who beaten up and gauged one eye get a plum posting at some LC.
Where are we heading? ISn't this party heading to anarchy? Our state is already in anarchy.
REgarding Hartals, it's the old wine in new bottle. Kerala HC banned Bandhs, and it just reappeared after changing the name. And statements like, "we won't let even two wheelers on the street" doesn't attract a contempt or court since HC ruled that no one can forcibly make anyone to observe hartal?
When will we learn? The law & order has totally collapsed. The police is biased. The Babus at the offices are pro-left. nothing, I repeat, Nothing could be done. Be prepared to march back into the 80s. God bless you all who voted these thugs into power.

abhi said...

I believe its the state with the entire country..our political system is so corrupt that those in power manipulate it for sake of votes and power.Reservation is just one of them.I think we have moved away from Democracy..because of the loop holes in our political structure.Its time the literate and intellectual class of India rise to change it.

Jiby said...

we need more public transport...striking is not gonna solve any of our problems on the fuel-hike front...i guess the central govt is more worried abt keeping the forex reserve intact and down the fiscal deficit.

abt the dyfi i have seen them operating at close quarters when i was in the sfi...i have seen unemployed young men increasingly taking on the demaneour of gunds with each passing day and ruining whatever chances of getting back into civilization.

as long as dyfi finds a rich recruiting pool among our unemployed young men the cpm will resist all attempts to solve the sad problem of unemployment in our state.

Babin said...

I wish agencies like AC Nielsen or Gallup Poll will conduct detailed surveys about the peoples attitude towards these bandhs/Samarams and how it effects their political decisions.

Only way to convince parties that Bandhs does actually hurt them politically is through solid data on citizens' attitude. If indeed these surveys showed normal keralites are politically indifferent or support hartals.. then god save us!

At least, that way, politicians know what people are really thinking.

Brijesh Nair said...

Marxist rowdys have started showing their true color. We have seen only the tip of the iceberg. "Neglect by Center" (Kendra avaganana) was the term used by the previous nayanar minstry to hide all its failure. Soon we will start hearing that.

Anonymous said...

Prathikaranaseshi nashtapetta oru samoohathinte koosalillaymaye kuttapeduthaathey vaaleduthu poraaduvaan nammal irangiye pattu. Just december that!

Shinu Mathew said...

Oh Guruji..
Who said we lost the "prathikaranaseshi?". is it the respnose or retaliation or retort do you mean by prathikaranaseshi?
:Just wondering.."

quills said...

Thanks for the post hartal update.

I too saw the two contrasting images in the newspaper. Our entire city and state came to a grinding halt that day. How many hartals causing complete disruption to normal life will people take before they can do something about it. What if the people decide not to cooperate with these public enemies' call for bandh? But will that ever happen, I doubt. It is not just in West Bengal, but I have heard previously that nowhere in India, hartals or bandhs are as successful as it is here in Kerala. I think it is high time Achu mama learns some valuable lessons of adminstration from his leftist buddies in WB.

I think sadly the 'literate' population of Kerala is more interested in watching the umpteen soaps on TV daily and the only thing that will move these people to act is, if any of those pathetic serials were to be banned. Pity!

ശശി വര്മ്മ said...
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ശശി വര്മ്മ said...

Well written Comments!!

Babin said...
I wish agencies like AC Nielsen or Gallup Poll will conduct detailed surveys about the peoples attitude towards these bandhs/Samarams and how it effects their political decisions.

Nobody is there to do any survey! No news papers, TV channels to do regular deep surveys on various issues and to bring it up for public debate. BJP had only 5% votes ...still they can make kerala stop for a day.

If you ask about hartals, many of those educated-party supporters are there to say "So what? it is nice to have some hartals and strikes for a change". Thats another reason to sit at home for mallus. It is sad.

@Quills: There is a case now filed at the high court against TV serials. I dont know what will happen!

[I stopped visiting this blog for a while. What is the point in just talking about all these things? We have got similar views and want to see a change in the system. So?? Like MC said, waiting for the day, 50% of the mallus joining us?]

Myna said...

How many times can I write the same about God's Hartal Country?

Now there is a site on Harthal too.

Shinu Mathew said...

Me too saw the two contradicting pics of a harthal in two CPM ruled states and it tells the whole story. In Bengal it's practial politics over petty ideologies wherein Kerala, it's petty politics against practical and Ideology. Budha can attract capital investment in anything he chose, and the PB agrees wholeheartedly. But In kerala our leaders are more interested in settling scores against each other and in the process they forget to RULE. Or may be they don't know parliament proceedings!!
About BJP having 5% vote, any local gunda can bring our civilized & 100% literate society to a standstill on any given day. Just shout from the roof top that tomorrow there is a harthal. Not a single person would venture out of home fearing for his life. How many lost lives, eyes, hands legs in these brutal act? Countless. Yet it goes uninterrupted. Each party compete with others to see who can destruct more. Be it public property, or civil life.
Have we become too spineless to react? Have we become too passive to the system? Instead of leading the system we let the system lead us.

Mind Curry said...

@ everyone - well i thought there will be atleast someone coming up in "support" of the hartal..but thankfully, atleast on this blog, we did not see such fanatics. or perhaps they chose not to comment.

@ jasmine - 50% wont happen will take a while..but in the meantime even if we change even one persons mentality for the better, it will be good. sometimes what we say here may not impact a person immediately, but definitely will do some day. and when it does, this blog would have served its purpose.

quills said...

Trivia for you: Our State apparently loses around Rs. 1000 crores each time we have a hartal/bandh.

Anonymous said...

That is a whopping lot and the commies go around crying the exchequer is empty.2 hartals in five days, heard there is a NDA sponsered hartal on the 19th,the college students are the luckiest lot.

