Friday, December 23, 2005

Positive Thoughts

I have been in Trivandrum for the last 4 weeks now. And already I have seen enough of disheartening things happening in Kerala. But I hate to get caught in negativities. And thought even my blog should reflect some kind of positivity.

Despite all the odds, the selfish political leaders, tunnelled vision of sections of people, there has been commendable efforts by some great men both in the government and the community. And this has seen translations into effective programmes and investments coming into Kerala. There are plenty of ongoing initiatives that are fantastic opportunities for the people of Kerala and I just pray these are implemented.

Some, and by no means a complete list, of the already operational/ expansion mega projects and proposed initiatives are:


1. Trivandrum International Airport Expansion
2. Vizhinjam International Port
3. Technocity off Technopark
4. Capital Development initiatives
5. Kinfra Video and Apparel Parks
6. Kovalam Tourism development


1. Smart City
2. Vallarpadam Transhipment Terminal
3. LNG Terminal
4. Adidas Factory
5. Apparel City


1. Ayurveda and Holistic Health promotion
2. Calicut Port development


1. Kannur International Airport
2. Bekal Tourism development

All these projects are bringing in millions in terms of direct investment, job opportunities, tourist inflows apart from branding Kerala as a potential investment destination. This Xmas and New Year, I wish the best for all the great people who worked hard to initiate these projects and I pray that the people of Kerala will standy by them to see these implemented, forgetting all the political differences.

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Jiby said...

Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment...I just saw it now. I am really glad to meet another loyolite in cyberspace. Yeah like you I saw a lot of things negative in tvm when i wuz there last month but focussed just on looking at the positives! If you can please email me your name and your email address is

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