Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Paradox

Kerala is a paradox..

Kerala is a beautiful state with vast natural resources including a sprawling coastline, rich with greenery and enchanting backwaters. It is not a surprise then that it is rated high among the "most reccommended" destinations for tourists by many including Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

But we are seeing a change in all that. Though the resources and beauty is not yet challenged, the people of the state are taking a road to perdition, making the state worse than hell.

People have gone wrong in their thinking over generations. With newer generations there is no progress, but they are taught to get stuck in absurd values and retarded thinking. People live in a faulty microcosm worried only about the local gossip and page three characters. Even the standard of the local television channels reflect this ulterior level of thinking and culture. And at the rate its going down, we cant see any light at the end of this tunnel of narrow minded and stuck up mentality.

On one side, theres been an apparent progress in health and other vital "statistics". But its just a relatively better statistics compared to the rest of india, theres nothing more to the state. For example, Kerala has been voted the least corrupt state in the country. Knowing the amount of corruption in Kerala, we can imagine what Bihar would then be. But apart from these hard facts, there is no creativity, no industry, no true development in Kerala.

We have a state which claims to be the most literate but has a society which thrives on unemployment and survives on a fast drying "Gulf Money". A state which has a lot of history, but a society with zero culture. A State with plenty of resources, but hardly an industry. A state with the highest female to male ratio has a society in which men derive pleasure from eve teasing and third rate porn.

I would hate to live among such people..

Ironically you can see keralites living out of the state doing extremely well in any field-engineering,medicine, art..Perhaps its all about breaking free from the negative environment that exists in the minds of people in Kerala.

People, who are incessantly working against progress and invoking anti-establishment sense even in the new generation. People who thrive on sloth and gossip. Throwing the state into a land of unemployment and total waste. Where protests and strikes occur at a wink, all in the name of democracy by politically motivated vandals and hooligans. They dont follow it as a way of improving the people or their state, but as an "ideology" to promote their vested interests.

In the process, they dont realise they ruin entire generations and the Gods Own.

It is up to us to make the difference.

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Anonymous said...

Really well written and reading your blog and 'Puthiya Viplavam's posts gives hope of a new resurgence. However even after decades of talent drain to other states and a high literacy rate why is that our state is in self destruct mode? What makes the Malayali so different in his mind set in his own state and so different a person outside?

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