Sunday, January 25, 2009

60 years and waiting?

Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Those are the assurances made to every citizen of India by our forefathers and founders of the nation, people who fought and gave their lives for us. But as we celebrate the 60th Republic Day, it is also time for introspection. How far (or farther) away are we from the above founding principles this day?

While the spirit of being Indian and nationalistic pride is very high within our bloods, it very often takes great calamity, grief, and death to unite us (apart from the occasional cricket matches, perhaps!). But most other times we are a complacent lot, waiting to be shred apart and pitted against each other by our own selfish political lot, who care for nothing but their power and might. Religion, caste, communal thoughts are all played at will by these vultures who are the enemies within our nation.

Unfortunately, we are increasingly seeing how we are failing as a state to uphold the constitution and the spirit of the preamble, as we call it as patriotic Indians. Strong words to use, but that is exactly where we stand when we do not protect our citizens, their rights and property. We are forgetting to "preserve, protect, and uphold" the constitution of India.

Whether it is a 1000 wrongdoers on one side and one single citizen with the law on his side, the state, its servants, judiciary, and the people collectively have to protect and uphold the rights of the latter, leaving no stone unturned or might unused to ensure justice. That is the very basic fabric of holding together a nation and its people.

This is where cunning politicians and evil religious leaders play their cards with a single focused goal of, shall we call it, "Divide and Loot". Lakhs of political workers, irrespective of the party, or religious followers, irrespective of the faith, may be influenced (or even misguided) by the divisive forces who have their own agenda. But the judiciary, elected government, and the government machinery (that includes the police, secretariat, and every official) must work free from this influence and uphold the constitution and the right of every citizen. Whether it is the Congress, Communist, Samajwadi, Janatha Party, or Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jain, and Buddhist, we are all bound together by the constitution and the sense of being part of a nation.

For our leaders and party workers, many of whom will not even know (or may have forgotten) about the preamble, here is a reminder:

“ WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN, SOCIALIST, SECULAR, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;

IN OUR CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY this twenty-sixth day of November, 1949, do HEREBY

When will we understand that Democracy does not give the right to the majority to mete out injustice to the minority, even if its a hundred people versus a single person. Socialist does not mean that an irresponsible lazy group who refuse to work for a living can loot or rob the person who works and earns for himself and his family. Secular means every man has the right and freedom to believe, or not believe, in any faith or God of his choice. Republic means that any person who stands for election must realize he or she is meant to work for the people and build the nation, and not the self or party.

We need leaders that understand that a thousand party workers do not have the right to destroy government or private property, irrespective of the cause and emotion. The police and government are maintained by the tax-payer to protect and serve the people, and not as an instrument for the elected representatives. We need judiciary that appreciates that lakhs of supporters do not absolve or justify the wrongdoings or crimes of a political leader. We need armies and police that know millions of believers behind a religious leader does not give anyone the right to attack another faith, even if it is just one man.

Let us vow in pride of being an Indian first, and isolate and shun everything and everybody who undermines this sense of unity and partiotism.

Indian First!

Happy Republic Day!


silverine said...

What a magnificent post! I wish this could be translated in Malayalam and published in the Kerala dailies to remind some people what it means to be a citizen of a Sovereign Socialist Democratic Republic! Happy Republic Day to you too!

Anonymous said...

did you read about the attack on women in mangalore in the name of morality? apparently the chief of the ram sena justified the act by saying women should not drink alcohol. apparently most of the attackers had previous cases of molesting women against their names. its the same thing everywhere, whether its the ram sena in karnataka or shiv sena in maharashtra or our own "FI"'s and "SU"'s. like you said in this post,these are the real enemies we need to deal with before we can effectively counter kasabs and his likes!!

kuttappan said...

beat this: "Bajarang Dal activists had on December 28 attacked a bus in which students from a tutorial institute were on a study-tour to Mysore. The attackers had claimed that girls and boys from different religions were travelling together in the bus and hence were attacked."

we hope we can eliminate such outfits in the next few years so that we can live together as Indians in peace and harmony!

Happy republic day!!

MC said...

@ silverine - thank you. i hope more people take these posts in the right spirit and think about the nation and the state, instead of discussing the conflicts in personal beliefs and ideologies.

@ anonymous and kuttappan - i agree. these people are as bad as the terrorists. and if the governments collude with them or remain mute, they are joining the traitors of the nation.

Sankar said...

very nice post and quite inspiring. hope at least some of our leaders read this and take some cues before the next elections.

bmj said...