A said...

If you are wondering why the common man doesnt protest against these frequent hartals, it is plainly because they enjoy these unexpected holidays. One of my friends did jokingly say that we have started celebrating hartals much like our onam and vishu. People buy all the necessary commodities in advance and spend a peacuful day with their children at home. those who are adversely affected by the hartal are a minority. I do wonder why the parties are so bent on declaring hartals then? We are after all a society whose reaction on hearing about a leader's death will be " Thank God, tomorrow will be a holiday"

Mind Curry said...

@ quills - i was in trivandrum today and passing a government institution, front of which there was a "samaram" by the red flags, with loud blaring music..and the song went "munnottu, munnottu, munnottu nammal" (forward, forward, forward we go!)

@ george - what if the exchequer is empty, their own coffers are overflowing..

@ maverick - you have captured the mentality so well!!

We are after all a society whose reaction on hearing about a leader's death will be " Thank God, tomorrow will be a holiday"
100% dot on target!

on second thoughts, if its a mallu political leader(except a few good people), then we should be happy we got rid of another one!

quills said...

@mind : I guess with Achu mama at the helm, it is time to rewrite that song of theirs...sadly! :(

Anonymous said...

The day I start my own company in Kerala, I will never close for any hartal of bandh. I don't care if they burn my place, I will not go down without a fight. It's about time 'we the people' back our talk with the bite!

Anonymous said...

@mind curry: true, the commies preach obsolete socialism and lives thriftlessly
@mutiny: if they had stopped after burning the factory it would have been nice but your life would continue to be plagued forever with slogans and demostrations in front of your house.Hunger strikes,stone throwing,howling,tents,camps,meetings,arundhati roys,medha patkars OMG and long goes the list.

mathew said...

but bottomline..commies and congress is part of the same dirty pit!!!

Anonymous said...

The commies follow one policy in WB ,another policy (dumb socialism) in kerala and minority appeasement at the nice !!

sp said...

oh kerala is one place where the favourite pasttime is going on a strike. Hartal and bandhs in themselves sponsor a small thriving economy. And I heard umpteen jokes. Sample : why does the mallu cross the road? Answer : To join the striking group squatting on the other side. :-) Again, I heard actually the MG road and stretch of road near the secretariat is blocked on alternate days by either of the two political fronts in advance !!

A pity, the most politically aware people run the most unproductive state. otherwise the same ppl are very enterprising when they leave the shores of the state.

Shinu Mathew said...

:). Yes these publicity seeking starlets, like Roy & Patkar is the bane these days. Now Roy has stopped writing and started politiking..
Medha sees the Narmada stuff of hers is losing steam and want to multi-task :O
Good post Anon

Anonymous said...

thanks shinu if i was that lucky "anon" ;)
Arudhati roy is definitely a bane for our country.Instead of whining, she should physically help the people she whines for. Instead she keeps whining. Yet another loon on the commie pay roll. Pathetic sell outs. But i believe medha is a class apart from this oppurtunist.India must reovke roy's citizenship as she practically does nothing but piss on india,its culture and relgions.She and her mother mary roy is a liablity for the state and the christians in this state.(xtian sucsession act)

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Finally someone speaks up! Great job.

Mind Curry said...

@ everyone - i guess for once the commies and their blogsupport dont have much to say. that is a very positive sign and gives me hope.

@ anonymous - i am losing track which anon :)

arundhati roy is a person i respect, because she has class and great talent. i dont think just because she supported NBA or other causes, about which she thinks differently about, we should attack her personally. after all she is a writer and she is just expressing herself. its just that she is well known and more people read her stuff than ours. but that apart, i really respect her talent. she speaks differently because of her understanding of the situations and her upbringing. atleast she is not throwing stones, burning vehicles or anything, and is civilized. so i think we need to respect her freedom to express herself.

Mind Curry said...

@ sp and everyone - did you hear our great Tourism minister speak when asked about their hartals?
he said, there are many tourists visiting kerala only to see the "shutdown" and "strikes".

just like him, other bosses are also trying to figure out how to run the state-machinery. its like flying a plane without learning to fly.

god save us!

Brijesh Nair said...

I read this report in Manorama. I dont know if this link will work after today. the statement goes like this."It is not practicable to invest in Kerala after all strikes and harthals are over. Strikes and harthals are part of Kerala.If some one thinks that you can invest in Kerala once all the strikes and harthals are over they are never going to invest. Usually from harthals marraige and festivals will be exempted- IT SHOWS THE SOCIAL OBLIGATION OF POLITICAL PARTIES. Similarly steps will be taken to see that IT and tourism will be exempted from harthal"

It is a worst statement a minister can make. From Kodiyeri the goonda want else can we expect

Anonymous said...

@mindcurry: I think this mode will be more convinient for us to communicate ;)
I had similiar sentiments about arundhati roy until i learned that she was nothing but a salon level crybaby who would preach something and do the exact opposite take for instance i dont know whether you people are aware, notice was issued to arundhati roy's hubby for encroaching on tribal lands the case was filed by a tribal himself and we find arundhati busy fighting for the tribals what an irony !!!

Anonymous said...

WHy don't someone start a blog about saving our little Keralam from menaces of mafias,filing of paddy fields,poaching of animals,sand mining,dying rivers, etc.etc,all in the name of development?THese are the real problems which we are facing;and not hartals!

Clemenza said...


Thank god for that i am not in kerala

i think people of kerala deserve it. since they voted the commies into power.

This what happens when u have 100% literacy

This new commies rule will take kerala atleast 5 years backwards.
Perhaps the land prices will come down.
perhaps i can by that house on the beach if the prices come well enuf !!! :D

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