Whether it is a 1000 wrongdoers on one side and one single citizen with the law on his side, the state, its servants, judiciary, and the people collectively have to protect and uphold the rights of the latter, leaving no stone unturned or might unused to ensure justice

absolutely spot on!! similarly, just because someone can muster the support of 1000 party workers on one side, does not be default imply that the other side is wrong because of the majority. we should learn to respect the law and the system and work within it. this is more important for political organizations and elected representatives, who are expected to set examples and lead.

Madhavan said...

Excellent post MC. What more to say about the great nation of ours, when senior IPS officer - Saji Mohan was caught in a Mumbai hotel on the republic day with 12Kgs of Heroin worth Rs 12 crores!
Forget about the mindless politicians; what about this intellectual class of beaurocrats !
People have no faith in the great Indian institutions any more!

Anonymous said...

The video is disturbing!

Anonymous said...

just see how they beat up the cops..even the women leaders..and they walk out scott free because of the leader forcing the police..and even the ministers arrive at the wonder these organizations get courage to do any atrocity.

dr.arjun said...

our politicians should be sent to school..unfortunately, most of them are uneducated (case in point, nammude keralam!) and lack the sense and sensibility to understand words such as civility, liberty, and even the concept of individual rights and freedom. that has to change.

other alternative is to vote only for educated leaders. unfortunately, that would mean that our parties will have to retire majority of their current collection and bring in new, educated, civilized individuals who respect people for one.

Malli said...

i just came across ur blog...i have to admit it’s depressing to see the state of place which is so close to my heart!i used be proud of the fact that ours had the highest literacy rate ...people are loosing their faith in justice & government and its high time we did something about that. i have to say i really admire ur courage to speak out the injustice. looking forward reading ur posts. Happy republic day to you too.

maggi said...

Excellent post! But I revolution should start at ground level, i mean at ur n my level! Things cannot directly change higher (politicians) region. Let us embark this movement.

thanzeer said...

Again a job well done MC.. But again a job incomplete..We can only save our state, when there is a bunch of politicians who works for their state rather than their party.

Every single day a bad news pops up from kerala to mention the latest "Govt spend 10 lakhs to stop CBI investigation into Lavlin Case" and today " karunakaran,the old guy or ramesh chennithala the crook will be the congress candidate for Rajysabha election"

Watt d hell is happening ?

Somebody takeup this movement, i mean our blog to some journalist and make sure that these posts and comments reaches a wider mass.

Only "Republic Day wishes" since i am not " Happy " with our state of politics and nation.

Anonymous said...

very shameful situation..i wish our people were bold enough to get together and beat up such goondas or prevent their atrocities. whichever the party, they are all the same!

P R I N C E V A R K said...

Very well said MC, these are the thoughts in the minds of an increasing number of mallus who feel betrayed by their political system. And it is true that if we let this go on like this , our political system will be totally hijacked by criminals and there will be no turning back. It is also true that the longer we wait for some 'magic' that will change the system , surely it wont happen. Because the only people who can change this is us, you and me. Why us ? Because we are most responsible than any one else for this state of affairs - more than the political parties , corrupt beaurocrats or any one else whom we blame.

We are so good at theorizing what is wrong with our society but do not have a single practical solution to it. Year after year we elect the same alternate parties to power knowing so very well how they are going to behave. It is us who are ready to shell out our hard earned money to some govt officer to get something done or meeting local party leaders to get something done (and flaunting our 'connections' ) and even accepting such practices are the way of the land - thus defining the society that we surround ourselves with. Whom can we blame if the leaders that grow out of this society is as corrupt as us? I think this happens so because this is what we have known so far and not any other way.

It is a shame because we are such smart people - mallus live better than most other people once they are out of Kerala.We are better than what is happening in Kerala rt now and we deserve better. I think the time is coming closer to when we cure our political impotence and be willing to be the war horses of change ! .. or we can just buy a pint MC with soda and forget about all this .... :D

Shan Nalliah / GANDHIYIST said...

Congress/DMK led Govt/MM.Singh support the racist/brutal Sinhala MR-regime for "Unity and Integrity" of SL!But they killed 100 innocent Tamils/day and injure/torture/arrest 1000s everyday!MMSingh never they a word to stop war on civilians!
S.Asia is a TOTAL failure in Honest politics,justice, equality,freedom,peace,harmony and
Human Rights ! Police became inhuman towards own citizens in S.Asia!like British colonial time!!! Corruption,Bribery,Brutality,favoritism,discrimination,marginalisation are big problem! I feel sorry for MAHATHMA GANDHI

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